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Digital Scrapbooking Month Finale!

We're excited to wrap up our fun and exciting Digital Scrapbooking Month with a post by our newest author, Crystal Wilkerson! We asked Crystal (aka "creativitybycrystal") to round up some digital scrapbook pages, templates, freebies, and discounts to share with you, so you can get to know her just a little bit better. Her new eBook, From Paper to Digi: 12 digital designs inspired by pretty paper pages, will be released the first week of September, so stay tuned.

A Collection of Favorite Layouts

First of all, I created a quick collage of 15 of my favorite digital pages, to help you get a sense of my style. There's SO much more where these came from in my upcoming eBook!

Click image for larger view

Hi! Crystal Wilkerson here, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself to you, and I'm even more thrilled for the upcoming release of my new eBook, where I've gathered 10 gorgeous paper layouts to share with you, then I created 12 digital pages inspired by those paper pages. (And, as a bonus, with your eBook download, you'll also get a free template and a freebie mini collection of my digital scrapbooking supplies!)

But you don't have to wait until next week to enjoy some fun FREEBIES. I have some for you RIGHT NOW!

Please enjoy this free Back-to-School template (layered PSD file) plus three quick pages (PNG files) you can use right now in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. And the PNG files can be opened in almost any photo-editing program, where you can drop in your own photo and type in a title or journaling! Simply click here to download all four files. Here's what the template and QuickPages look like, with pictures of my own dropped in:

Template Freebie

You can drop in the photo of your choice, add a title and text, and change any of the colors or backgrounds to include the patterns of your choice. Opens in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Click image for larger view


Back-to-School QuickPage #1

This digital QuickPage is full of fun stripes, with a bright pink apple accent and ticket tag on the bottom. Drop in your photo, type something into the tag, and you're done! (This features my Color Combo #3, which is available in LOTS of patterns on my website.)

Click image for larger view


Back-to-School QuickPage #2

With softer colors and more feminine patterns, this one is perfect for the little girly girl in your life. (This features my Color Combo #1.)

Click image for larger view


Back-to-School QuickPage #3

I love the primary colors on this version (red, yellow, and blue) which just says "school" to me, making it great for a boy or a girl. In this case, a boy. (Features my Color Combo #2.)

Click image for larger view

I hope you enjoy these digital freebies, and that you'll soon come to love digital as much as I do!

And also, just for you, I've created a 30% off coupon you can use at my website,, through the end of September! (Tip: you can use this coupon even when my new kits are 50% off!)

It was so fun having the chance to guest blog with you today. And before I go, I want to leave you with just one more thing: a FREE drawing! Please leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick one winner who'll get a  $30 Gift Card to my shop, plus three more lucky readers will get a personal 30% off coupon that they can use for the rest of the year!

So please, comment away! We'll draw our winners on Tuesday, September 6th.

August is Digital Scrapbooking Month at Ella Publishing. Read more great articles about digital scrapbooking and check out the related eBooks on sale through the end of the month!

Digital Scrapbooking Month

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Behind the Creation of a Digital Layout + Giveaway

I've had this photo of my younger boy in mind to use as an 8x12 photo on a layout, but I decided recently to use it on a digital page instead of paper. I think of digital scrapbooking in the same way I do paper scrapping:

1. I apply products in layers;
2. I have to stretch my techniques to achieve visually what I want using the supplies I have; and
3. I often get a great idea for a lower layer long after I've applied product above it.

Number 3 above is a good place where digital is clearly superior to paper: the undo button! Plus, I can click on different layers to add stuff or delete layers without having the pry already adhered paper off without damaging the page. Not that it happens that often. ;) winking

I created this paper like I would a paper page: I browsed my supplies, found some papers and elements I thought would work, and started creating a layered template for me to work with.
(Note: browsing supplies to me is where actual paper is superior to digi. Clicking on folder after folder trying to find the paper I want frustrates me so much it makes my teeth ache.)

I clustered elements, journaling spots, labels, and brushes in ways I would with paper. The journaling sport from List It! Childhood Digi Plus. It was bigger than I wanted, so I shrunk it on the page--again, a clear advantage of digi.

One cool thing:
I couldn't find a piece of orange paper the exact shade I wanted, but I found two close ones, so I layered them on top of on another and reduced the opacity of the top layer so you could see both. Something you just can't do with regular paper! Fun.

One final disadvantage:
it took me hours to make this page, mainly because of searching through and choosing supplies. I suspect creating a paper page would have taken less time, but certainly with less flexibilty in the creation process.

