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The latest from Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Hello! I am thrilled to have the chance to introduce you to the newest book from the Write. Click. Scrapbook. team, Double-Page Design. We hope you loved our first book, A Year in the Life.

It was created to help you scrapbook throughout a calendar year. With 2011 just around the corner, it is a wonderful time to get a copy. We would be happy to suggest it as a stocking stuffer to your loved ones if you need us to!!

When Angie approached us with the idea of doing a book filled with two page layouts we said, "Yes! Yes! Let's do that!" "Two page layouts" is a request we hear repeatedly, and we were thrilled with the opportunity to provide you with some inspiration to encourage you to happily complete your double-page layouts.

Double-Page Design

We often hear from our valued readers how difficult two page layouts can be. And from personal experience, we believe that they trouble many of us. Perhaps it is the sheer number of photos--selecting them, then organizing them on the page. Perhaps it is the subject matter--if you are facing down a stack of photos, chances are you are looking at event photos: birthdays, holidays, vacations, sporting events. Many pictures, little journaling. Or maybe even lots to say but no room to say it with all those photos. Sigh. Sigh. Double sigh.

But do not fear! The Write. Click. Scrapbook.  team has come to your rescue. We have created 21 layouts to help inspire you to create many new double-page layouts. And they are organized according to the number of photos that you have to help you have an efficient means of selecting your inspiration layout.

To  help convince you of the ease of use of our new book, I put it to the test. I opened the folder containing my Thanksgiving day photos. (Truly, this might be a record for me to have the photos scrapbooked within a few days of the actual event. If you felt the earth shook there just a bit, you now know why!)

Looking at my folder, I notice that I have two distinct groups of photos: the decorations and the food. (I am embarrassed to admit I somehow only took 2 photos of people! Apparently the food and owls were distracting!!) 

For our Thanksgiving dinner, we gathered with three other families. Having divided up both the decorating and the meal, I was so excited to see how (well) it all came together. And while I could have narrowed the photos to all fit on one page, I truly had enough for two. So I followed the natural divide and created two photo piles: food and decor.

Looking first to the decor photos, even though I took ten, I really only need five to tell the story. Further, all five are horizontal, so I began hunting in the book for a "sketch" that would fix five horizontal photos. When I spied Vivian Masket's five photo layout, I noticed immediately that it would fit my photos. All I need to do is turn her layout on its side and my photos will fit perfectly. So I did. And here is what I came up with:

One down. 35 minutes used. We are breaking records today!! Next up, food photos. Remembering that I essentially failed to take any people pictures even though the photos will just be the food, the people must appear in the journaling.

Counting up, I have ten photos that are not duplicates, blurry, or unnecessary. As I flip through the pages of my Double-Page Design, I think that Ann Costen's  ten photo layout will be perfect. I can crop 9 of the photos small and square, and use the one of my plate as the focal point photo. And within mere minutes, another double-page layout is completed.

Suddenly (under two hours counts for suddenly today), the "event" is preserved. I included 14 photos in my two layouts, and with minimal anxiety, I have two layouts that are not just completed but capture the memories of the day with great design! Trust me when I say that these layouts would not have come together as quickly without the help of Vivian and Ann and their inspiring layouts!

We at Write. Click. Scrapbook. hope you enjoy our new book and find it useful. Not only will you see 21 wholly completed layouts, but you also get 16 bonus sketches in the back, created by our own Donna Jannuzzi , who is also an Ella author and Ella friend.

So click away this holiday season. Knowing that when the holiday dust settles, you now have the resources to scrapbook your own 171 photos. Scrapbooking never felt so efficient!!

Please also stop by often at Write. Click. Scrapbook. Our new December gallery will be up tomorrow and we have already begun our Second Annual Write. Click. Scrapbook. for the Holidays. We thank you for your loyal readership and wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy the new book!

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