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The latest from Write. Click. Scrapbook.

Hello! I am thrilled to have the chance to introduce you to the newest book from the Write. Click. Scrapbook. team, Double-Page Design. We hope you loved our first book, A Year in the Life.

It was created to help you scrapbook throughout a calendar year. With 2011 just around the corner, it is a wonderful time to get a copy. We would be happy to suggest it as a stocking stuffer to your loved ones if you need us to!!

When Angie approached us with the idea of doing a book filled with two page layouts we said, "Yes! Yes! Let's do that!" "Two page layouts" is a request we hear repeatedly, and we were thrilled with the opportunity to provide you with some inspiration to encourage you to happily complete your double-page layouts.

Double-Page Design

We often hear from our valued readers how difficult two page layouts can be. And from personal experience, we believe that they trouble many of us. Perhaps it is the sheer number of photos--selecting them, then organizing them on the page. Perhaps it is the subject matter--if you are facing down a stack of photos, chances are you are looking at event photos: birthdays, holidays, vacations, sporting events. Many pictures, little journaling. Or maybe even lots to say but no room to say it with all those photos. Sigh. Sigh. Double sigh.

But do not fear! The Write. Click. Scrapbook.  team has come to your rescue. We have created 21 layouts to help inspire you to create many new double-page layouts. And they are organized according to the number of photos that you have to help you have an efficient means of selecting your inspiration layout.

To  help convince you of the ease of use of our new book, I put it to the test. I opened the folder containing my Thanksgiving day photos. (Truly, this might be a record for me to have the photos scrapbooked within a few days of the actual event. If you felt the earth shook there just a bit, you now know why!)

Looking at my folder, I notice that I have two distinct groups of photos: the decorations and the food. (I am embarrassed to admit I somehow only took 2 photos of people! Apparently the food and owls were distracting!!) 

For our Thanksgiving dinner, we gathered with three other families. Having divided up both the decorating and the meal, I was so excited to see how (well) it all came together. And while I could have narrowed the photos to all fit on one page, I truly had enough for two. So I followed the natural divide and created two photo piles: food and decor.

Looking first to the decor photos, even though I took ten, I really only need five to tell the story. Further, all five are horizontal, so I began hunting in the book for a "sketch" that would fix five horizontal photos. When I spied Vivian Masket's five photo layout, I noticed immediately that it would fit my photos. All I need to do is turn her layout on its side and my photos will fit perfectly. So I did. And here is what I came up with:

One down. 35 minutes used. We are breaking records today!! Next up, food photos. Remembering that I essentially failed to take any people pictures even though the photos will just be the food, the people must appear in the journaling.

Counting up, I have ten photos that are not duplicates, blurry, or unnecessary. As I flip through the pages of my Double-Page Design, I think that Ann Costen's  ten photo layout will be perfect. I can crop 9 of the photos small and square, and use the one of my plate as the focal point photo. And within mere minutes, another double-page layout is completed.

Suddenly (under two hours counts for suddenly today), the "event" is preserved. I included 14 photos in my two layouts, and with minimal anxiety, I have two layouts that are not just completed but capture the memories of the day with great design! Trust me when I say that these layouts would not have come together as quickly without the help of Vivian and Ann and their inspiring layouts!

We at Write. Click. Scrapbook. hope you enjoy our new book and find it useful. Not only will you see 21 wholly completed layouts, but you also get 16 bonus sketches in the back, created by our own Donna Jannuzzi , who is also an Ella author and Ella friend.

So click away this holiday season. Knowing that when the holiday dust settles, you now have the resources to scrapbook your own 171 photos. Scrapbooking never felt so efficient!!

Please also stop by often at Write. Click. Scrapbook. Our new December gallery will be up tomorrow and we have already begun our Second Annual Write. Click. Scrapbook. for the Holidays. We thank you for your loyal readership and wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Enjoy the new book!

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Winners! Ella Gives Back

Thank you all for your feedback and participation in our fun Black Friday Sale--which was a smashing success!

As part of the sale, we promised to select three random winners and refund one of their purchases over the weekend. Well, drumroll please, here are the winners:

Comment #8: Christina Lakes, who received a $12.99 refund for her Design Bundle purchase.

Comment #14: stephaniemedleyrath, who received an $11 refund for her Word Bundle purchase.

Comment #36: shaunaquilts, who received a $13.97 refund for her Build Your Own Bundle purchase. (Her choices were Eight is Enough, Journaling that Matters, and Double-Page Design.)

Thanks everyone for playing!

