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Loving The "Not-So-Perfect" Photo

There's no shortage of photos in my life, but not all of them have an obvious story. So I turned to Scrapbooking the Everyday for a little inspiration. I used Challenge #12: Capture a Loved One's Personality on Paper. As soon as I saw the challenge, I knew I had the perfect photo.

Confession: I didn't always love this photo. My first thought when I saw it was "This shot would've been so perfect if her hair wasn't in her face." And then I set it aside because I had other photos in which her hair wasn't covering her eyes.

But the truth is: this girl's hair is ALWAYS falling in her eyes. I think she likes it that way. We probably own somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 headbands, ponytail holders and hair scrunchies, yet 99% of the time, her hair is falling in her eyes.

That's the real Cecily I know and love. A little wild and untamed, but sparkly sweet all the same. What I learned from this challenge: even the most "imperfect" photos can tell wonderful stories if only we will let them.

This layout also gave me an opportunity to use a new favorite scrapbooking tool: the American Crafts Knockouts Punch System. You can change out the patterns (I used the Simple Scallop to create the strips at the top of the layout) by simply popping them into the base. The punch inserts take up a lot less storage space than having full-size edge punches for every pattern, and there are lots of options available. The hardest part is deciding which one to buy next!

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