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Four fun takes on one unique relationship quiz
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It’s not easy to put an important relationship into words, especially when there’s a long history between the two of you. My advice? If you’re feeling creatively blocked, step away from your keyboard and pick up this handy-dandy, all-purpose, fill-in-the-blanks relationship quiz.

Sometimes, originality is highly overrated.

Don’t get me wrong; if the words are ready to burst forth from your bosom into a touching soliloquy* that would make Shakespeare your biggest fan, then follow that flow! But if the only word that comes to mind is when you look at a favorite photo is “uhhhh…” then this is the quiz for you. Either typeset these questions yourself or download the .pdf at the end of this article and use it on one or more relationship layouts of your own. To prove just how versatile it is, Wendy Smedley and I each created two layouts using the quiz. (For you math whizzes, that’s a total of four fab layouts!)

*Raise your hand if you love to say the word “soliloquy.” Thought so.



patterned paper (October Afternoon) • fabric accent (Prima) • button (BasicGrey) • letter stickers (SandyLion, Sweetwater) • ribbon • 8½ x 11 page by Angie Lucas

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Example 1: Angie and Wendy

Wendy has been one of my best friends and biggest supporters over the last 5 years. We often joke that we feel more like sisters than friends. When I think about all the stories I could tell about Wendy, all the things we have in common, all the secrets we’ve shared, I could write an entire book. So, rather than reflect for an hour over what to say, I just pulled out this quiz and answered all the questions in 2 minutes flat. It’s a nice snapshot of our friendship. The memoir will have to come later.



patterned paper (Daisy Bucket Designs) • punch (Fiskars) • accent and ribbon (KI Memories) • Wish I were taller font • 11 x 8½ page by Wendy Smedley

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Example 2: Wendy and her friend Jen

Sometimes it takes a shared trial to turn a pal or a coworker into a friend. When Wendy and Jen were both laid off from the same magazine in February, they helped each other through the red-tape of unemployment benefits, set up weekly scrapbooking sessions to get them out of the house, and supported each other as they settled into a new lifestyle. Wendy used the relationship quiz to help her highlight a few moments of their short-term (so far) friendship.



patterned paper, die-cuts (October Afternoon) • Thickers letter stickers (American Crafts) • mini letter stickers (SandyLion) • 8½ x 11 page by Angie Lucas

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Example 3: Angie and her niece Gillian

Every time I even think about my youngest niece—the way she talks, the way she toddled around on her tiny legs at just 9-months old, the way she’ll turn almost anything into a hat—I get a little bit giddy inside. I want to wrap her in a permanent hug. But since she lives 900 miles away from me, I have to settle for admiring her vicariously through my photos. This quiz helped me capture just enough details about what I love most about her—my sweet little Gilli-bean.



patterned paper (Scenic Route, My Mind’s Eye, Basic Grey) • rub-ons (BasicGrey) • chipboard words (Making Memories) • felt flower (KI Memories) • 12 x 12 page by Wendy Smedley

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Example 4: Wendy and her son Taylor

There are volumes and volumes that any mother could write about her son (or daughter). He’s been with you since his very first breath, and you’ve been wrapped around his little finger ever since. And then he becomes a teenager, and you’re not sure what to do with him. After one trying teenage episode had concluded, Wendy expressed her relief and joy through this happy, hopeful layout. The quiz helped her tap into some of her most precious memories from when Taylor was a little boy and also express her admiration for the man he’s becoming.

Free Download

Click here for a free .pdf containing two copies of the all-purpose relationship quiz Wendy and I demonstrated above. While our layouts covered three different types of relationships: friend-to-friend, mother-son, and aunt-niece, you certainly don’t have to stop there. Imagine the scrapbooking possibilities:

you + your mom
you + your chief social rival
your husband + his best friend
you + your boss
your dog + your cat (projected sentiments, of course)
you + the hairdresser who has made you look fabulous for 10 years
you + your favorite fictional character (e.g., Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice or, perhaps, Edward “the vampire” Cullen?)

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