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Journaling Challenges: Week 3

Happy day to everyone. Angie hijacked the blog with some incredible Ella sales so I saved week 3 journaling challenges for today. This challenge series is inspired by the Journaling that Matters eBook. This week, the prompt is to scrapbook the everyday. Kelly Jeppson co-author of the eBook, Journaling that Matters, wrote an article about this topic, read it here.

Ella friend Lee Currie tackled this topic with gusto and she shares a confession.

"A couple of years ago I resigned myself to being an “everyday” scrapbooker by necessity rather than by design. Since I am the photographer in my household, it was difficult to capture the memories of special occasions: birthdays, holidays, vacations when I was the one orchestrating the events! I rarely managed to capture the photos as the activities were in progress.

For a time I felt like a failure as a photographer, memory keeper, scrapbooker, fearing my albums would be deemed boring. I warmed to the idea of being an everyday scrapper when I realized the memories of my own childhood were more ordinary- than special-occasion-based. Capturing the stories of everyday really forces you to pay attention to the small details of your life and those around you. Our everyday, our routines and our habits aren’t boring! I like how authentic my albums have become since they are focused on the story, the reality of things, rather than the pomp and ceremony that make parties so much fun!

What can be more everyday than homework?"

Journaling reads,

My sweet bug, you do not like homework

After all, there are so many more fun things to do

Play on the Wii or iPad | Help mama make dinner

Shoot on the hockey net with Cole

Tease your sisters | We've finally struck a deal

If you finish your homework | right when you come in the door from school

then you have all kinds of time for fun and games

Autumn 2010, Grade 5

In the years to come, when Caden reads this page, I hope he remembers what a character he was doing everything he could to get out of completing his work. He would never lie, but he would make excuses like having to go to the washroom, help make dinner, take a shower, put his hockey equipment away, make his bed, even vacuum the house, anything to avoid the work. I also hope he remembers the nice times we spent together working through division, grammar and many projects he had to do, all by himself. Makes me smile! And with that, I've got the journaling for another page :)

week 1

week 2

For more awesome journaling tips check out Journaling that Matters.

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Amazing Thanksgiving Sale!

Bundle up, everyone, because it's cold out there, and Ella has some fun BUNDLE PACKAGES for sale all weekend long. Get ready to SAVE! And keep reading, because some of you will win FREE eBOOKS this weekend too!


**NEW! Build Your Own Bundle**

You asked, we answered! Now, through Monday, you can build your own bundle and save $4. Place any three eBooks in your cart (totalling $16.97 or more) and use the code BYOBUNDLE at checkout to enjoy your savings. Code may be used twice per customer, but they must be in two separate transactions.

Design Bundle: $13

Enjoy Ella's NEWEST eBook, Double-Page Design, along with Design Workshop and Stretch Your Sketches for just $13.  (Regularly $17.97) Place all three eBooks in your cart, then use code SAVEONDESIGN at checkout.

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Holiday Bonus!

Buy any single eBook and get Vintage Hip Christmas Crafts for just $3 more (reguarly $5.99)! Use coupon code HOLIDAYBONUS at checkout.

The Fine Print: You may use any or all of the coupon codes above from Wednesday, November 24 through Monday, November 29. However, only one coupon code may be used per transaction. (In other words, if you want to use all four codes, you'll need to make four separate transactions.)


And that's not all, folks! If you purchase one of our super-fun bundles this weekend, please leave a comment on this post sharing which bundle you purchased. We'll pick three random winners on Tuesday, November 29, who will get their purchase for FREE! If you're selected as a winner, we'll refund the purchase price of one of your bundle purchases. You may leave one comment for each bundle you purchase to increase your odds of winning.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And THANK YOU for supporting Ella Publishing Co.

We love you!

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Make the Most of Your Tools

Hello again Ella readers. I’m Carol Strine (a long-time Ella reader and Ella fan), and I’m back today still trying to save a few bucks by pulling out some old tools that I had tucked away. (Check out last week's post here.) I’m sure that you have a few of these dusty scrapbooking tools from days gone by that you would like to use to breathe new life into your layouts and cards.

Today we are going to look at simple ways to use some of your old and new punches. Here are a few of the tools that I used on my recent layouts.

In preparation to begin my layout, I was searching my old tool bin and I came across my Making Memories Tag Maker. I realized that I hadn’t used it in years, so I grabbed a circle punch to cut an apple out of patterned paper. I created the apple tag to resemble the half-eaten apple that my son is holding in his hand. I covered it with Alene’s Paper Glaze to give it a finished look.

I then grabbed a few more circle punches and punched a large circle for my title block and punched a smaller circle inside to add a contrasting color give further interest to my title. The circle punches were attached to other circles and tabs with dimensional foam and placed around the layout in a visual triangle to lead your eye around the page.