And one final confession:
though I use digi elements often in my photos, I do not create many digital pages. This one is my third ever. Will I do it again? Oh, yes! I plan on making a digital photo book of my own design (not the premade ones) for my father-in-law next. I look forward to the entire process (well, except for searching through supplies!).

Patterned Paper: Queen of Quirk/Paislee Press You Are Here (, One Little Bird Vagabond (
Brushes: Katie Pertiet Graphically Scrolled (, Cathy Zielske Dotted and Dashed Circles (
Border overlay: Creashens/Paislee Press Nostalgia (
Label: One Little Bird Vagabond (
Journaling spot: Ella Publishing List It! Childhood Digi Plus
Scattered flowers: One Little Bird Vagabond (
Font: Cocktail Shaker, My Own Topher

Giveaway is for a copy of List It! Childhood Digi Plus- leave a comment sharing your favorite digi designer
Giveaway closes in 48 hours, Sept 1 @ 11:00 am MST

Winner of May's Flaums giveaway is Funnybunny

Note from the Editor: We're thrilled to share with you this awesome, FREE, professional how-to video, where Renee Pearson shares tricks for using digital brushes (the digital equivalent of stamping) in Photoshop Elements 9.

Thanks for viewing my video! I hope you learned a little something new about working with Photoshop Elements 9. If you don't have this program, download a free trial here and try this yourself! (Note: Sunny Side Brush Set by Anna Aspnes. For free brush sets to try on for size, check out this brush article by Celeste Smith.)

I’d also like to give away a registration in my self-paced workshop for beginners to one commenter! Just leave your comment by Wednesday, August 31, and we'll pick one lucky winner.

Back to Basics: An Introduction to Photoshop Elements for Crafters

Here's the class description:
Six years ago, when Renee wrote the first Digital Designs for Scrapbooking, computers were not yet an essential tool for mainstream scrapbooking. As the popularity of digital scrapbooking has grown, so has the need for easy-to-follow instructions. That's why she developed this workshop.

Renee will lead you through the fun, fast and easy lessons designed specifically for the beginning digital scrapbooker or crafter. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements and the digital kits and templates provided, you'll be whipping out digital scrapbook pages in no time.

About Renee Pearson
Renee Pearson is a digital designer, illustrator and educator and the owner of An established authority in the digital crafting world, she’s the author of two digital design books and former Associate Editor of “Digital Scrapbooking” magazine.


Digital Scrapbooking Month

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New Boot Camp Video: Be All That You Can Be

Boot Camp registration marches on! Wendy and I got together at my house yesterday (which is always a riot) and were finally able to get our registration video filmed! Do you like our hats? (p.s. my house is not ALL this beige, but we had to scoot the sofa into the best available light. :)

Register here.

(Remember, the price goes up to $33 on September 1. Save $3 by registering now! OR sign up for our newsletter, and you'll receive an additional $2 coupon in your email inbox on Monday.)

And while I have your attention, I must express my THANKS for helping me raise more than $500 for the Mackenzie Christensen Memorial Fund! I know it will be much appreciated by the family.

Hope to see you in boot camp! (Pink camo optional.)

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Get Digi with Microsoft Word + Giveaway

Hybrid Scrapbooking is something I have been doing since before it was even a “thing”! By using my computer for fonts I used to print out titles and cut out my own custom letters before the age of die cut machines and the plentiful options in alphabet stickers.
These days, I find myself using the computer for less titles and journaling, and more for amazing photo overlays and digital designs that enhance my crafting. Today I’m going to show you how even if you don’t have photoshop – you can totally have some fun and get some quick projects going that are hybrid.
First, just open up Microsoft Word and go to insert > picture. You can insert any image – whether it’s a photo or a digital element such as a .png file! SO COOL! They all get treated the same.

For this project I’m using one of Rhonna Farrer’s spring digital images. She has some beautiful images and digi art on her site. Here’s the link.  Back to this project - once your image is in, you want to change the orientation to “tight” as I have here below:

The default is ‘in line with text’ which will not let you do anything you want and will restrict your editing. By changing to “tight” This will let you move, size, and adjust the image freely. No rules! Wahoo!

Now just size, adjust, and play with your image until you’re satisfied. There are a lot of options in the “format” edit bar including cropping, some color adjustments, sizing, and more. If you want to add in more images or layer – go right ahead! Need to adjust where a layer is? Just right-click on the image and you can move what order it is in (top, bottom, etc).

For today, I’m just going to print mine right out onto a tan cardstock and turn it into a card.

