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Let's Talk About Text!


Today is the last of our author interviews for this week, and we are thrilled to be chatting with another talented pair, Margaret Scarbrough and Sara Winnick! Their book, Text Tricks for Scrapbookers, is chockful of gorgeous layouts that cause a serious case of scrap-envy... but they're also easy to reinterpret. Scrapbookers of all levels are sure to find inspiration in this great book. Ella was able to catch up with these two busy ladies:

Ella: So, what did you have for breakfast today?

Sara: Applesauce spice bread.

Margaret: Toast with homemade plum jam. Oh, and some Motrin.

Ella: Sounds... well-rounded! Okay, you are both moms... what cartoon character most resembles you or your life?

Sara: ???

Margaret: Marge Simpson.

Ella: I think I would look good in a beehive. Let's chat about shopping. What's the last thing you bought online?

Sara: An Ed Emberley book for my kiddos.

Margaret: An Acekard 2i bundled with an 8GB microSD card (nerd alert!)

Ella: Margaret, are you speaking English? I had to look that up! Ed Emberley is much more my style. But I have trouble with the thumbprints. What's the strangest topic you've ever scrapbooked?

Sara: I did a page about my daughter's eyerolling once.

Margaret: ?? I guess I'm pretty conventional.

Ella: What do you want everyone to know about your book?

Sara: The tips we share are easy to integrate into your scrapbooking and don't require "specialty supplies." You can put them to use TODAY!

Margaret: No trees were harmed to make it!

Ella: Last but not least, Hugh, Daniel, or Gerard?

Sara: Mike Winnick. ;)

Margaret: None of the above. James McAvoy is more my cup of tea. :)

Ella: Margaret, have you been talking with Angie? 


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