The border was created by punching random holes in varying sizes with my Provo Craft punch kit and my Crop-A-Dile. Once the holes were punched in a wandering border, I backed them with green cardstock to coordinate with the photos.

Still wanting to utilize some different punches and techniques, I created my next layout using a border punch, a corner punch, a rick rack punch and various sized circle punches. The border punch was used to focus your eyes on the photo and journaling. I used my rick rack punch to act as a bottom border for the photo and as a trail for the star accent. The corner punched was punched on each corner of a square piece of green cardstock to provide a base for the black circle punch and the number 5 sticker to rest on in the title block. This layout mixed and matched five different styles and types of punches without creating a random or distracting look.

I hope that I have inspired you to pull out some of your older, less used tools and reintroduce them back into your rotation of tools that you use to create layouts and cards. Who knows, maybe one of them might even earn a spot in your tool caddy and become your next go-to option.


Thanks for guest posting these last two weeks, Carol! If you have a fabulous idea for a blog post and you're interested in sharing your thoughts with the Ella audience, please send an email to with "Guest Blogger" in the subject line. We'd love to have you!

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Liz's Loves for November

Hello to all my Ella lovelies out there!

I cannot believe that my Ella crushing for the year will be over with this post. My wandering eyes have seen so many amazing, beautiful, innovative, and pure genius layouts this year! Thanks so much for staying with me on my love escapades. This month there is no point in beating around the bush...I might as well just get right to it and tell our Ella blogger just how much I love this month's submissions! (CLICK ON THE LAYOUTS FOR LARGER VIEWS AND TO READ THE JOURNALING!)

Our first two crush pages come to us from Nicole Pomeroy:

Although I generally try to spread my love around, I couldn't help but be drawn to both of these pages. In her layout "Playing In The Sand," I think her use of map paper from their vacation is fantastically smart. I love that it plays up the beach location. I also love her use of embellishments and the way the boy draws your eyes to the photo at the bottom.

On Nicole's other page "Super Hero or Crusty Demon?," I love that she plays on her son's ability to imagine and also his different moods and personality traits. I think that cutting out the photos of her son add to the comic book feel of the page and keep the tone light and fun. The creativity of design on this page is truly evident! Great job Nicole!

The next crush of the month is a new lady lovely who caught my eye, Arlene Camacho.

She wooed me with her page, "Through Her Eyes." Her super cute page focused on how different the world would be if we as adults looked at things with child-like eyes. Not only would this be a great topic to challenge yourself with, it is a great conversation starter for a specific family member journaling page. I think I might even try to get everyone's view over Thanksgiving of how things would be different for them, or what they would notice if they were looking at things from a childlike perspective. Arlene also made great use of colored ink spray, pearls, butterflies, and doilies to create a very girly and fun feel.

Next, on Andrea MacDonald's page "September 2010", I loved her use of paper layering!

Not only did she ruffle paper- she distressed and inked the edges, and used punches for multiple edge layering.
I love that her photos are encompassed by paper that draws your eyes to them and that her title and journaling are easy to read. Wonderfully done, Andrea!

Last, but definitely not least, was a submission sent to me by Mary Kadry with the subject "Title Love."

Mary instantly had my attention when I opened her page! She had me in awe of the beautiful colors, and cloud theme--in the middle of fall who doesn't long for summer? I love those little airplanes, and how her title falls around her photo. This is definitely one of those titles I will have to scrap-lift! Thanks so much for the inspiration, Mary!

Well Ella lovelies...I guess this is goodbye for now, so until next time mmmmwwwaaaa!

p.s. To send in your layouts for possible inclusion in a future blog post or eZine article, email them to with "General Submissions" in the subject line (unless you're submitting for a particular page call). All featured designers receive a coupon code for a free eBook!


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Journaling Challenges: Week 2

You know we like to challenge you, our loyal and fantastic blog readers. For the next three Fridays we are going to share journaling tips and prompts with you, inspired by the Journaling that Matters eBook. This week, the prompt is taken directly from the eBook and is a statement; dispense some personal advice.

Dispense some personal advice

If you could pass on some wisdom to someone in your life, what would it be and why?

What would you tell a new college student, new parents, new scrapbooker, etc.?

What have you learned about life that you want everyone to know?

How have you benifted from life lessons?

What do you wish you would have known earlier?

This layout dispenses parenting advice, almost a parenting mission statement. I wanted to treat each bit of advice like its own tidy piece of information. By using a grid design, I was able to give the words and tags a strong structure.