Once I add some letter stickers (by Echo Park) and some ink around the edges I’m all set. I could add more elements if desired, but I love how quick and simple this card is. With so many possibilities – hybrid scrapbooking gives you the best of both paper and digital – I hope you can see why I love it so much.
How fun was that? I hope you had fun – if you’d like to see more of my projects and what I’m up to you can visit me at and

Happy Crafting!


I am teaming up with Nic Howard to teach a Double page layout class at Big Pciture Classes: Double Take.

Join Nic and May as they embark on four weeks of double fun! Each week you’ll receive four new sketches, eight example layouts, tips, techniques and step-by-step instructions. Working together to create double page layouts, while using your stash of scrapbooking products and making a dent in that pile of photos is the goal - all while having fun with two instructors that love to participate alongside the students on the message board and in the gallery.

Enter to win a spot for you and a friend by commenting here sharing your most common hybrid technique.

Enter a second time by connecting with one of the digi guest bloggers:

  • leave a comment on their blog
  • like them on facebook
  • follow on twitter
  • subscribe to newsletter

then come back here and leave a comment sharing what you did.
Giveaway closes in 48 hours August 26 at 10:00am MST.


Guest digi bloggers

Mary Jo Johnston twitter   blog
Lisa Jurrens blog
Barb Wong blog + Cathy Zielske blog facebook page
Shaui from Fei Fei's Stuff blog  facebook page   twitter
Francine Clouden twitter   blog  
Peppermint Granberg facebook page   newsletter   twitter





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Winner Announced

Thank you to everyone who have participated and thanks Ella for having me here! The winner of tge $15 GC to fei-fei's stuff is...

Congratulations antnaude!!! Please email me at feifeistuff(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you your prize. Thanks again everyone!!!

PS... If you are still new to digital scrapping and hesitant to buy digital products, you can visit my blog and download my freebies and use it on your scrap pages or hybrid projects!

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The Pages That Almost Weren't

As a paper scrapbooker I often found that I had a lot of rules about my memory keeping. Rules that revolved around my available time, my available space or my available money (a big one!) I had no shortage of page ideas, but definite shortages in those other three areas.

As a digital scrapbooker I have a "digital worktable" that goes on for miles, supplies that are re-usable and neatly stored in folders on my hard drive, and digital tools that speed a up a few of the most time-consuming paper techniques.

As a result I have a lot of "pages that almost weren't" in my albums - pages that digital scrapbooking made possible. I'm excited to share a few examples of these pages with you today.

The So-Called "Frivilous" Topics

Would I have made a page detailing my husband's hate/hate relationship with our snow plow truck driver if I weren't a digital scrapbooker? It's highly unlikely, because every paper page I ever made had at least a photo on it. And I always tried to get the most bang for my buck by making sure to cover the big events in our lives. I feel less guilty tackling the everyday topics now as a digital scrapbooker.

Enemy by Peppermint Granberg

Materials: Snow Day by Kate Hadfield, Doodled Dates by Designs by Lili, Green Jelly and Mint Musk Midnight Papers by Kaye Winiecki, Fun Stripes Alpha by Designs by Lili.

Many paper scrapbookers still manage to make these kinds of pages, and I envy (and revere!) those paper scrapbookers because they obviously don't impose arbitrary rules on their craft like I do. For me, a page like this would have lived in my mind but never made it to the family album.

Pages With Time-Intensive Materials

It could be argued that being a digital scrapbooker tends to make you a bit impatient. Especially when it comes to techniques like cutting, painting and gluing. Cutting things digitally is risk-free because you can always CTRL+Z your way out of any mistakes you make, plus it's faster and won't leave you scrambling for the bandages after an Xacto knife incident.

Also, digital paint and glue require no time to dry, either - so you can splatter paint, "glue" down glitter or beads or ink the edges of your elements without having to walk away for a while to allow it to set. If you're like me you avoided a lot of these techniques as a paper scrapbooker because of time/space restraints, it feels a little indulgent to use them so freely and liberally on digital pages.

Page by Becky Derby. Materials: Neatnik Template Set 2 by Gina Miller, Prehistoric Adventure by Kaye Winiecki, Double Dribble Alpha by Heather Hess and Jacque Larsen, Stand Tall Alpha by CD Muckosky

Large-Scale Subject Matter

Another digital perk that can really come in handy is the ability to create a collection of somewhat "big" things on one digital page - like a selection of your child's recent artwork.

