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18 photography tips for capturing lasting connections
By Elisha Snow

Capturing the love and connection between people is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer. I enjoy being able to show the love between a married couple, a bond between siblings, or the limitless adoration a child has for his parents. These are the photos that will be cherished generations from now. These are the photos that give us the chance to essentially freeze time—preserving those meaningful glances, hugs, or kisses.
5 real-life photographs to take today
By Rebecca Cooper

Capturing photos of my family’s everyday life is something I’m passionate about. And while it isn’t always easy, I promise you that pulling out that camera and taking a moment to photograph the everyday details that make your life unique, beautiful, and special is totally worth the effort.

Pictures to take in every stage of motherhood
By Grace Tolman

May is the time of year that we think about mothers and motherhood—and all the women in our lives that we admire, appreciate, and can’t live without.

It’s also a great time to pay tribute to these women through our photographs, in whatever stage of motherhood they may be in—like the babysitter, who doesn’t think she’s too cool to play with the little ones; or our sisters, aunts, and friends, whether they stay at home to raise children or juggle careers and family; or our wonderful mothers and grandmamas,

Inspiring ideas from 5 scrapbooking coaches
By Tami Morrison

Sometimes all you need to boost your creative energy is a push in the right direction. Introducing our posse of pleasantly pushy 2012 Spring Training Coaches! With useful tips, doable exercises, and fresh perspectives, we'll help you limber up those creative muscles and liberate your scrapbooking mojo.

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