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How Do I Look?

As you may have noticed, our little blog got an extreme makeover. (Can you tell I got a little "work" done? The trunk job was by far the worst part, but it was so worth it. Don't I look cute in our new banner?) But we're happy to report that the blog finally matches the rest of the website—unlike so many celebrity plastic surgery hack jobs, where the face looks 15 years younger (and also eerily resembles a turtle) but that saggy old neck is a dead giveaway. Not that I, as an elephant, have anything against saggy old necks...

Okay, let's take a little tour!
Over on the left, you'll see a convenient list of links, where you can make sure you're getting my free newsletter, following me on Twitter and Facebook, and reading Ella's latest news in your favorite blog reader (Bloglines, Google Reader, what have you). It's also easier than ever to view recent posts, browse by categories, browse by author, etc.

Over on the right, you'll see... (crickets chirping). Yes, at the moment that column is blank, but if you'll just check back later Monday night, you'll be able to partake of our often hilarious, occasionally educational, but always entertaining weekly poll!

In other news, the surprise package announced in our Mail Day! post arrived safe and sound on Katy Jorgensen's doorstep! Her daughters are loving the plush elephant, while Katy is loving the copy of 40 Top Tips for Better Photos she purchased on September 1, just minutes after the Ella website was born.

A direct quote from Katy: "Thank you for the Rebecca Cooper eBook. I just love her!" So do we, Katy. So do we.

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