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Start Your Year Off Right!

Do you ever wish you had a personal scrapbooking coach who sat on your shoulder, reminding you to jot down the cute thing your kiddo just said, to keep track of the inspiring color combo you saw at the paint store, or to just give you a good, swift kick in the heinie to get you started scrapbooking again?

Well, it may not be possible to hire someone to carry your cropping bag and take notes, but you can have your own personal carry-with-you reminder... it's the Scrapbooker's All-in-One Memory Log Book from Kristin Rutten at Log Your Memory.

From worksheets documenting the prices of common items, to weekly challenges, to oodles of space to record your thoughts and memories on a daily basis, the Log Book is the answer to a busy scrapper's prayers! As soon as I opened the package and started leafing through the 392 pages, my heart started a'pitta patting!

Admittedly, I'm addicted to calendars and journals, so this feeds right into my addiction... but even if you don't own six at a time and switch them out, you'll still love the versatility of the Log Book. You can use as much or as little as you like -- leave it on the kitchen counter to record thoughts during the day, or stash it in your nightstand for end-of-the-day downloading.

Her website also includes workshops and classes, a community board, and fun blog!

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm getting you all excited about this book... and here's why: Kristin has generously offered three prizes to Ella readers:

1. One copy of the 2010 Log Book in your choice of perfect or spiral bound
2. One copy of "List My Life" (which you know I adore... I'm all about lists!)
3. A free download of any existing downloadable book in their on-site store

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite memory of 2009 (don't have one? Make one up!). Hurry, though - contest ends at Midnight 12/31!

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