Submitting a Layout

Send us your best layouts & article ideas

We love show-offs. And we'd love to see YOU show off a little by sending us pictures of your best layouts and other projects. Read the categories below to learn where and how to strut your stuff.

A layout by Kelly Jeppson for "Word Up! How to make your journaling fun again."

The Latest Call

The article topic: Everyday Life Scrapbooking
Your assignment: Create a Photo-an-Hour Layout
The due date: March 17, St. Patrick's Day!

The details: Pick a day, any day, and take one photo each hour from the hour you get up 'til the hour you go to bed. Turn the photos into a layout! Set a reminder to keep you on task—a post-it note on the mirror, an alarm on your cell phone, the kitchen timer, a little sign for the counter, whatever. Photos can be turned into a single page or double-page layout or a mini-album. Your choice!

Send layouts to: Email a scan or a photograph of your project to with "Photo Every Hour" in the subject line. Size all images to 800 pixels tall. For tips about getting a good photo of your layout, visit our Submissions Page.


Ongoing Calls

Submit to: Eight is Enough

Open Call

First, read this article by Celeste Smith. Then, we hereby challenge you to come up with your own list of eight items from your stash of supplies and to stretch your list into four great layouts. (Absolutely no shopping allowed.) Make sure you include a mix of papers, accents, tools, and alphabets—whether stamps, die-cuts, or stickers. You can only use the items on your list, but cardstock, fonts, and standard tools (such as trimmers, journaling pens, or a sewing machine) are freebies.

When you’re done, e-mail us pictures of all four of your layouts, plus a picture of your eight original supplies, and an explanation of how you stretched them, and we’ll pick one winner each month through March 2011! Winners will be featured on the Ella blog and will receive a prize package from Ella Publishing Co. and the Studio Calico monthly kit club. E-mail questions and entries to, with “Eight is Enough” in the subject line. We can’t wait to see your work!


Submit to: Ella Inspiration

Open Call

Did we inspire you? We love to be scraplifted, so if you've created a page or a project inspired by something you saw in one of our eBooks or the Scrapbook Ellaments online magazine, do tell! Email a scan or a photograph of your project to with "Ella Inspiration" in the subject line. Make sure you tell us which eBook or eZine article inspired your work. You just might see your work on our blog or somewhere else on our website.

Submit to: General Submissions

Open Call

Got a project or layout that doesn't fit into any specific category? Send it on in! Who knows, it just might spark an idea for an entire article or an eBook. Email a photo or a scan of any layout to with "General Submissions" in the subject line.

Submit an Article Idea

Open Call

We accept article ideas for Scrapbook Ellaments as well. We believe in saving time and energy whenever possible, so don't complete an entire article before submitting your idea. We just want a brief description of your idea, a layout or two to illustrate your style, and a sample of your writing (a previously published article, a blog post, etc.) We carefully consider every idea that comes in, and we will contact you if your idea is a fit for our upcoming editorial goals. Email your idea to with "Article Ideas" in the subject line.

Submit an eBook Idea

Open Call

If you'd like to send us an idea for an entire eBook, please read our eBook Submissions Guidelines.

Keep Trying!

We get a lot of mail, and as much as we'd like to respond personally to every submission, our families do occasionally want to see our pretty faces. As a result, you'll hear from us directly only if we've got a place for your work. But don't be discouraged! Keep trying, and feel free to resubmit the same layout for different calls. Our needs change constantly, and you never know when what you've got will fit what we need.


Increase Your Chances

Or, here's how to really impress us

Looks count! Scrapbooking is a visual medium, so the better your original scan or photograph, the more likely we're going to faint dead away at the beauty of your work.

Tips for Photographing Your Layout

No scanner? No problem! As a scrapbooker, you're no stranger to your camera. Just take a photograph and send it in. Here's how:

Lay your layout on a smooth, neutral surface (like a table, counter top, or wooden floor) that's next to a window with indirect sunlight shining through (early morning is great). Stand on a chair or a stool if you need to so you can look straight down on your layout. Turn your camera's flash off. Center your layout in your camera's viewfinder, keep as still as you can, and snap your picture. Take a couple of shots to make sure you get a good one—but send us only the best one!

Note: Make sure the light shining through the window is soft and even and that there are no "sun patches" shining directly on your layout.

Required Image Size

The photograph or scan you submit should be 1000 pixels wide at 72 dpi. (This translates to roughly 3.3 inches at 300 pixels/inch.) Bigger is fine; smaller is not.