January Take Twelve Roundup

Happy January 19, everyone! Can you believe it's been a week since we all embarked on the Take Twelve photography challenge? Each month on the 19th I'll feature some completed Take Twelve layouts from our team and draw names of lucky recipients of the month's giveaway.

Speaking of the monthly giveaway... you'll find the link submission information at the end of each 12th-of-the-month post (see January's here); from now on, we'll extend the entry deadline to midnight EST on the evening of the 18th. That's an extra day to turn those twelve photos into something magical (a blog post, a layout, or whatever your heart desires!). We also encourage you to continue adding your photos and layouts to the Ella Publishing Co. 2012 Take Twelve Project Flickr Group (whew! Say that five times fast!) all month long—we'll feature a few photos/layouts here at The Daily Trumpet on February 12!


Let's get to it, shall we?

I decided to use one of Donna Jannuzzi's fantastic sketches from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit for my photos—while I'm going to make an honest effort to use some of the less linear sketches she created, I couldn't resist beginning with the clean lines of this one. My photos weren't all landscape orientation; I just resized and cropped them so they'd fit the sketch measurements. I added a few simple details (including that super-fun letterpress camera I cut out of a card—there are four more on the card so I might use a different one next month!) and summarized my notes that I wrote up for my blog on January 12.

Next up: Take Twelve Team member Margie Scarpignato. I wanted to include her digital layout today to prove a point: you can fit in twelve photos and a layout even if you're really, really busy. Margie did—on a flight with her boys from California to China. Amazing!! She simply focused on one event (albeit a GIANT event for most of us) and snapped away. Her journaling takes the form of a descriptive list—not complicated at all.

I absolutely loved the spin Take Twelve Team member Van Nguyen put on her twelve photos: her resolution for 2012 is to work on finding balance in her life, so she's going to use her involvement with the Take Twelve Project to check in with how that's going. Whether you approach your photos in a random, haphazard way (ahem—like me, this month) or in a reflective way as Van did, you're still on your way to capturing 144 unique memories through your camera's lens. Make this project your own!

Take Twelve Team member Angela Gutshall's page is bright and happy—and the perfect blend of order (square photos) and whimsy (embellishments). She lopped her List-It in half (printed from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit) for a unique look that saves space and provides balance.

Last up for today is team member Monica Bradford. Look familiar? Look closely—we used the same sketch to create our layouts! The beauty of sketches is that they are infinitely customizable; no two layouts based on the same sketch will ever turn out exactly alike. Our layouts are both focused on the everyday moments that occurred on January 12, but she took an hourly approach to capturing them.


Want even more ideas? Be sure to visit the following Take Twelve Team members' blogs to see how they approached the challenge!






Lisa D.

Check out some great ideas from some of our staff and Ella Friends, too:






Now... how about that giveaway? Up for grabs: a seat in Cathy Zielske's Ten Tips for Better Type and a seat in May Flaum's The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide. Thanks to Big Picture Classes for their generous sponsorship of this month's Take Twelve Project giveaway!


[drumroll please][the accidental latecomers to the link party were included in the integer spread]

Congratulations to #11 (Fay) and #35 (Michelle Evans). We'll have our people contact your people very soon to work out the details!


Thanks to everyone who participated this month. And for those of you who haven't jumped in yet... it's not too late!

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