With the help of digital resizing it doesn't take much time at all to fit twenty-six recent works from a budding artist on your page. Printing, trimming and individually framing these photos for a paper page would have been a large undertaking, but for a digital scrapbooker it's a relatively small undertaking.

Page by Kelly Schmidt. Pictures + words Vol. 2 by Paislee Press, Frosted acrylic alpha by Sahlin Studio, Sketchbook by Three Paper peonies.

Insanely Realistic Page Elements

In the magical land of digital, items have no real-world bulk. Where else could you add boxes, paintbrushes, a baseball bat and a stuffed animal to a page and still have it fit in your standard album?

As digital scrapbookers a lot of us spend a substantial amount of time perfecting the art of making our digital pages look like paper pages - but it can be really fun to break free from that strategy and create a page filled with unconventional items.

Page by Claire Skeps. Materials: Noise and Trouble by Lily Designs, Teeny Tiny Beads Alpha by Camilla Designs.

Making a page like this using paper supplies could be very difficult. Would you really go out in search of a mini-sized baseball bat then break out the table saw to trim it for your page? Probably not, right?

But in digital a whole world of outside-the-box creativity awaits.



In celebration of Digital Scrapbooking Month here at Ella you can enter for your chance to win $15 worth of digital products from One Little Bird Designs. Simply leave a comment below answering the question:

How would/does digital scrapbooking change the way you record your memories

Your comment must be posted by Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 11:59pm (midnight) EST. One winner will be chosen at random from all entries received.

 connect with one little bird
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Pretend Polaroids with Ella's Retro Digital Frames

Hi everyone! Today I am showing a quick example using the Retro Digital Frames from the Ella Store. The set includes five custom frames, but since I have a passion for Polaroids, I chose to use the Pretend Polaroid frame for my layout.

I followed the included instructions to create my three polaroid photos, then printed them out onto 4x6 photo paper.

I trimmed off the excess and then made my page with my three Pretend Polaroids.

I cut a piece of patterned paper the same size as the photos to form a grouping of four, and then continued with my embellishments, title and journaling.

Here are some other ideas for using the frames:
1. You can add text or digital embellishments before printing your photos out
2. You can make the photos smaller by resizing them before printing
3. You can use them directly on a digital page instead of printing them out like I did.
4. You can use a different frame for each of five photos for an eclectic grouping on a page.

I hope I've inspired you to give these frames a try. This month they are on sale for only $3! and click on the banner below to find out the digital month happenings here at Ella

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Free Digi printables

These are pretty cool images that can be used in digital scrapbooking and many other ways. My favorite application is to print, cut, and add glossy accents (a liquid adhesive) and wait for the magic.

Instant floral printable @ The Graphics Fairy
Tape @ Pugly Pixel
Old Maps @ devaintart by Mellowmint
Old airmail envelopes @Fuzzimo
Tickets @mabymej
Positive printables round-up @Kindovermatter

Click on the banner to check out all the happenings going on this month.

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Stretch Your Sketches Challenge Series, Sketch #10

Hi everyone!  I'm back today to share the 10th sketch in Ella's

This is the second sketch for the month of August; you can see the first sketch for this month here.

Before we get to the sketch, I want to remind you of this month’s prize.  You might remember that Ella Friend Monika Wright is sponsoring this month's Stretch Your Sketches Challenge Series!

Monika has an etsy shop where you'll find a wide selection of modern and traditional art prints as well as mini-albums and journals.

So in addition to winning a free copy of my eBook, Stretch Your Sketches

the winner will also receive a $20 gift certificate to i love it all.  Here is an example of a print from her shop, the House and Family Rules Subway Art Print:

Monika has also generously agreed to ship any items internationally - thank you Monika!

Now on to this month’s sketch!  Here it is:

Usually when I use a sketch I follow it fairly closely.  In this case, I really only used the sketch as a starting point for my layout.  As I went to edit the photos I planned on using and as I put together the layout I ended up moving things around quite a bit:

These photos are from Mother's Day and the journaling reads:  These are my Mother’s Day photos. You can’t really tell, but I’m holding onto Nathan mostly because he was trying to run away. And Gabe basically refused to look into the camera.
Oh well, we tried. May 2011

Joining me this week in our sketch challenge is Ella Friend, Mary Jo Johnston.  Mary Jo is an incredible card maker and so I asked her to use this week's sketch to make a card.  And instead of creating one card, she made two!


