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Home Decor inspired scrapbooking: Week 4

I hope you all have been having a great week and not missing home décor goodness to badly!  If you’re new to this blog series, we’re profiling women who have mad skills in the scrappy department and beautiful décor in their homes.  These images are inspiring me to use design principles I learned in scrapbooking in home décor, and I hope they do the same for you!
Today I’m so excited to introduce you to April Foster who is the owner of Studio Calico, a fabulous kit club—and a gorgeous new farmhouse!

I asked April to give us the scoop on her home décor and scrapbooking life:

  1. How would you describe your scrapbooking style?


My scrapbooking style has definitely evolved over the years.  Originally, I was very minimalist and had very little journaling.  Now, my layouts definitely still have a simple structure,  but I add some detail, layers, stitching and definitely more journaling.  I also try to make my journaling more meaningful, but I’ll be the first to admit my sensitive side needs some work!

  1. What is your creative process for decorating? Is it similar or different to your process for scrapbooking?


a.       When decorating, I usually collect lots of bits and pieces that I like, then start grouping them together.  I also have a notebook that I collect magazine clippings.  It’s divided into two sections: (1) inspirational images, whether it’s a color scheme, window treatment, overall feel that I like and (2) items that can be purchased with direct sources and prices listed.  Then, when putting together my space, I look over my notebook and make sure the items I want would work with some of the inspirational images I’ve saved, so the overall feel of my house remains consistent. 

b.      This is similar to my scrapbooking process as I definitely group items together before beginning to create.  Usually the items are from a kit or a kit + one or two items from my stash, so that’s easy to do!


  1. How do you transfer design concepts in scrapbooking to home décor?


I think I transfer concepts the opposite direction more often.  I might see something, like a pennant banner in home décor that inspires me.  I’ll never forget spotting that on an etsy shop, creating a layout by cutting triangles, then having that trend pop up everywhere.  It was a home décor trend first, that definitely found its way to scrapbooking. 

  1. Are there any items you’re coveting in home décor? How about scrapbooking?


a.       There’s always items I covet in home décor!  I’m anxiously waiting to tell my husband I want him to build me some shelves in our living room to house a collection of white pieces (urns/vases/trays/books/etc) on our back wall.  That wall is missing something and he needs a project (not!).

b.      As for scrapbooking, I am always anxious to see the latest and greatest as well.  That’s what keeps me inspired and always at-the-ready to create new kits.

Here are some layouts that display April’s clean and classy style:

And take a look at April’s streamlined look in her home:

I love April’s use of neutrals and classic prints, both in scrapbooking and home décor!
Thank you April for sharing your beautiful work with us!

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