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Our Apologies!

We're So Embarrassed!

We experienced temporary technical issues with our shopping cart today—shortly after we sent our Grand Finale email yesterday! (We clearly forgot to carry our lucky rabbit's foot* with us today.)

Rest assured that the site was still completely secure. We have multiple security layers in place, and an unforeseen error caused a security-certificate warning to pop up during checkout. The issue has now been 100% resolved.

If you were scared away by the error message (and we don't blame you), we've extended all sale prices and coupons through Friday at midnight! (Normally, we don't like to set one deadline and then change it at the last minute. We want you to be able to take us at our word. But this was a special circumstance!)

Here's what's going on:

  • All Digital Scrapbooking Month sale prices are good through 9/2.
  • You can still register for Boot Camp for $30 through 9/2. (Price goes up to $33 on 9/3.)
  • The coupon code 200CENTS actually doesn't expire until 9/9/11, and it can be used on Boot Camp, any of our sale-priced digital products, or anything on our site (excluding gift certificates). Note: Only one coupon per customer. Cannot be combined with any other coupon code or gift certificate.

And to make it up to you, we've also put our $10 gift certificate on sale for $8 through Friday, 9/2. Use it yourself or send it to a friend! Gift certificates never expire and can be used on anything, at any time.
NOTE: Our 200CENTS coupon code cannot be used to purchase gift certificates. Only one gift certificate can be redeemed per purchase, and gift certificates cannot be used in conjunction with coupon codes.

Thank you again for your continued support and for your understanding!

* We don't really have a lucky rabbit's foot, and we assure you that no animals were harmed (or even mildly inconvenienced) in the production of this email.

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