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Spotlight on Noell & Jenni

The Most Influential Scrapbooker Awards BLOG TOUR continues! For your chance to win some of the 100 prizes that are up for grabs this week, Noell and Jenni are your ladies today!

Spotlight on... Noell Hyman
Noell is a self-made scrapbooking personality who slowly but surely carved out a niche for herself online. And now, she hosts an active community of like-minded scrapbookers on her paperclipping.com website. Besides her weekly, live-streamed video show (Paperclipping Live), Noell also creates professional-quality video tutorials, some free, some for premium members only. And new this year, she teamed up with Nancy Nally (of scrapbookupdate.com) to launch the Paperclipping Roundtable, a free panel-format audio podcast featuring all the biggest names in scrapbooking as panelists and guests. Think of it like The View for Scrapbookers, but far less controversial! Noell also blogs at noellhyman.com.

Here's what a few of Noell's biggest fans had to say:

"Noell and her videos have made me think a lot about why and how I scrapbook, how easy is to get out our skills and use them, how to be more confident with the way I scrapbook, and how important it is to experiment and have fun! She shows us how easy scrapbooking can be, without breaking our budgets. And above all, I've learned that everything is fixable."
~Mariangeles Masegosa from Aldaia, Valencia, Spain

"I first discovered Noell nearly three years ago when a friend was trying to introduce me to these things called 'podcasts' which were apparently 'the future'. I was skeptical that I would find any topic that was specifically targeted to my passion for crafting, so I was utterly gobsmacked when I found the Paperclipping podcasts on iTunes! I was blown away by the quality of the videos, not only visually, but also in content. Paperclipping has been bookmarked on my browser ever since that day. I have definitely, without a doubt, grown as a scrapbooker."
~Lesley Oman from Guildford, near London.

"I particularly enjoy Noell's enthusiasm and how willing she is to share her stories, knowledge, and techniques with everyone. In addition, she enjoys sharing about others and bolstering them up in the process. She's influenced my scrapping, too, by encouraging me to be more forthcoming in my own stories. Through her direct support and example, I feel encouraged to share more of my own stories—to push the envelope and tread a little closer to the edge. I think Noell is an amazing pioneer in the industry."
~Liz Ness from Vancouver, Washington


Spotlight on... Jenni Bowlin
Jenni Bowlin is our comeback kid! After being an industry trend-setter for years with other companies, she came back with a splash last year, launching her own kit club (JBS Mercantile) and a new manufacturing company (Jenni Bowlin Studio) that bears her name! Dare we say that she single-handedly brought the rhinestone-studded butterfly into immense popularity? Jenni also travels monthly to teach in-person scrapbooking classes and keeps a blog at jennibowlin.blogspot.com.

Here's what a couple of her biggest fans had to say:

"I discovered Jenni as soon as I started truly getting into scrapbooking (in 2004 or so). I loved the way she incorporated vintage finds into her scrapbook pages and I adored the way she used her handwriting on every page. She is the reason I hand journal on every page. But maybe the most important lessons I've learned from Jenni are to always be down to earth and approachable, remember what this hobby is truly about, and never lose sight of that."
~Stephanie Howell from Fort Benning, Georgia

"Jenni's style has always been her own and has never been the 'norm.' In fact, in my opinion, she is the one who inspired others to use vintage pieces in and on their projects. I believe her style has also inspired companies to design antiqued, aged, and vintage lines. Jenni has inspired me in so many ways, especially after I attended Vintagefest in Tennessee in Dec 2009. Just the way she had her personal booth set up (the packaging, the displays) inspired some of the decor in my home, in particular a vintage typewriter I use to display photos! And the fact that Jenni is still in the business—creating, designing, and selling—just means that she is also very smart."
~Teri Davis from Lafayette, Louisiana


We'll announce the list of ten winners from yesterday's post on Wednesday. (Holy comments, Batman! Thanks for your support, everyone!) So if you haven't yet commented on Monday's giveaway, you can sneak an entry in today. We won't tell!

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