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Washi What? Make embellishments using your washi tape!

Have you heard of a fabulous product called "Washi tape"? Do you OWN some?! I might be way behind the times, but I only recently discovered these rolls of beautiful, patterny, tape-y goodness. I promptly bought about 6 rolls of it,because...who could resist? Then...they sat there. It's a tragedy that such cute rolls of patterned tape weren't being put to good use! So, my brain went to work and I discovered just ONE use that was so easy to do and so darn cute, that I just have to share.

We are going to be making some washi tape clips!

These can be made a variety of ways and can be used in so many more! Today, I'm going to show you two ways to give some clips a washi make-over in just seconds.

First, gather your supplies. I bought a package of large paper clips from the dollar store, as well as a four-pack of magnetic clips as well. I also dusted off my rolls of washi tape (bought from the amazing Pick Your Plum), as well as grabbed my exacto knife (you can also use scissors).

I will be, first, adding some washi tape to the regular paper clips. Grab a roll of washi tape and measure out about 2" of the tape (you can use more if you want the tag a little longer).

Slip the piece of washi tape through the end of the paper clip and stick the two ends together. The middle will bunch up a bit.

Now you can clip the end into a "v" shape, or just snip a diagonal. Done! Cute, right?

Now, cut a slit into a cute little card and clip a few of these on to give as a gift! These make great bookmarks, as well as embellishments for scrapbook pages.

You can also run some washi tape along the bottom of other clips to give as gifts, or hang on your fridge to hold photos or other goodies!

With how adorable the patterns are, and the wonderful adhesive quality of tape - washi tape can make quick work out of making embellishments and more!

Happy washi-ing!

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Quick and Easy felt flowers

Hello, my friends. It is me, again, here to share with you a super simple hand-made embellishment. I chose to make felt flowers with Papertrey Ink dies, felt, and my old, faithful Cuttlebug. I need a show of hands for how many people still (after all these years) love their Cuttlebugs! I know. Anyway, first, I will show you my layout:

See those cute little flowers on the bottom left? They could not be easier to make. Papertrey Ink felt is wool felt and it cuts like a dream as long as you use a shim of some sort (Papertrey makes one but you can also use a thin piece of chipboard) when you run the dies through your Cuttlebug (or other die cut machine). 

After you cut the flowers, you just layer them (or not) and stitch a button on and voila! have a lovely little embellishment that adds cuteness and wonderful texture to your project. One little hint that seems to work for me is to stitch the buttons and felt flowers right through the paper so you do not need to worry about sticking felt to paper which is not always the easiest thing to do. Those little glue dots (that I treasure, by the way) don't really adhere wonderfully well to felt.

Oh, and, one important little thing before I go...

make sure you use the negative die cut because you do not want to waste even a little scrap of that wonderful felt. Well, that is all for me today so I hope you enjoy this lovely day and I hope you have fun making cute little felt embellishments all of your very own.

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October Take Twelve

Good morning, good morning! It's October 12, so you better have those cameras clicking!

Looks like a beautiful day for the Take Twelve Photography Challenge. FE Warren AFB, 7:19 am

We've reached the final quarter of the challenge (!!), which means you are well on your way to a complete collection of 144 distinct moments and memories. If you're playing along with the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit's theme challenges, you're on the hunt for pictures that reflect change today—seasonal change, personal change, change in your pocket... of course, you're always welcome to simply document your day, too! Remember, there are no rules for Take Twelve. All cameras, all approaches are welcome.

This month's Take Twelve prize sponsor is Shelley Haganman, who operates a glorious shop on Etsy called A Flair For Buttons. Glorious. Check out a little sample:

That's just page 1, folks. There are 9 pages of one-of-a-kind handmade flair buttons, and our lucky winner this month gets to pick three sets as her prize. Just think of the fun you can have with these—on Project Life, your refrigerator, Christmas gift wrapping, regular scrapbook layouts... all you have to do is share your twelve photographs with us here!


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Glittery fun with Amy Powers

Back with some more fabulous projects from inside Amy Powers Inspired Ideas magazine. Today we are highlighting glittery and sparkly projects that you should try out! 

Sugary Cottage

Heart Wreath

Click on the links above for complete instructions

To see the other Amy projects we highlighted click on the links below 

To see all current and past issues of Inspired Ideas, click here

Learn more from Amy at Boot Camp, registration details here.

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Kid Projects with Amy Powers

Back with more Amy Powers projects to share and inspire. These are all kid friendly and would be great to make with your little friends. 

Altered Tiny Notebooks

Cartoon Flowers 

Marble House 

click on the links above to get full instructions

See the fall projects shared prior here. 

We hope to see you in our Boot Camp Barracks! Register here

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Fall projects with Amy Powers

Introducing creativity coach extraordinaire Amy Powers. She is newer to the scrapbooking world but has been a long time crafter and evangelist for creative living. She is the Creative Living coach for Boot Camp and we invite you to get to know her better. She owns, publishes, edits, basically does everything for her online magazine, Inspired Ideas. All week here on the Ella blog we are sharing projects from that have been previously published in her magazine. (some of the projects are by her others by her contributors)

Jack o Containers

Spooktactular Plant Stakes by Cari Kraft 

Witch Hat Treat

Click on the links above for complete instructions 


Don't forget that Boot Camp begins in less than two weeks! You can log in daily from October 15 to 27 for targeted daily drills that will shape you up in all four areas of scrapbooking. 

See you in our Boot Camp Barracks! Register here

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Boot Camp Sneak Peek!

In no particular order, here are three behind-the-scenes peeks at the people and projects you'll enjoy in Boot Camp 2012, coming to a computer near you October 15. 


Auntie Ella wants YOU in Boot Camp 2012!