I love how they are both of these cards are different and yet you can see how they where inspired by the sketch.  Here is what Mary Jo had to say about the sketch, "A great sketch can be exactly what you need to jump start your creativity for a new layout.  But, have you ever thought about stretching your sketch to create a card or even altered project?  I chose to use today's sketch and incorporate it into my love of cardmaking - and I love the result! The blocks in the center of the design provide the perfect focal point for the center of my cards.  The three elements are represented by journaling blocks, stickers and patterned paper.  The journaling location, provided for a traditional layout, can also be used to incorporate a sentiment for your card.  Thanks to Donna for a fabulous sketch!  Break out your scrapbooking supplies and be creative!"

Want to join in the fun?  Here's how to play:  First, create your layout based on the sketch.  Next, post it to your blog or any online album.  Be sure to mention where you got the sketch in your post or caption!  Third, come back to this post and share the link to your layout.  All entries must be posted by August 31, 2011, 11:59 pm PST.  The winner of each month will be chosen at random and will be announced here on The Daily Trumpet. 

Remember, there will be two sketches posted each month.  If you create two layouts, one from each sketch, you will have two entries which will double your chances of winning!
I hope you all will participate with me and make a layout based on this sketch.  If you are playing along here is a button for you to post on your blog.

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Personalizing your stuff

Hello Ella readers! I'm Shaui, the designer of Fei-fei's Stuff and it's an honor to be guest blogging here.

Personalized Stuff is Cool!
What I like about Digital Scrapping is that you can use this hobby to make almost all of your things personalized. Mugs, bags, albums, wall decors, greeting cards and so many more! I like to make my belongings distinctive and unique from others. I remember when I was in highschool, my binder was covered with my own artwork. I felt so cool :) and geeky!

So, what other ways can we personalized our own things? Here are some suggestions...

Notebook Covers
The standard covers are fine but its always nice to revamp. Now that school is about to start, why not print your favorite digital papers and cover your notebooks, binders or folders? My daughter, Fei, loves everything girly so I covered her notebooks with different shades of pink paper.

papers used: Intertwined, Guilty Pleasures

CD labels

It is always nice to see CDs labeled uniformly. Who doesn't? My CDs look so sleek!

papers used: Fresh Cut, Montage, Like Home

Gift Wrappers
The best gifts are when it was made with love and something that you have worked hard on. It gives this extra sweetness when you give it to your loved ones.

Computer Wallpaper
I have a full time job and I like that once in a while when I take a break, I see photos of my kids. It brings a smile on my face when I see them. I also love that you can make your layouts as screensavers, homepage screen on your phones, background image on your blog or twitter page.

Beth put a little nice quote at the bottom. It is always nice to read something that will motivate us in life.

Me, on the other hand, made a clean and simple one so it doesn't look too heavy when my icons appear on the left side.

There are still so many ways on how we can personalize our stuff. In this computer age, the possibilities are endless! What other things you like custom-made using your layouts and scrap kits? Share it with us!

Make your own computer wallpaper. Download this free layered template and design it yourself. Or if you like, you can use the ready made ones. Just pop in your fave pic and voila! Instant beauty! This comes in 4 sizes: 1024x770px, 1280x802px, 1680x1050px and 1920x1203px. Date stamps are also included from August 2011 - December 2011.

Download here

In celebration of the Digital Scrapping Month here at Ella, I will be giving away a $15 gift certificate to one lucky reader to my shop at Oscraps. All you have to do is leave a message here and tell us what you like about Digital Scrapping. I will pick a winner randomly and announce the winner on August 20. This giveaway will end on August 19 11:59 PST. Good luck and Enjoy Digi Scrapping!

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Mackenzie Christensen Memorial Fund-Raising Sale

Dear Friends of Ella,

Forgive me for getting personal for a moment, but a dear friend of mine was struck by unimaginable tragedy this week.

A devastating car accident took the life of her beautiful 16-year-old daughter and her vivacious 66-year-old mother on the same day, also killing her stepfather and critically injuring her nephew.

They had been travelling through Wyoming on their way to a family reunion in Yellowstone National Park. The entire extended family was planning to be there until Saturday, enjoying the time away to spend with cousins, brothers, and sisters, grandma and grandpa. You can read the news story here.

Instead the family is back home planning three funerals.

Mackenzie Christensen, age 16, was bright, kind, talented, and full of life. She was one of those people who made me feel such hope for the future. I was excited to see what great things she would accomplish in her life.

She was just weeks away from starting her junior year of high school.

She had just made the varsity volleyball team.

She was a talented pianist.

She loved to read and was a wonderful student.

She was gentle and kind—truly a friend to everyone.

She was involved in her church and in service oganizations.

She was a wonderful older sister to her two little sisters, ages 12 and 8.

