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Embellished Embellishments! (Day 11)

If you have been to the craftnasium today you know that our creative coach, Nichol, is suggesting we tamper with what might otherwise be seen as perfection! And, why not? Seasoned scrapbookers are very likely to have drawers, cute little pails, and even metal strainers (wink to Wendy on that one!) full of embellishments but we all know that sometimes even with an embarrassment of embellies, we still cannot find just what it is we are looking for.


That is where today's video challenge comes in...if you do not have the embellishment you are looking for then alter, adjust, colour and play to your heart's content and change what you have into what you need! I used 'blank' embellishments but you can just as easily use embellishments that are patterned and you can change or alter the patterns any way you like! Now, let's get started.


The letters on this wee card started out as bare, plain chipboard but they did not pop off of the background the way I wanted them to so I used some chalk ink and coloured them a deep, lovely navy blue colour. Presto, but, not quite. It still needed something so I coloured one of my arrows with the same chalk ink and I am very happy with the finished result.
Nichol also suggests stamping on wood veneer. I love wood veneer probably for the same reason I love plain chipboard; both are beautiful blank canvases.
See that cute little wood veneer heart? A wee stamped impression makes all the difference in how it works on the front of my card. 

And, because altering bare chipboard letters is really one of my favourite 'technique-y' things to do, I wanted to share one more idea with you.

The letters on this layout started out as bare chipboard. I ran them through my humble Cuttlebug with an impression plate (oh, how I love my Cuttlebug) and then I sprayed them with Mr. Huey's Shine. In case you are unaware, if you spray buck naked chipboard with Mr. Huey's Shine, you are left with the most lovely, muted, pewter-y, silver colour. I know. It really is that good.

Anyway, this is just a small sampling of the wonderful things I have learned from the spring training videos. Oh, and, just as a little aside, I photographed the two cards on top of my scrap desk which is something I have never done before because, are you ready for it, before I completed Wendy's organizational tasks, I could never see the top of my desk! Go forth and train, my friends. Stretch those creative muscles and have fun. See you in the 'nasium!

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