Now it is your turn to scrapbook some personal advice! It's a great way to unlock life lessons and deeply held beliefs that you may never have scrapbooked before!

For more awesome journaling tips check out Journaling that Matters.

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Tips from Ella reader Carol

Hello Ella readers. My name is Carol Strine and I’m a regular Ella blog reader, eBook purchaser and challenge participant. I have been reading, studying and playing along with Ella friends and contributors since the website’s inception. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share a few of my ideas and techniques with you.

Does the slumping economy have you down? Do you find yourself trying to find ways to pinch pennies like me? I’ve got the perfect frugal scrapbooking solution and you probably already have the tools and supplies to do them all. Dust off some of those old tools that you have pushed to the back of the drawers (or donated to your children’s craft drawers) and use them
to create updated accents and embellishments for your layouts and cards. I’m not claiming that any of these tips or ideas are ground-breakingly innovative or unique, but they are tried and true methods that I return to over and over again on my layouts and can still create updated, unique results each time.

Today, I’m going to share with you some ways to utilize good-old plastic templates that I bought when I started dabbling in scrapbooking many years ago. I began looking around in my children’s craft materials to retrieve some of my old templates (I had long since passed these on to the kids, because I didn’t use them anymore). While I was scouring their craft drawers, I also borrowed back a pair of my small scalloped scissors. I also decided to use my photo corner punch and paper crimper in today’s process. Do you have any old scrapbooking items that resemble these?

Inspired by a technique utilized by Lisa Dickinson right here on the Ella blog, I used the tag and star templates to trace and hand cut each of the tags that I used as a foundation for my photo and journaling. My good old desk stapler is another tool that I reach for over and over again and use it to attach anything from ribbon (as seen here), to tags, photos, paper strips,
photo mats, etc.

Circle templates and punches can be used to create a myriad of embellishments, photo shapes or patterned paper accents as well. Stacking or altering the cut paper circles can create unique or themed accents for your cards and layouts. On this next layout, I used my circle template and some smaller punched circle shapes to trace and cut. After cutting the
circles using those scalloped-shaped scissors, I ran them through my paper crimper and stacked them together to create fun, dimensional blooms. The flower stems are simply small strips of paper that were also run through the crimper. Crimping adds instant dimension and interest. I created further dimension by attaching my accents to the layout using dimensional foam.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to revisit your stash and see what old tools you have lurking in the darkness of your scrapping closet, cupboards or drawers just waiting to be used again. I’ll be back next week when I will be pulling out an assortment of punches and using them in various ways to assemble a few more layouts.

Winners of last weeks Boy giveaways are:


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Ella friends blog hop

Want to get to know these talented ladies better? They organized a blog hop last Friday and our sharing more about themselves.

May Flaum      

Monika Wright

Valerie Mangan

Check them out and say hello!

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Journaling Challenges: Week 1

You know we like to challenge you, our loyal and fantastic blog readers. For the next three Fridays we are going to share journaling tips and prompts with you, inspired by the Journaling that Matters eBook

This week the topic is sentence starters for journaling prompts. Use these to journaling about people, places, ideas, things, you name it. Diana Chen and I (Wendy) took this on and are both thrilled with our creations. The sentence starters we used are below.

Starter: I choose to ______ because

From Wendy

Journaling reads

"I learn about and experience other cultures and places

I am better able to understand people and their uniqueness

it allows me to challenge my own existing beliefs and habits

I like to read what my kids are reading and talk about it with them

My brain is a sponge and I want to soak up good books

it is better for me than watching television

I can connect with others through discussing books

it has always been a part of who I am"

I love how this page turned out and I love how it represents me so strongly. My husband asked me if I had to choose between the computer and reading which would I pick- HARD question. I picked reading...

Ella friend Diana Chen made two pages using two different prompts and she was also thrilled with the results.

Starter: Do You See What I See?

Diane shares, "I had these photos but never thought I'd use them for a scrapbook page. The photos were sent to me by the official photographer at a function. I used some of those photos for the blog that I maintain for the Cathedral. But when I saw the journaling prompt for this challenge this was what came to mind, and I'm so glad that I now have this recorded, and of course the photos turned out to be very useful.

One of my current passions is seeing the restoration of the cathedral in my capital city through to its completion, and creating a constituency of support to see to its upkeep. It's a unique building with incredible interior frescoes that were done by a famous Catholic artist back in 1911 when the Cathedral was built (re-built actually, as the previous cathedral was destroyed in an earthquake in 1907). It's a long story (which you can read more about on the website) but the murals were painted over with grey paint in 1970 and were only uncovered in the past three years. We have a lot of ideas and plans for the Cathedral once the restoration is complete, and part of my work now is to get others to "buy in" to that vision and support it. This photograph of me was taken at a function we had honoring one of the people who was central to the restoration project, and we used that occasion to continue trying to drum up support, so I was handing out information folders."

