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Featuring Angie Lucas & Wendy Smedley


Are you a reader who loves to craft? Or a crafter who loves to read? Either or, one or both, you'll have a home at the Books & Crafts show on Join us for weekly creative projects and book reviews that revolve around the written word. You'll love the crafts we make for, because of, inspired by, or literally out of actual books. And listen in as we share the books that inspire us to create and live, live and create. We'll discuss books and eBooks that are related to creativity, writing, scrapbooking, crafting, photography, design, style, diy, decor, and more. Even fiction may find its way into our show, if it inspires us to make something pretty.

Also visit our Book Picks page, where you'll see quick links to all of the books featured on our show.

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