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Six Weeks of Sketches: WEEK #4

I was afraid I might have scared some of you off after last week’s challenge.  An asymmetric design, five photos… but you all came through with some amazing layouts!  I have been so inspired by the creativity of the Ella readers!  As an added bonus, it’s been really cool to see how others interpret my sketches.  Before writing my eBook Stretch your Sketches, I was the only person who had ever used my sketches.  This experience has been both fascinating and inspiring to me and I want to thank all of you who have participated in the challenges so far!

For this week I’ve simplified the design a bit.  The sketch features three photos:  one 4x6 and two 4x4’s.  Ideally the 4x4’s would be crops of 4x6 prints.  I wanted to share a sketch that didn’t require any photo editing.

In the 11x8.5 version, I’ve kept the main photo a 4x6 and I reduced the smaller photos to 3.5x3.5.  You can either crop your 4x6’s to this size, or you can crop a 3.5x5 to a square.  I realize that this may require some photo editing, but it is a fairly standard size print and I know it is one that a lot of 8.5x11 scrapbookers use often.  I really was trying to make this easier this week, but I think when you convert a 12x12 sketch to a smaller size something has to give (which gives me an idea for next week.  Hmmm, stay tuned). 

Here is my take on the sketch:

I wanted to share the journaling on this page since it’s the only way that the title will make sense.

Journaling reads:  We were at the doctor’s office because I had a suspicion that you might have a UTI.  We needed to collect a urine sample but you were absolutely terrified of the collection cup (who knows why).  I didn’t really know what to do… We were going to give you this crane anyway so I promised you this toy as a reward.  Truth is, I was so proud of you for peeing in that cup.  You were really and truly scared but you did it anyway.  I think you were proud of yourself too.

My dad made fun of me when I told him this story.  But you know, you can’t make a child use the restroom.  I was truly proud of Gabe for confronting his fear and doing what I was asking of him even though he didn’t want to do it (and he did it without crying).  Was it a bribe?  I don’t like to think of it that way.  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures… I certainly wouldn’t offer him a special toy for eating his vegetables - thank goodness he does that anyway!

Remember that we are half-way through our challenge; just three more weeks to go. 

What do you all think so far? 

Do you like the sketches? 

Do you have any requests?

Post a link to your layout in the comments of this post by Thursday, February 11 to enter this week's contest! Three winners will each receive a free eBook. And everyone who participates this week will get another entry into our grand-prize drawing for a Cricut Expression (a $349 value)!

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