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Calling all Font fans

Hello, are there any font geeks with us today? I'm Monika Wright and I'm part of the Ella Friends team.  Wow, inspiration is all around us. We're bombarded every day with so many images, sounds, sights and smells to excite our senses. It can be overwhelming, yes, but oh so interesting.


I'll just focus on one sense today...sight. One of hot trends the past few years has been Subway Art, which is a collection of words or phrases on consecutive lines in varying font styles and sizes. More often, the type is white while the background is colored. Occasionally, the type runs in different directions. I happen to carry a collection of Subway Art prints in my Etsy shop  but have never incorporated the idea of a collection of fonts for a layout. Why? Don't have a clue. But, now that I've done it, I can see so many possibilities for even more layouts using this very same idea.
Today, I'm going to share layouts that I made for my two youngest children, both girls, aged 5 and 7. I also have a 19-year old son who just happens to be the best big brother, ever.  Don't be fooled, even thought he's older, he is very aware of the ratio of layouts I make for each kiddo...he does not want to be left out. After all, who doesn't enjoy reading a story about themselves from another person's perspective, especially your Mom's perspective.
Here's the 12x12 template I'm using, just click on the image or this link
There will be an 8.50x11 template available Saturday on my blog  when I'll share the layout I made for my son and an additional layout I made using the 8.50x11 template.

I've already scrapped the joy I feel when I see my daughter playing with the same animals my son played with many, many years ago, but I have not journaled about the number of messes she makes in a day while playing. It's really quite frustrating, but I keep reminding myself that I will miss this next year when she heads to Kindergarten and I'm home all alone. Although in my journaling, I address each of the words presented in the square featuring four different fonts, I focus on the word PLAY and the messes she makes {and doesn't clean up} as she goes about her day.

Each square has room for a 4x4 piece of patterned paper, photo or other piece of ephemera with a 1/8" border all around. Oh, and there's plenty of room for journaling, too. I even used gender-neutral colors so that you can scrap babies, tweens, teens, boys, girls and even adults!

Same layout, same design, different ink for the journaling. Even though the same sheet of patterned cardstock was used for both layouts I used different portions of it so that in the first layout, the focus was on the red in my daughter's shirt and in my second layout, the focus is on the varying shades of turquoise and blue in the fanciful get-up my oldest daughter has on. I didin't use any additional embellishments on this layout, choosing to keep it simple and sparse because 1} there's already a lot of color going on , 2} there's quite a bit of journaling and then also the font block and 3} i'm using patterned paper which is full of movement.
Because I have three kids and they each have their own scrapbooks, I often create 3 layouts using the same design, varying the patterned papers and embellishments to fit the persona of each child. I love it because I complete three layouts in just about the same time as it would take me to complete one. Three stories captured, three happy kids, one happier mama.
I hope you have as much fun using this template featuring fonts as I did creating it for you. The fonts I used are available for download here:
PLAY | Cheri 
SLEEP | My Topher 
REPEAT | Playful 
Don't forget to stop by for a visit with me on Saturday for the 8.50x11 template! 
Have Fun and Scrap On!



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