Journaling reads,

If you could see what I see you'd see that this place, this jewel, this gem of ours, is more than just a beautiful cathedral with incredible historical murals and a fascinating restoration story.

If you could see what I see you'd share my vision that this place could be the seed from which blossoms so many more beautiful things, so many wonderful possibilities, for so many people.

If you could see what I see you'd have a picture in your mind of beautifully landscaped grounds, a cafe, a museum, a gift shop, a children's play area, a meditation garden, masses every day.

If you could see what I see you'd visualize this site as an organizing centre of influence that addresses the complex, interconnected challenges facing the surrounding communities, from spiritual upliftment and fostering economic revitalization to increasing and improving the quality of housing, from enhancing educational and developmental activities, to building community capacity through civic engagement.
I hope you will see what I see, one day, in the flesh. That's my mission."

Starter: When I Think of You

Diane says, "This prompt is great in that it can be the start of so many different scrapbook pages. I could do a page about each of the people in my life just with this prompt alone. I chose to do a page about my DH this time around, but I know I will be using this prompt again and again."

For more journaling tips check out the eBook, Journaling that Matters, and this article,

ezine article, Word Up

relationship quiz, to help you journal about  important people in your life

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Non-Kid Scrapping with Ella friends

Good morning, Ella friends!   My name is Keshet Starr, and I am still pinching myself at the opportunity to work with the talented ladies here at Ella and bring you this Ella Report.  Now, I know that many of you probably found scrapbooking through your kids. And what could be more adorable than chubby little kidlets rolling around in leaf piles in the fall, sipping homemade hot chocolate in the winter, and posing with their Easter baskets in the spring? May as well let them have all the scrapping fun, right? Wrong! In this post, me and two of my Ella BFFS, Diana and Francine, are going to show you how to rock your layouts grown-up style!

  1. Grown-up Events

Now, you may not be playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey at your birthday parties anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scrapbook events in your grown-up life! From birthdays to vacations to work events, adult life is full of scrap-able moments—just bring your camera and go easy on the party hats.

Diana created this layout because she realized she didn’t have enough layouts or photos about her original family and wanted to ensure those memories were documented in her albums.  “The design of this page is a favorite that I use for events like this: one large photo and four or five smaller ones that capture the essence of a special event on one page.”

One of the fun activities we adults get to enjoy is date night!  I created this layout to capture the fun and energy of a wonderful date night with my husband.  Even though none of the materials I used are theme-specific (our date certainly didn’t involve dress forms and flowers, for example!), they all contributed to the “fun” feel I was looking for in this layout.

Ever heard the expression “all work and no play”?  Hopefully, your job involves some fun moments worth documenting!  Diana created this fabulous layout to record wonderful memories of a work convention she regularly attends.  In Diana’s words, “I’ve done a page about CSA every year since 2005.  I go to this conference every year; it’s the most important conference in my field of work, plus I get to reconnect with many friends I don’t see otherwise.  And did I mention that every year it’s in a different Caribbean country?”  Now if only I had such fun work conventions to go to!

  1. Grown-up Topics

This ain’t your two-year-old’s scrapbook page!  Use your scrapbook supplies to document the good, the bad, and the ugly of adult life.  Documenting difficult topics can help you work through tough times, encourage you to make changes in your life, or just plain entertain future generations looking through your albums.

Francine used this challenge to document a struggle she is facing that, unfortunately, is often a part of growing up into adulthood:  baby weight.
Here’s what Francine had to say about her layout:  “I’ve always been slim plus losing extra weight easily (please don’t hate me), so I have had a hard time coming to terms with the extra weight I gained and can’t seem to lose. It depresses me that I can’t wear some of my favorite clothes anymore, not to mention no more bikinis.  We are heading to the Caribbean soon and I am determined not to be depressed about going to the beach so I took this photo and did a layout about it as a way to motivate myself to stick to an exercise program and better eating routine.  I’m still working on it, and once I reach my goal I plan to do another layout, too!”
Now I could use a layout on this topic myself, alas!

Another exciting (and challenging) part of adult life is dating and marriage.  Like a lot of people, I’m sure, my dating life involved lots of highs (roses and teddy bears, anyone?) and lows (we won’t go into those).  I documented them in this layout.  It not only reminds me of an important time in my life, but also that good things can come when you least expect them.

