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CHA 2012: Are these Emerging Trends??

I am just thrilled to be heading out to Anaheim this weekend to go to CHA. I love connecting with friends in the industry and seeing the new product releases + all the awesome booths. One other thing I enjoy is to look for emergin trends on the show floor. As part of my preparation I have been viewing the pre-release images and I see emerging trends. I am sharing my short list of what trends I will be looking for. Some of these are brand new, some are slowly growing. What trends do you see?


Handmade by Lily Bee

Game On, Websters Pages

She Art, Pink Paislee


Pretty Party, Crate Paper

Eye Charts (this is a huge home decor trend)

Maya Road

Subway Art

Be You, Fancy Pants

This list could keep going.

  • airmail
  • luggage Tags/tickets
  • chevron pattern
  • kite tails
  • union flag
  • mason jars.....

What do you see?? What do you want to see as a trend?

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Scenes from the Studio

This week, we've been in the studio filming six new episodes for season two of our Books & Crafts show for mycraftchannel.com. Here are a few sneak peeks of what we've been up to this week—and what you can expect from season two!

Our Desktop Flip Frame episode (featuring quotes and pages torn from books). Super cute, and inspired by a Heidi Swapp project from her "Create to Remember" show on My Craft Channel.


Who wouldn't love to make a pillowcase monster? Another episode filmed this week.


And we even had a fabulous guest, Kari Sweeten from U-createcrafts.com, who shared five great ideas for making decorated library totes.


All this and more! You'll be the first to know when our new episodes are live.


And we hope that one day you'll get to glimpse the blooper reel. We had the WORST laughing fit while trying to record the "outro" for our last episode of the week. It's that inappropriately timed laughter that just escalates the more you try to stifle it.

I stumbled over the word "Books & Crafts," accidentally saying "craps," and then we giggled and guffawed like we were in Junior High for a solid minute or two. The poor cameraman was patient with us while we tried four more times. "Okay, okay, I can do this..." I'd say while laughing through my tears, and then I'd compose myself and start again, "Thanks for joining us for this week's episode of Books & ..." and Wendy would bust up again. And again. And again. And it's all. on. film.

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Book Frames

This has to be my favorite Angie project from season one- I LOVED how hers turned out. She has them displayed on her piano and gets lots of comments about how cool they are. So what is my problem, I need to get some done!! In the meantime learn how to make some yourself.

Book Picks

I shared a book by contempory writer, Aimee Bender called An Invisible Sign of My Own. LOVED this book and I read it after I read another book written by Aimee, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, and I highly recommend both of these books. I found both stories to be quirky, emotional,a bit edgy, but definetly a unique read.

Angie choose, Theories of Everything: Selected, Collected, and Health-Inspected Cartoons, 1978-2006 , for her book pick and she says it is, “Total nerd humor. Found in the New Yorker. Kind of like Seinfeld, the jokes are about mundane, everyday life. Jokes about ‘nothing.’ Like there’s a poem to your toaster...”

*Disclaimer these links may contain affilate codes which may generate a few pennies for Ella, thanks

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It's a Wrap: Books and Crafts Season One LISTOGRAPHY

Wow- what a thrill to be a part of My Craft Channels first season. We are so excited to be filming season two this month. For now enjoy the episodes here on our blog over the next few days.

Stuff we couldn't show, and other random comments below.

Our book pick, the original Listography, has a super cool website and app with a place to compose your own lists plus all the additional Listography books

and a book I have not seen, but so want to, is the To-Do-List a book that has a collection of other peoples to do lists, what a cool idea. You can read other people's to do lists and learn more about what a to do list says about you on the book authors blog.

Do you use lists in your scrapbooking? life? do you save them?? I think I should make a layout out of old lists...

Don't forget our List-It! products, Angie does a review of them below.

Happy list making!!

Disclaimer**and when I can figure it out, I try to add Ella's amazon affiliate links so a few cents of your purchase, if you make one, may go to Ella.

January Take Twelve Roundup

Happy January 19, everyone! Can you believe it's been a week since we all embarked on the Take Twelve photography challenge? Each month on the 19th I'll feature some completed Take Twelve layouts from our team and draw names of lucky recipients of the month's giveaway.

Speaking of the monthly giveaway... you'll find the link submission information at the end of each 12th-of-the-month post (see January's here); from now on, we'll extend the entry deadline to midnight EST on the evening of the 18th. That's an extra day to turn those twelve photos into something magical (a blog post, a layout, or whatever your heart desires!). We also encourage you to continue adding your photos and layouts to the Ella Publishing Co. 2012 Take Twelve Project Flickr Group (whew! Say that five times fast!) all month long—we'll feature a few photos/layouts here at The Daily Trumpet on February 12!


Let's get to it, shall we?

