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Quiz Time!

Today, our focus is on Quick and Creative Quizzes by the dynamic duo of Wendy Smedley and Angie Lucas! Since the theme of the day is quizzes, we asked our intrepid authors a few questions about themselves:

Ella: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Angie: I am SO embarrassed to say this: an English muffin with spray butter (to save calories) and a Twinkie. Seriously. I was SO behind on my grocery shopping that my choices were very limited.

Wendy: frosted mini wheats, hey they are full of fiber.

Ella: I can see why you two are friends! Now, what cartoon character or comic would you say most resembles your life?

Angie: Probably the Cathy comic strip, which I believe popularized the "Ack!" exclamation. Also, I love this quote by the cartoonist, Cathy Guisewite: "Each of us wages a private battle each day between the grand fantasies we have for ourselves and what actually happens."

Wendy: I do not know since I do not like cartoons. they kind of scare me!

Ella: I bet you're afraid of clowns, too. Moving on... what's the last thing you purchased online?

Angie: I wish I could say it was more exciting than printer ink.

Wendy: This for my son Caden and this for a friend whose dog has cancer (yes, that's Angie).

Ella: I'm sorry about Ruby. I have a soft spot for large, slobbery dogs. Okay, we're almost done... what's the weirdest thing you've ever scrapped about?

Angie: The "squatter" toilets we encountered during my post-college tour of Europe.

Wendy: oh boy, hmm... that is very subjective! I think my favorite brand of soup was the oddest.

Ella: Strangeness, indeed! Final question... what do you want people to know about your book?

Angie: The quizzes in Quick and Creative Quizzes are completely original and utterly charming. You'll really love them, and you'll be inspired to capture the facets of your life that  you may or may not have thought to capture on paper before. My favorite is the "Compliments Quiz."

Wendy: It is fun to complete quizzes about others and yourself. You will enjoy yourself immensely!

Ella: Oh, and one last question... Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, or Gerard Butler?

Angie: I'll take B and C please, with a side of James McAvoy. (There, I believe I have all of the British Isles covered.)

Wendy: Hugh Jackman, no questions asked.


Quick & Creative Quizzes includes oodles of quick (and creative!) ways to incorporate journaling on your scrapbook layouts. One of our favorites is the Obscenely Important Memo Pad from Knock Knock.


We're giving away two today... all you have to do to win is to answer question #1 above: What did YOU have for breakfast today? We'll post two winners tomorrow!

And speaking of winners... the winner of the Epson Artisan 710 all-in-one printer is


<<I'll definitely plan to spend a lot of time here! Well done, ladies! Well done!>>

 Digitiffy, email us at comments@ellapublishing.com with your shipping address and we'll get your new printer out to you!

More prizes and fun this week, so come back tomorrow when Ella talks with Rebecca Cooper!



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