  1. About Me

Believe it or not, your kids are not the only interesting people in the family!  Take time to scrapbook the things that make you you right now, even if they include sleep deprivation and too many Pumpkin Spice lattes (no judgment here!).

I created this layout to document the things that are happening in my life right now.  Very few of these things have much cosmic importance,  but they provide a fun insight into who I am today.  Not to mention, maybe my kids will find it cool and “vintage” one day!

Francine’s stunning layout looks to her goals for the future: “In January this year, I set up goals for myself this year based around my One Little Word for 2010.  After achieving just about nothing in January I decided to create a layout in February to outline my goals for the month.  It worked amazingly well to keep me track on, so I continued the habit.  I will definitely continue creating these layouts in 2011!”

About Me layouts don’t always have to be about “big” things in life.  Diana took on this challenge to scrap about her coffee cup collection.  The result is a beautiful and insightful layout that provides a fun glimpse into the woman she is right now.

I hope these creations have inspired you to take scrapbooking to a new level—beyond the kiddos.  You are beautiful, fun, fascinating, complex, and deep, so make sure you are getting into those pages! May this be an ELLA-tastic opportunity to stretch your scrapbooking skills—grown up style!

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Boys are, well, Boys

You know it, boys are fun, lively, unpredictable, and as the mother of five, yes five, boys I feel that I am an expert when it comes to scrapbooking boys. As an expert I highlighy recommend you purchase this book. I also highly recommend you enter this boy themed giveaway with product from Little Yellow Bicycle and Adorn It. Check out my cutie boys below.

a few photos from this year

Now for the giveaways

( 1 lucky recepient will receive this bundle of product from My Little Yellow Bicycle)

(2 lucky recepients will each win a set of this product from Adorn It's kit club, Busy Women Scrapbooking)


The three lucky winners will get also get a  copy of the boy eBook along with one of the product sets from above. To enter leave a comment sharing an adjective that best describes the boys in your life.

Giveaway closes Thursday, November 11 at midnight MST.

***Winners are:


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November Scrap stuff going on

it is Wendy, kicking off another week of Ella goodness here on the Daily Trumpet. Here is a snippet of what is going on in the scrapbooking world.

Jessica is offereing a free class, sign up- you are sure to get something out of it.

Lots of holiday card ideas are popping up all over the web, like these two shown on the PaperCrafts magazine blog.

This kit club is doing a month long gratitude project on their blog, pretty cool idea.

and if you are interested in making an latered printers tray, Kerri Bradford has prepared a kit for one with a gratitude theme


Wow, what else is going on?

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Get Textured: Fabric

Get Textured: Fabric

Fabric is all the rage right now...just as it should be.
What else is so amazingly versatile (besides paper that is)?
There are so many ways to incorporate fabric into your paper crafting projects.
Fabric can be used in most of the ways that paper can (looks like I just found a new excuse to shop at the fabric store right after I stop off at my LSS).
It can add dimension, warmth, interest, color, or a neutral palette to jump from

Let's get started!

Nicole Pomeroy illustrated this wonderfully with her layout, "There's no place like home". I love that she mounted her photo on plain muslin. It adds an earthy element that both grounds her photo and draws your eye right to it.

Adding dimension with fabric is now easier than ever with so many companies creating ready to use products. One of my new favorites are fabric/ribbon roses like seen on Courtney Meyer's page, "Your favorite summer dress".

You can also buy an assortment of individual fabric flowers, canvas accessories, and crochet flowers/doilies. Doilies can add instant dimension and can be found cheaply at most thrift stores (or for you crafty ladies out there-made pretty inexpensively).

They can be stamped, sprayed, dyed, inked, embellished, ect.-until your hearts content!
I love the simple elegance Stacey Hansen added to her page with her use of a doily flower on her layout, "Everyday Bravery".

Fabric can be hand made into almost any embellishment. Any fabric or ribbon scrap that you have on hand could add a punch to your layout.
Besides the things listed above fabric can also be used for:

  • Shapes (like leaves out of felt for a tree)
  • Puffs (gather the center and leave ends out-great for lightweight fabrics like organza and tulle)
  • Letters
  • Tags (great for heavier weight fabrics-especially if writing on or stamping)
  • Journaling spots
  • Handmade embellishments
  • Thread or Twine for journaling lines
  • Sewing scraps on to pages
  • Folding
  • Twisting
  • Triming around a photo or whole page

One of my most favorite techniques right now is making ruffles (although for those who don't want to make their own their are plenty of pre-made ruffles on the market right now). I loved the way Nicole Pomeroy used ruffle layers as a background for her adorable 'little bubba' photo on her page, "Sew Clever".