I decided to use one of Donna Jannuzzi's fantastic sketches from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit for my photos—while I'm going to make an honest effort to use some of the less linear sketches she created, I couldn't resist beginning with the clean lines of this one. My photos weren't all landscape orientation; I just resized and cropped them so they'd fit the sketch measurements. I added a few simple details (including that super-fun letterpress camera I cut out of a card—there are four more on the card so I might use a different one next month!) and summarized my notes that I wrote up for my blog on January 12.

Next up: Take Twelve Team member Margie Scarpignato. I wanted to include her digital layout today to prove a point: you can fit in twelve photos and a layout even if you're really, really busy. Margie did—on a flight with her boys from California to China. Amazing!! She simply focused on one event (albeit a GIANT event for most of us) and snapped away. Her journaling takes the form of a descriptive list—not complicated at all.

I absolutely loved the spin Take Twelve Team member Van Nguyen put on her twelve photos: her resolution for 2012 is to work on finding balance in her life, so she's going to use her involvement with the Take Twelve Project to check in with how that's going. Whether you approach your photos in a random, haphazard way (ahem—like me, this month) or in a reflective way as Van did, you're still on your way to capturing 144 unique memories through your camera's lens. Make this project your own!

Take Twelve Team member Angela Gutshall's page is bright and happy—and the perfect blend of order (square photos) and whimsy (embellishments). She lopped her List-It in half (printed from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit) for a unique look that saves space and provides balance.

Last up for today is team member Monica Bradford. Look familiar? Look closely—we used the same sketch to create our layouts! The beauty of sketches is that they are infinitely customizable; no two layouts based on the same sketch will ever turn out exactly alike. Our layouts are both focused on the everyday moments that occurred on January 12, but she took an hourly approach to capturing them.


Want even more ideas? Be sure to visit the following Take Twelve Team members' blogs to see how they approached the challenge!






Lisa D.

Check out some great ideas from some of our staff and Ella Friends, too:






Now... how about that giveaway? Up for grabs: a seat in Cathy Zielske's Ten Tips for Better Type and a seat in May Flaum's The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide. Thanks to Big Picture Classes for their generous sponsorship of this month's Take Twelve Project giveaway!


[drumroll please][the accidental latecomers to the link party were included in the integer spread]

Congratulations to #11 (Fay) and #35 (Michelle Evans). We'll have our people contact your people very soon to work out the details!


Thanks to everyone who participated this month. And for those of you who haven't jumped in yet... it's not too late!

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2012 Planner Giveaway!

Yeah, January is half over, but that doesn't mean there isn't still time to get organized with an AWESOME 2012 customizable photo planner! 



You can win one of FOUR planners I'm giving away on my personal blog, angielucas.com.


Here's my customized cover for 2012:



And there are lots more pics where that came from. Click here to enter to win!

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CHA Sneak Peeks

It’s that time of year again, when the Craft and Hobby Association holds their winter show for industry professionals, and Ella will be there staying up to date all the latest buzz.


I’ve been watching the sneak peeks closely over at Scrapbook Update, and I already have a few early favorites that I can’t wait to check out in person. Here are just a few things I’m eager to scope out:


1. New goodies from Jenni Bowlin Studios, particularly the chalkboard easel and the hexagon stickers.


2. Buttercup by Lily Bee

I’ve only seen a teensy peek of this line, but the colors sing to me (they are, after all, Ella colors!), and I can’t wait to see the rest!


3. Button Market from Bella Blvd

I’m a sucker for fun buttons! Here are a couple of my must-haves from the new Bella Blvd button collection:



Interested in knowing what all the upcoming trends will be? Check out my personal blog, Noodle Soup, for some early predictions.


Which of the new releases are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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On Sale This Month

Just a quick note to let you know that we have three fun items on sale this month!

Save $2 on 8 is Enough
Keep your page simple by limiting yourself to just 8 products. These 8 designers show you how to stretch those supplies with gorgeous results.


Save $2
on 31 Thank You Cards
What better way to say "thanks" than with a beautiful, handmade thank-you card, brought to you by card-making superstars Kristina Werner, Kimber McGray, and Heather Nichols


Save $2
on Double-Page Design
With the Take Twelve challenge going on, this eBook has lots of tips and ideas for designing gorgeous two-page spreads—including at least three awesome ideas for 12-photo layouts!


And with that, I'll leave you with an inspiring quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., on this holiday:

"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence."


Don't you just love that?

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It's NOT too late to Take Twelve!

As you'll read on our Take Twelve page, this photography challenge (and well, it's a scrapbooking challenge, too) encourages scrapbookers worldwide to take 12 photos featuring their everyday life on the 12th of every month, for 12 months, during the year 2012.


But what if you didn't even find out about this challenge until January 13th? (Or March 22nd for that matter.) Does that mean you can't join in the challenge? NO.



There are LOTS of ways to participate, even after January 12th has come and gone! Here are a few.