The family had been saving up to send Kenzie to college, and instead they're trying to afford a funeral.

In an effort to help the family raise money for funeral expenses, we at Ella Publishing Co. have put our $5 gift certificates on sale for 10 percent off through Wednesday, August 17, the day of Kenzie's funeral. All proceeds from $5 gift certificate sales will be donated to the Kenzie Christensen memorial fund at Wells Fargo Bank.

Remember, you can "send" the gift certificate to yourself if you wish (just specify your own email address in the recipient field). And you can use your gift certificate at any time; it will never expire.

So, if you were thinking of purchasing something anyway in the next little while, get a $5 certificate now for $4.50, help a family in need, and simply spend the certificate whenever you want—now or later.

(Important note: gift certificates cannot be redeemed in conjunction with coupon codes. And only one gift certificate can be redeemed per transaction. So if you plan to purchase several for yourself, plan to use them on several different future purchases.)

Thank you for your support,

Update: For those who have asked about donating directly to the Kenzie Christensen Memorial Fund at Wells Fargo Bank, there's now also a PayPal address for donations. Send via PayPal to

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Join the FREE Festival

Online education site Big Picture Classes hosts a free online event every summer, this year's theme is Words to Live by. Don't miss out on the fun, they have lots of prizes, awesome teachers, and new projects each day. Register on their site here, and be prepared to enjoy the party!! See you there :)

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Telling Stories Using Cathy Zielske's Digital Templates

How's your summer going so far? Busy? Me too.

I find it ironic that, the busier life gets, the more stories there are to tell… but the less time I have to spend telling them. I try not to stress about it though. I take photos and keep notes (emails sent to friends, blog entries, Facebook updates, tweets on Twitter) with the hope that I'll have time to pull together a few pages once the dust settles. But there never seems to be enough time.

Just this past weekend, though, I rediscovered the joy of speed-scrapping with digital templates. It's a bit like starting a paper layout with a sketch, only it's even easier because the template designer has already pre-cut all the paper and photos to the proper sizes. All I have to do is choose my photos and type out my journalling. Yes, it's really that easy.

I decided to start with a few templates by the ever-so-talented Cathy Zielske, which are available at Designer Digitals, and I simplified the process of choosing digital papers and embellishments by using supplies from several coordinating kits from one of my favourite designers, none other than fabulous Ms. Crystal Wilkerson herself (author of Ella's upcoming August eBook!).

Supplies: CZdesign template no. 84 + Crystal Wilkerson Spring/Summer 2011 Distressed Solids

My first layout is as simple as it gets. Template + photos + words. Once you know how to use clipping masks in Photoshop, then it's a piece of cake. (If you don't know how, I recommend that you watch Cathy's tutorial on vimeo.) The only bit I customized: I changed the colour of the text and the stitched border to match my photos. Easy peasy. Hint: use the eye dropper tool to get a good match.

Supplies: CZdesign template no. 86 + Crystal Wilkerson Spring/Summer 2011 Stripes XS, Distressed Solids, Woodgrain and Colorful Banners

My second layout was a little more complicated. I wanted to play up the birthday theme by adding a pennant banner, but that covered the spot where the title was supposed to be, so I added the title directly on top of the photo. Also, in order to include the non-square horizontal photo of my boys playing chess (in the upper left corner), I merged two squares in the template into one layer and used it to clip my photo. I ran out of photos, so I used a bit of patterned paper in one of the squares and added a text layer (11) to finish it off.

Supplies: CZdesign story guide no. 5a + Crystal Wilkerson Spring/Summer 2011 Woodgrain and Distressed Solids

The third and final layout I did was inspired by Cathy's recent obsession with camera-phone photos. I used photos taken on my iPhone and edited them using the Camera+ app (square crop, special effects and borders). Then all I had to do was plunk the photos straight into this template. I changed the title by deleting the artwork layers from the template and adding my own title as text layers. I used pre-formatted text block to make up my own set of questions and answers, and I typed until I filled the designated space.

There you have it: three layouts in one afternoon. That's more scrapbooking than I've done in the past three months! Super speedy scrapping, all made possible by digital templates. Go me!


Now for the fun part! Cathy is giving away to one lucky blog reader a prize package of any five products from her shop at Designer Digitals. That's right, folks. You get to choose any five of CZ's templates, album sets or word art sets. Just leave a comment on this post, telling me how much (or little) experience you have with digital templates—or anything else you want to tell me about digital scrapbooking for that matter. We'll chose a winner on Friday!