Gina Johnson also used a folding or ruffling technique on her page, "You named me".  I love how she layered hers with scallop trim over the top for an extra punch.  You could also mimic Gina's page with scalloped ribbon, and applique or iron on stitched flowers.

Courtney Meyer's also used folding on her layout, "Pool Boy".  I think the ribbon really made her sun embellishment pop and added extra visual interest.

Lastly...on my Halloween page I used scrappers floss and a hole punch to make spider webs, a fishnet stocking that I found at a thrift store to add a little spooky dimension to my journaling spot, and layered ribbon to pop my quote block.

(If you tend not to use fabric because it is hard to cut you can stiffen it with Mod Podge or similar products, or because it is hard to attach you can use spray adhesive/ribbon tape/hot glue/glue dots/brads/clips.)

I hope all of these amazing projects have got you trying to find ways to add texture to your pages.  Thanks for sticking with me through our 3rd and last week of adding texture to your paper projects...I hope you had fun and have been inspired to try something new.

Remember, all you need is a little paper, fabric, or charms and you can take your pages to a whole other dimension---pun intended ;0).

Happy Crafting!!

(p.s. Send pictures of YOUR projects to, and you might just end up as my November Love!)

Jenni Hufford's picture

Scrapbooking your Faith


Hello Ella readers!! My name is Jenni Hufford , and I would like to take this opportunity to say how incredibly thrilled I am to be a new Ella Friend! I am looking forward to a marvELLAous year here at Ella Publishing!

Today I am blogging about a topic that is incredibly rewarding but can be somewhat challenging -- scrapbooking your faith. For many, faith, spirituality, and religion are foundational elements of life, but are they a foundational element in our scrapbooks? I am here today along with two of my Ella Friends, Keshet and Brenda, to share four fresh ideas on how to weave the aspect of faith into everyday layouts.

1. Tell the Story of your Spiritual Journey.

How did you come to accepting your faith? What are your values? Are you learning, growing, struggling in your faith? We are each on this journey called life and have likely established some kind of belief system along the way... document it!

I created this layout, "The Trust Factor", to document a specific area in my life where I am growing -- trusting God with His will for my children. The beauty of it is that it started out as a struggle, but it has turned into a wonderful learning experience. Because of it, I have grown in my relationship with the Lord.

I love to use products that support my "theme", and for this layout, Studio Calico's Elementary Collection was a perfect fit. I love the fact that the background paper looks like a report card. The school theme supports the idea that I am constantly learning when it comes to my faith (yet He offers me grace, and thankfully doesn't grade me on a report card!). I also used Elle's Studio's  vintage "mom" flash card, and Jenni Bowlin's girl and boy tickets. Together, these products support my theme of trusting God as a mother.

Additionally, I decided to hide my journaling away behind the photo. I have found that sometimes I journal more freely and honestly when I know it will be tucked away.

2. Share your Prayer

As a child, I remember my parents would always tell me their specific prayers for my life. Maybe I didn't completely appreciate at it at the time, but as an adult it means so much to know these prayers and see how they have impacted my life.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to read specific prayers from a loved one? Take time to create a page that documents your prayers, hopes, and dreams for a spouse, child, family member, or even a friend.

Brenda used this approach and created a precious layout for her son, "My Prayers for You" Brenda says, "Putting together Seth’s first year with the Becky Higgins  Baby Kit has been a snap. I wanted Seth to know about all the little prayers I send up to God on his behalf. This page protector with 16 spots was the perfected solution for my journaling tidbits. I threw in some of my favorite photos from his first year, a few of the kits embellishments and I was done. One fun thing I did with this page is place some of the embellishments, letters stickers and rub-ons on the outside of the page protector. By doing this, I was able to connect many of the squares together to make for a more cohesive layout."

3. Document the Hard Times

Life has a way of dealing both joys and sorrows. It's easy and natural to focus our attention (and our layouts) on the joys of life. But let's face it, life can be hard at times. Where do you turn during trials and struggles and how has this impacted (or challenged) your faith?

Keshet created an incredible layout titled "I Pray" which focuses on a difficult circumstance she is currently facing. "I created this layout out of need--after months of staying positive through grueling infertility treatments, the pain finally hit me in a stronger wave than I had ever experienced. For days I struggled to make sense of my experience, to understand why, and to learn how to move forward. I turned to my faith, and used scrapbooking as a way of working through my pain. I handwrote the journaling, and just let the sentences flow. The prayers rushed out, filling line after line. After I created this page, I felt much more peace with my situation. In many ways, faith is at its hardest moment during difficult times, and scrapbooking has allowed me to explore the new depth to my relationship with G-d during this challenge."

removed for publication

4. Use Photography as a Starting Point

You have all heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Well, it can also be a wonderful tool for analogy and the perfect journaling prompt!!