1. Fake it for January
For the month of January, take your first 12 photos on the 13th or 15th or even 27th of the month. You don't have to tell anyone! (And we won't tell either...) Then make sure you join our email list, so you'll get a reminder to take your photos on the 12th of the month every other month this year.

2. Start Any Month You'd Like
You don't HAVE to start the Take Twelve photography challenge in January. You can go from February to February, or June to June. It would be extra fun to start on your birthday month or your anniversary month, and do the Take Twelve challenge for one year from that date.

3. Focus on 12 Photos From Your Whole Month
You can also do the Take Twelve challenge in hindsight and focus on highlights from the whole month. In other words, at the end of each month, look back through your photos, choose your 12 favorites, and make a page. The Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit and Take Twelve Templates will still help you scrapbook your 12 photos in style, no matter what day you took them.


See, it's flexible! You can make this project your own. We even heard from one Take Twelver who is asking her family members from across the country to each email her a few photos taken on the twelfth, and then she's turning all the photos into a collective family scrapbook page. FABULOUS idea!

And remember that every month on the 12th, you can save 12 percent off of any two items on our site, including the Take 12 Kit and Templates shown below! Your coupon code will come via email, so be sure you're signed up. 


eBook Coming Soon


Peek inside before you buy!
eBook Coming Soon


Just $1 per template!

Peek inside before you buy!

Here's a little peek at the 12 photos I took on January 12th, just waiting to be added to a scrapbook page. Seeing them all together makes me SO happy! (Especially that crazy photo of my dog, mid-jump.)



So, won't you join 700 other scrapbookers worldwide (and counting) and start your own Take Twelve project?

It's Time to Take Twelve!

It's January 12, and you know what that means—the official kick-off of Ella Publishing Co.'s 2012 Take Twelve Project! It's a project with a simple commitment: take twelve photos (or narrow down to twelve, who am I kidding?) on the 12th of each month throughout 2012.


Take Twelve photography and scrapbooking challenge


Hundreds of scrapbookers, photographers, and bloggers from around the world will be clicking away today, and we sure hope you're one of them! The best part: this is a project that is 100% doable and 100% finish-able, especially with the inspiration you'll find in the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit and the ease of use you'll experience with the Take Twelve Templates.


Can I just tell you how awesome it feels to have completed a project in December that you began in January? Take my word for it—it's Awesome. With a capital "A."


Here's a quick overview of some important Take Twelve information:


+ There are no rules. Use whatever camera—or combination of cameras—you like. If you happen to miss the 12th of the month, don't give up! Just take your pictures on the 13th. Or the 18th. No one will ever know. It will be much harder to forget with Ella on your side, though, because once you purchase a Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit you can sign up for handy reminder emails. As everyone knows, elephants never forget!


+ The 2012 Take Twelve Team will be at your service to inspire and encourage you every step of the way! Ella would never let you Take Twelve alone. Speaking of which, bookmark the 2012 Take Twelve Flickr Group so you can upload your photos and layouts to share with other participants all year long!


+ Want to quickly connect with other Take Twelve participants? Use the hashtag #take12 on Twitter or Instagram to easily connect with others playing along.


+ Not ready to join in just yet? You can jump in at any time and simply continue for 11 more months. (Or go February to February or March to March. It would be super fun to start on your birthday month!) This is a flexible project, and we invite you to participate in the way that makes most sense to you! The Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit and digital templates will return to full price tomorrow, but you'll be able to snag a discount on the 12th of each month if you decide to jump in later. Bargain!


+ If you are ready, you'll be eligible for prizes! That's right, each month we'll be randomly choosing participants for terrific prizes just for showing up (and linking your visuals below). This month's Take Twelve giveaway sponsor is Big Picture Classes:


How about a spot in Cathy Zielske's new typography class, Ten Tips for Better Type? Or May Flaum's new creative layout class, The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide? All you have to do is stop back at this post and link us to your visual by January 18 for your chance to be eligible to receive a class pass.


2012 is a clean slate, friends—let's all go out there and document it together!


Enter This Month's Giveaway

Meet the Take Twelve 2012 Team!

We're so excited at Ella Publishing Co. about the 2012 Take Twelve Project that we've created a brand new team to inspire, guide, and encourage you all year long! In addition to the 2012 Ella Friends, check out this amazing team of scrapbookers:


You'll see their Take Twelve pages featured frequently here on The Daily Trumpet and you'll want to bookmark their blogs to visit regularly. They hail from around the world—the U.S., Canada, Sweden, China (by way of the U.S.), and Australia. They are super-excited and ready to go for the first round of Take Twelve picture-taking tomorrow! Recognize any familiar faces? They are, from left to right:

Aliza Deutsch
Amy Prior
Angela Gutshall
Jennie McGarvey
Lisa Ottosson
Stephanie Medley-Rath
Van Nguyen
Margie Scarpignato
Valerie Bishop
Monica Bradford
Lisa Day
Janette Kincaid

Take a minute to say hello! And don't worry, there's still plenty of time to join in the fun. Check out our Take Twelve Guided Inpsiration Kit today.