Now go on, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Click here to see a list of all the digi deals, articles, and more happening this month!


And the winning comment is...

Hi Ella friends!!

My name is Lisa J. and I help host the Facebook page and blog for MyMemories Suite digital scrapbooking software! I am *SUPER* excited to have been invited to introduce our software to you AND share a GREAT giveaway with you during Ella's *Digital Scrapbooking Month*! If you have been even thinking of diving into the digital pool - this is the post for you!

I know many of you are traditional paper scrappers, but I want you to know that digital scrapbooking software can give you great flexibility and offer you some fabulous new ways to share your hard work and beautiful pages with more friends and family than ever before! If you've thought about adding a digital program to your scrapping toolbox but were afraid to take the plunge, because you thought it would be too hard to learn, to expensive to do or to steep a learning curve to master - then I have GREAT news for you!

With MyMemories Suite digital scrapbooking software, you get a great software program that is EASY to use and FUN to learn! If you can:

  • upload a photo from your camera
  • scan an old photo to your computer
  • and send an email

- you WILL be able to do this! You can take your old (and new) photos from "shoebox to showcase" in no time flat! Because MyMemories Suite is available in a downloadable version you can get started right away! And at MMS, we have a super busy (and FUN) Facebook page and great blog and forum if you ever get stuck along the way! There is literally almost always someone there that is happy to help - or point you to one of the many video and PDF tutorials that we have online to help you along the way!

And to get ONE LUCKY WINNER started, we are giving away a free copy of MyMemories Suite V2!The software is downloadable and your purchase (or prize) will stay active in your account at MMS in case you ever need to download to a new computer (or redownload in case of computer problems). Your software comes with over 1300 included digital papers and 1500 digital embellishments and a wonderful collection of Designer Templates that you can use to tell YOUR family's story YOUR way! Digital Scrapping has never been easier! Use "drag and drop" technology to easily add photos and elements to your pages, or use the FAST FILL feature to add all your photos at once! You can also shop in the Design Shop to add tons of great Designer Template pages or new digital kits and papers to your software as you need them. You can also use ANY other digital content you already own in your MMS software for unlimited creativity in your projects!

So, just post a comment and tell me WHY you want to "GO DIGITAL" and one lucky winner will be selected to win! For additional chances to win, visit our MMS Facebook page, and LIKE us, Tweet about this post, (here's a shortened link to copy and paste to your Twitter page: and leave an additional comment for each!

If you are NOT selected as a winner this time, but still want to give MyMemories Suite a try - here's a great deal for you! Use the code below in the PROMO code box at check out to save $10.00 on the already low price of the software AND get a $10.00 coupon to pick up some extra digital goodies in the Design Shop

You can also check out a fun little collection of FREEBIES in the Design Shop - they are a nice addition to your digital collection!


So, check it out! If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to zip me an email at!
... and don't forget to make a memory today!

Click here to see a list of all the digi deals, articles, and more happening this month!

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Digi Friday

We're wrapping up our first fun week of Digital Scrapbooking Month! Thanks to everyone who has joined us. We've got LOTS more fun things planned, including four more awesome eZine articles, two new eBook releases, and more!

We hope you had a chance to read Aly Dosdall's fun introduction to digital scrapbooking (OR if you're an advanced digi girl, isn't this a great link to share with your digital newbie friends?)

Next week, look forward to a new article from Celeste Smith that's all about digital scrapbooking freebies. A definite must read!

And now for the winners of this week's giveaway:
Swiss and BlessedintheUS won the Ella Fun Digital Frames
C.ting won the Kit from Pretty Little Studio
Congrats winners!

See you Monday.
Digital Scrapbooking Month

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How to use digital products on cards + Freebie and Giveaway

Hello Ella Fans!
Welcome to digital scrapbooking month! Angie and Wendy have so many creative and inspiring things lined up for you, and you won’t want to miss a minute!

I’m excited to have the opportunity to share with you one of my favorite companies, Pretty Little StudioLocated in sunny, South Carolina, Pretty Little Studio is known for their lovely vintage scrapbook products, including flashcards, whimsical patterned papers, journaling cards, bunting flags, number tags and calendars in traditional paper form and many in digital format. Melissa, the owner of Pretty Little Studio, has such an eye for detail and color combinations. She recently released the Clowning Around Collection with bright, cheerful colors and adorable graphics, perfect for those birthday cards and parties we’re always planning!

The collection is available in digital and paper format. You can see the entire collection by clicking HERE.

I’m also very excited to share with you a few examples that I’ve created with this new line.

