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List It! Teen Sampler
34 printable, prompted lists to help you write about your teen years

NOTE: This 26-page PDF download (and all the associated PNG files for digi users) comes FREE when you buy the Childhood Edition. Click here for details.

Thinking about List It! but not sure how it works? The List It! Teen Sampler is a sampler-sized version of our full-size List It! products at just half the price! It's designed to help you write about those exciting (and tumultuous) teenage years that are now blessedly in your past.

If you haven't tried it before, writing list-style journaling is the absolute easiest way to write about yourself! Add your lists to scrapbook pages, notebooks, mini-albums, or even a handmade list journal.

Watch our short and sweet List It! videos for extra information and ideas.

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