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Don't Say Cheese!
Capture real smiles with 247 tips for photographing kids
by Rebecca Cooper
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52 Pages    

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Best-selling Ella author Rebecca Cooper is back with another photography guide that's all about taking photos of kids. This 52-page downloadable eBook is packed with 247 tips, tricks, and ideas to help you capture your children's real smiles and authentic expressions—images that show who they really are (and go far beyond asking a child to just "say cheese").

Drawing on Rebecca's years of professional experience with little kids' photography, this eBook is divided into sections specifically for children, toddlers, babies, and newborns. With all this, plus the bonus Photo Games and Checklists section, you'll be capturing real smiles in no time at all—and having a great time with your kids along the way. Save the cheese for your pizza and try Rebecca's tips for photographing children instead!

Also see 40 Top Tips for Better Photos by Rebecca Cooper.

About the Author

Rebecca Cooper is a family and children's photographer in Ontario, Canada, and a mother of four. She is the author of two previous eBooks, 40 Top Tips for Better Photos and Real.Life.Photography. as well as a hardcover book, Real.Life.Scrapbooking. She blogs at

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