It's Time to Take Twelve!

Happy April, everyone! Believe it or not we're almost 1/3 of the way through with the Take Twelve photography challenge. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done—that's 36 moments captured with another 12 on the way! Whether you focused on a theme like Take Twelve Flickr group member Danielle Hunter did last month...

...or took the opportunity to freeze time through photos and journaling like group member Joscelyne Cutchens did...

...there's one thing you should know: there is no right or wrong way to participate. The important thing is to keep at it. Even if you forget to take your photos until the end of the day (the sun'll come out... tomorrow!) or your photos maddeningly disappear from your memory card, find a way. And then scrapbook it.

If you're following along with the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit (on sale today at a 12% discount) you'll find the special theme project is all about the technology in your life. If you've never scrapbooked about technology, consider this: the majority of what you use during the course of an ordinary day didn't exist in 1912. Can you imagine how quaint we'll seem to our descendants 100 years from now?

No matter what you see through your lens today, be sure to blog and/or scrapbook it this week and come back here to link us to your photos/layout for a chance to receive this month's Take Twelve giveaway! We have something a little different on hand:

A Muvazi Renewal Skin Care Set (retail price $149.95), which includes 5.5 oz Foaming Cleanser Toner, 15 mL Oxygenic Eye Cream, 50 mL Intra-Cellular Moisturizer, and 1 oz Hydrating Face Serum. And a reminder that with code PAMPERYOURSELF, you can save $80 off the retail price and get this skin-care set for $69.95. Want to learn more? Check out reviews from Angie Lucas, Ashley Harris, and Audrey Neal over at The Daily Trumpet. I'll be back in a week to announce the lucky recipient! 


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