I love this photo a friend took on a recent vacation. It's one of the many massive ropes anchoring our cruise ship, and it was the perfect analogy for one of my favorite verses.

Look through your photographs with a perspective of analogy. Can you make a statement regarding your faith and beliefs through a photograph? Often times photos of nature, inanimate objects, or even special relationships can be a wonderful starting point to scrapbooking your faith.

Keshet did a wonderful job matching this photograph with her thoughts on the wonders of God's Creation. I love how she used this photograph as a starting point for her journaling. This layout is less about where she was, and more about what she saw through the lens of faith.

Thank you so much for joining me today as we discussed the topic of scrapbooking your faith . I hope these ideas inspire you to consider the many ways you can incorporate your faith and beliefs into your everyday layouts!


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Keeping the Story Simple

Hello there! I'm always amazed at how much I learn about myself when I sit down to my table of paper and photos. How about you? I've been thinking lately about why I enjoy setting down the stories of my life on 12 x 12 pages, and I've come to realize that I feel like a superstar when I know that I have told my story without a lot of struggle to find the right words.

I wasn't always happy with my stories, though. When I was in college, I took a fiction writing class and struggled to come up with a story to tell, because most of the time I was trying to compete with other students who told fascinating tales of other lands, other times, and even other worlds. Somehow they pulled it off, but I couldn't. (There was a really disastrous tale of a girl who became a mermaid-like creature to earn money!) I came to realize that my best writing was based on factual, simple experiences that I had lived through already. I am best at telling a story when I keep it simple and stick to the basics.

Why do I tell you this? Because I have adopted the same attitude in my journaling when I scrapbook: I keep the story simple and authentic. No extra details, no fancy words, no elaborate tales. Journaling doesn't have to be lengthy, or take up too much space on a page to tell a story that resonates with you and your audience. It just needs to cover the subject, give enough detail, and be true to you as a writer.

(click image for larger view)

Take this layout I just finished, for example. It tells the story of my son, Luke, winning a giant pumpkin in a guessing contest. I could have written more about how funny he looked when he heard the phone message about winning, or how my husband and brother struggled to get the huge pumpkin out of our car, but I chose to focus simply on the basics of the story and how we came to possess the biggest pumpkin I've ever seen in person. I covered the basics and finished my journaling with a pop (the tag line about how many pies we can make), and I feel pretty pleased with myself. It's me, it's simple, and it's a great story. The next time you sit down to tell your stories, ask yourself if you need to take a step back and simplify your journaling. It might just make you feel like a superstar writer!

Journaling reads

"When we all entered the 'guess the weight' of the pumpkin contest at Harmon's, our favorite grocery store, we had no idea any of us would win. But Luke received an exciting phone call on Saturday, October 23 announcing that his guess was spot on! Getting it home was a bit tricky, but the question now is, 'How many pies can we make out of a pumpkin weighing 175 pounds?"

Want more great journaling ideas? Check out the eBook, "Journaling That Matters."

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Updates from Angie

I'm back!

Well, I've been here all along, keeping up with what's been happening on the blog, and doing all my important behind-the-scenes work to keep Ella rolling along. But I haven't been actively posting for a few weeks, as I've been busy adjusting to life as a new mom. (And it's the most wonderful adjustment imaginable, of course.) Here's a shot of us, sitting at the computer, working away. Well one of us is sleeping, and one of us is working. You can decide which is which. And only one of us has had a bath today, and you can again guess which is which.

Exciting things have certainly been happening. You saw the October eZine, I hope, along with the note that there will be a few changes in that arena very soon. Among other things, we're revamping the way eZine content is delivered, enabling MUCH easier access to archived articles. Stay tuned!

And of course, there's our newest eBook, Journaling That Matters: Simple strategies for finding the right words, which was written by two old college friends (and fellow English major nerds) who have stayed in touch ever since. Who, you ask? Well, me and my pal Kelly Jeppson of course. You'll love it!

On top of all of that, we had a 31% off sale happening over Halloween weekend that just went gangbusters. Didn't hear about it? Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter so you're always in the know! (We also mentioned it on our FaceBook page.)

And now, we're up to our eyeballs with fun plans for the New Year, and the old year too. There are still two months to go in 2010, and we plan to make the most of them!

Did y'all have a happy Halloween? Hope so!