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Announcing the 2012 Ella Friends!

We had so many great entries that we definitely had a difficult job* this year selecting our 2012 Ella Friends.


But we're thrilled to unveil our "baker's dozen" of new Ella Friends, with the fabulous Elizabeth Dillow in our new "Ella Friends Ringleader" role. (We just can't resist the circus terminology around here.)



And without further ado, here they are...


Aren't they the CUTEST? Visit our Ella Team page to learn their names, read all about them, see one of their favorite layouts, and get links to their blogs, galleries, and more! We're excited to get to know them all better this coming year. So much talent all in one place. We get giddy even thinking about it!


And while we're at it, we have to offer our deep thanks to our 2011 Ella Friends, who have inspired us in countless ways this year. Thanks to:
Brenda Johnston
Diana Chen
Donna Jannuzzi
Francine Clouden
Jenni Hufford
Jennifer Larson
Keshet Shenkar
Lee Currie
Mary-Jo Johnston
May Flaum
Monika Wright
Valerie Mangan

I love this industry! So many great friends to meet. So many inspiring stories to read. Here's to another great year!


*In fact, we had such a hard time selecting, that we've also invited another 12 ladies to our new Take Twelve design team. You'll get to meet them later this week!

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Getting Ready for the Take Twelve photo challenge

I don't know about you, but I'm REALLY excited to get started on the Take Twelve photography and scrapbooking challenge for 2012. And here are just a few of the reasons why:


1. I don't take as many pictures during the day as I'd like to, so I'm excited to have one dedicated day each month where I know I'll be toting my camera around all day.
2. 2012 will be a big year of change for my family. My stepson will be graduating from high school this summer (ack!), and my daughter will grow out of her baby stage and firmly into the toddler years—right before my eyes. And we're hoping/planning for other exciting changes, too.
3. With a baby, a teenager, and a business and household to manage, I often let the actual act of creating scrapbook pages fall by the wayside. Now I've committed to scrapbook 144 pictures this year!
4. I think I convinced my sister and two sisters-in-law (all very creative and crafty but not frequent scrapbookers) to join the challenge, too!

I've been so excited, in fact, that I "practiced" by taking twelve photos on December 12, which happened to be the day we bought and put up our Christmas tree. (It was our first live tree in years, and it was a pure delight—apart from the price tag, that is.)


Here are my 12 photos from December 12, all taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone:



I didn't intend for each photo to have a different filter/effect (I didn't realize the app was set to "shake" mode, which switches lenses and film for you randomly between pictures), but it turns out I really like them all as a group!


I haven't decided yet whether I'll take the bulk of my pictures with my "real" camera or my phone camera. I may just let the mood of the day guide me.


For my December pictures, I'm probably going to use one of the two templates below from the Take Twelve Template pack to assemble my page. Of the twelve in the pack, I chose these two because they both have exclusively square photos, to match my Hipstamatic pictures. Since this layout isn't actually going in my 2012 Take Twelve album (which will be 8.5 x 11 although I probably should go with 12 x 12 just because it fits the "12" theme so well!), there are truly no constraints as to size for my December page. Darn it! Sometimes constraints are just the thing you need to help you make decisions.


Take Twelve photo challenge template 12 x 12
12 x 12 single page template

8.5 x 11 double page template


If you're not sure how to use templates, check out this step-by-step video that will truly make it a breeze!


So, the countdown is on. I hope you'll join us! Make sure you sign up for our email list, if you haven't already, so you'll get that email reminder on January 11th to encourage you to get out that camera and snap away.


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Holiday layouts with List it!

I did a little scrapbooking over the break (thus the vacant blog) and have a few layouts to share.  These two layouts used the Christmas List it! and one of my favorite scrapbooking tools, my Epson PictureMate.

My formula for holiday layouts below

Bright and cheery colors + wallet sized photos + happy patterns + handwriting = cute holiday layouts!

Do your holiday pages have a formula? Please share!

Christmas List it!


We got the chance to share a fabulous giveaway and jumped on it. Big Picture Classes is celebrating their fourth year of the 4 experts classes and kicking it off is Stacy Julian. She has prepared an amazing experinece that will focus on storytelling, creative process, colors, products, just about everything relevant to scrapbooking. We have ONE spot to giveaway.

Learn more HERE and Stacy has posted a Q&A on her blog.

Leave a comment sharing one of your 2012 goals to be entered to win. Giveaway closes at midnight today Jan 4 at PST. Winner will be announced tomorrow morning and contacted asap.

Randomly selected winner is