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Calendars for 2011

Making calendars is a favorite project of mine to make and give.

Today I’m sharing this printable calendar base with you. Simply print out the blank calendar onto white flat cardstock using your printer. Then cut the pages in half (5.5 inches). Now you can decorate the calendar however you’d like – simple or complex - it’s up to you. You could select 12 pieces of patterned paper, trim and add to the spot at the top of the calendar. If one of your children is a budding artist, you can hand the calendar over and have them draw scenes at the top. Or you could easily add photos to the top. I think black and white photos with a white border would be lovely.

For my calendar, I opted to add digital elements before I printed. I simply opened the PDF in Photoshop and added images from a kit called 365 Days of You by Shawna Clingerman and Lauren Reid available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. This kit was easy to work with because it has a mini-kit for each month of the year. I simply chose an element from each month and added it to the top of each calendar page. I printed my calendar on a color laser printer and added a string to the top. You could also add a magnetic clip for the fridge.

Okay, so you are thinking is she nuts? I don’t have time for that! If you are so inclined, you could quickly create a digital calendar using a template set. Simply purchase a premade calendar like this one created by Carol Johnson for iKari Designs then pop in some photos and digital paper. Print it out for a super easy and delightfully personal gift.

Alternatively, Etsy has a bunch of calendars you can purchase and print. Or instead of creating something handmade, you can always give handmade! You could order one of these lovely perpetual calendars from Queen Vanna Creations aka Vanessa Felie. She even sells blank calendars that you can alter.

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to customize your calendars in 2011.
Happy crafting!

P.S. If you make a calendar, I’d love to see it. Link me up below or visit my blog and let me know!

Calender printable here also

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