Pretty Little Studio’s digital papers can be printed and used for your favorite hybrid projects,or you can create adorable birthday layouts digitally. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to love this new line as much as I have. It’s just so happy!

As a special treat, Melissa from Pretty Little Studio is giving away a free Summer Bunting Garland!  The Summer Bunting Garland is ready to hang on your digital layouts, cards and projects! You can download a free version of the Garland HERE.

And, we’re not done!  
Today Only!  All Digital Products at Pretty Little Studio are 30% Off!  Hurry!  This sale is only for today!

AND one lucky person will win this digital set.
Leave a comment below to be entered to win. Giveaway closes in 48 hours August 5 10:00 am MST.

***Giveaway winner is c.ting***
For more about Ella's Digital Scrapbooking month go here, or click on the banner.

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Stretch Your Sketches Challenge Series, Sketch #9

Hi everyone!  I'm back today to share the 9th sketch in Ella's

The last sketch in our series featured six photos, which is quite a few for a single page layout, so this week we're getting back to a more basic design:

This week I took a turn at stretching the sketch, and I did stretch it quite a bit!  First I rotated the sketch 180 degrees, then I replaced the 6x4 photo with two 3x4s and I replaced the 4x6 photo with a 5x5 pocket (you'll notice that I also clipped a photo to the front of the pocket).  Here is my layout which documents our family's love of In-N-Out:

The journaling reads:  Every Sunday after mass we go to In-N-Out for lunch. We’ve had this tradition in our family for almost three years now. When we go, the boys always get stickers. Nathan calls them "stickos" and he likes to make the cars in his picture crash (if you were there you'd get to experience the sound effects too). Gabe on the other hand likes things to make a little more sense and he makes the woman hold the flowers (which is too sweet). One day while we were eating Gabe said, "Isn't In-N-Out great?" Yes, Gabe, it is; we couldn't agree more.

Inside the pocket are the sticker pictures that my two sons made on this particular trip.  Even if we keep this tradition for years to come, I don't know how long these simple stickers will make my boys happy and so while I don't save them every week (can you imagine the stack I would have by now!?) I did want to save at least one set as a reminder of these days.

Joining me this week in the sketch challenge is Ella Friend May Flaum.  She did a literal interpretation of the sketch and made this beautiful layout:

Here is what May had to say about the sketch and what inspired her, "What I love about this sketch is that it gives a solid base for a layout, but leaves lots of room for artistic interpretation and creative play. I’m a girl who’s never met a crafting rule I didn’t like to break (or bend) but here I left the photos (4x6), journaling, and title exactly as they were intended. It’s a  solid design, one that should be in every scrapbooker’s sketch book! In looking through my to-be-scrapped photos I came across these two of my girls with their Easter baskets that I thought would work well for this sketch and with one of my new favorites – the Country Drive line from Echo Park. Almost everything on my page is from Echo Park – which made this page come together quickly.
The yellow patterned paper I put under my photos to add another layer is about 11” wide and 7 ½” tall. Once my base was done and I had my journaling and photos in place, I added bits of paper (punched and a 1” strip), as well as my title stickers, some stickles and stitching, and a few stickers and accents too. I love the results – and had such fun with this page."

Are you ready to hear about the prizes this month?

Did you know that Ella Friend Monika Wright is the owner of an etsy shop called i love it all

In her shop you'll find a wide selection of modern and traditional art prints as well as mini-albums and journals and this month i love it all is sponsoring the Stretch Your Sketches Challenge Series!

So in addition to winning a free copy of my eBook, Stretch Your Sketches

the winner will also receive a $20 gift certificate to i love it all.  Here is an example of a print from her shop, the House and Family Rules Subway Art Print:

Monika has also generously agreed to ship any items internationally - thank you Monika!

Want to join in the fun?  Here's how to play:  First, create your layout based on the sketch.  Next, post it to your blog or any online album.  Be sure to mention where you got the sketch in your post or caption!  Third, come back to this post and share the link to your layout.  All entries must be posted by August 31, 2011, 11:59 pm PST.  The winner of each month will be chosen at random and will be announced here on The Daily Trumpet. 

Remember, there will be two sketches posted each month.  If you create two layouts, one from each sketch, you will have two entries which will double your chances of winning!
I hope you all will participate with me and make a layout based on this sketch.  If you are playing along here is a button for you to post on your blog.

***Winner of May's Stretch Your Sketch Challenge is Ella reader judean!***
Please email me at donnajannuzzi(at)gmail(dot)com to receive your prize.