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Repurpose an Infant Crib Spring for Keeping Memories

This story starts in 2005, when a coworker offered me a crib. I was not pregnant at the time, nor would I be for six more years. I moved said crib three times, from basement to storage locker to basement and another basement.

When it came time to assemble it for my daughter's arrival last year, we discovered several important (and proprietary) pieces were missing. This being a (shh) drop-side crib, we were not able to order replacement parts. With few options, we bought a brand new crib and returned this hand-me-down to the basement.

And there that poor drop-side crib sat, no one wanting it, until I saw this on Pinterest. With a new workspace in need of functional and beautiful wall decor, I knew what had to be done. 

I dragged the spring out of the basement and dusted off the cobwebs. 

I set up the spring on sawhorses in the backyard, with the back side facing up. 

I purchased an easy-cover spray paint intended for metal. No sanding or priming needed!

I sprayed the back side first, being careful not to use too much of the can. I let it dry for an hour. 

I flipped it over and sprayed the top. I let it dry for two hours before bringing it inside. 

I used magnets and metal binder clips to attach photos and memorabilia to the grid. It is the perfect place to store inspiration as well as memories waiting to reach your next scrapbook page. 

I also discovered that binder rings can also be added, to help store frequently used supplies!

This repurposed crib spring was the perfect finishing touch to my new office. For less than $5, I created a very large art piece that also serves multiple purposes!

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