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Boot Camp is Back

Have you heard? Boot Camp is back, and it's BIGGER THAN EVER.


It's the format you know and love, with a couple of awesome differences:


1. Our four instructors are Ali Edwards on storytelling, Cathy Zielske on design, Amy Powers on creative living, and Tracey Clark from the Shutter Sisters on photography.


2. Our event will be hosted at our parent company website, Big Picture Classes, where you'll enjoy a robust gallery, message board, and a live chat with each instructor!


The fun begins in less than two weeks! You can log in daily from October 15 to 27 for targeted daily drills that will shape you up in all four areas of scrapbooking. Here's what to expect from our four amazing drill instructors:

With Ali, you'll be slowing down your scrapbook process and creating a thoughtful, meaningful page in 10 minutes a day over the course of three days. You'll love how this will help you think about your process in a new light.

With Cathy, you'll get three separate design lessons, each with tons of layout examples and a targeted drill for you to try on your own. And not to give TOO much away, but you'll get to see Cathy in her swim cap and goggles as part of the fun.

With Amy, you'll make a gorgeous celebration tree, a spider ornament, and thanksgiving spools and glittered acorns. The steps are simple, but you'll want to have the right supplies on hand, so make sure you check out your pre-assignment in the classroon.

With Tracey, you'll get three inspiring photography challenges suitable for photographers of ALL levels. Tracey will show you some of her favorite photographic techniques and challenge you to stretch your photography skills.

See you in our Boot Camp Barracks! Register here. 

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September Take Twelve Roundup

Hello everyone! What a difference a week makes... the sun is shining, my camera is back from the repair facility in California, and as far as I can tell my email is working just fine again. And how could the day be anything other than spectacular when I have fun pages to share with you from the Take Twelve Team?

I chose a neutral cream-based scheme for my September page vs. my ever-faithful standby kraft, and was pleasantly surprised how much color I really did manage to capture on one of the dreariest days we've had in Cheyenne all year. Trivia: Cheyenne really does have an inordinate amount of purely sunny days—236 on average per year, compared with 205 for the overall U.S. average. Rainy days kind of mess with us here in southeast Wyoming : )

You can read more about my photos here.

Monica Bradford also began with a neutral foundation for her page, but added an additional layer of depth with colorful twine accents. This thoughtfully documented Wednesday filled with ordinary chores and routines is not suprisingly an extraordinary favorite of Monica's. We've been saying it all year but it's worth saying again: slice of life photo projects like the Take Twelve photography challenge afford us the opportunity to see our lives from a different angle. Priceless.

Read all about how Monica built her page here.

Clearly Angela got the memo about neutral foundation month too! (Just kidding. We don't send memos, we use Bat-Signals.) Her design is perfect for when you have a variety of image orientations, as her journaling block anchors them all. I love the variety of photographs she included about her daily routines as a mama of small children; I've scrapbooked long enough now to know how precious these images are, because so much of our memory is framed by routines in the different phases of our lives.

Check out Angela's page more closely here.

And finally, our dear Take Twelve Team member Van's page... she deserves not just a rainbow, but a medal and a round of applause from all of us for facing down the challenge of being separated from her deployed husband and welcoming a new baby boy, Benjamin, on September 7. Ten weeks early. Who lives to tell the tale of that challenge through a scrapbook page? Van does, that's who. Never underestimate the power of pretty paper and photos, friends—or the dedication of the military community to see its members through anything life brings.

Read more about Van's incredible September here.

Don't miss our other Take Twelve Team pages this month:

Aliza Deutsch

Stephanie Medley-Rath

Angie Lucas

Lisa Ottosson

Margie Scarpignato

and another from our Ella Friend...

Grace Tolman


And finally, please join us in congratulating lucky number #8, MajiclnOz, for winning a seat in Big Picture Boot Camp 2012, this month's prize from Big Picture Classes! This intensive training course is designed to help you prepare for the 2013 Four Experts series of workshops and is guaranteed to get you in excellent (scrapbooking) shape!

Keep working on those pages and we'll see you back here for the final quarter of the year on October 12!

September Take Twelve

Good morning! If it is a good morning, which I doubt. OK, OK, that's a little harsh on Take Twelve Day, but I've been locked out of my email for over 24 hours thanks to a "glitch" in the billion dollar Apple data center in North Carolina, my camera is undergoing mirror assembly surgery in Irvine, California, and the beautiful late summer weather went away over night and it's now cold, dreary, and raining cats and dogs. My own new dog (a six year old from the shelter who's been with us for under two weeks) is also not impressed. Well, with the cold, dreary, and rainy part. I don't think she cares about the email or camera. 

But! In the spirit and momentum of the Take Twelve Photography Challenge, I will persevere with my phone camera in hand! I hope you're persevering, too. And I hope it's sunshine-y wherever you are!

To celebrate the new partnership between Ella Publishing Co. and Big Picture Classes, our lucky monthly winner is in for a treat—a seat in this year's Big Picture Boot Camp! If you aren't familiar with Boot Camp, here's a little bit of info to get you excited:

Boot Camp 2012 with four all-star coaches
Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Tracey Clark, Amy Powers
Boot Camp lasts for 12 days and costs $40
Camp starts 10/15/2012

Class Description
Shape up your scrapbooking, photography, and general crafting skills with help from our four expert coaches

Here's How it Works
You'll log in daily for a 10-minute video from one of our 4 coaches followed by a 10-minute targeted exercise that's guaranteed to:
jumpstart your creativity
exercise your scrapbooking muscles
give you a concrete starting point to get something done NOW
inspire you with lasting skills and ideas you'll want to apply over and over

New to Big Picture Classes?
Learn more here.


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