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Friday Photo Lesson: Light

Welcome to a start of a four week Ella Photography Series. For the next four Fridays, Noel and Moon will be sharing their photography tips, tricks and challenges to help you take better photographs. Each week they will be focusing on a different topic. This week's topic is light.
Hi Noel here, I'm a natural light sort of girl. I love its smoothing effect on skin tones. I love how it plays off a portraits with its lights and shadows. I love, love, love that it's free and readily available. You can get some fabulous natural light right in your own home.

Usually a large window or sliding glass door will give you great filtered light. If you've got a north-facing window, that's even better. You can use the window for excellent portrait light anytime of day except the times when it is receiving direct light. During those times you'll tend to get a lot of harsh lines and shadows in your pictures. Great for some things, but not generally great for portraits. The other added benefit to north-facing window light, are the catch-lights it provides. Catch-lights are those little shining spots of white in the eyes on a portrait. They give the eyes an added sparkle and pop.

To get great window-lit shots I do the following

  1. Place your subject facing the window, I usually have my subjects 3 to 5 feet from the window depending on the amount and quality of light.
  2. Turn off your flash
  3. Stand facing your subject and shoot away
All of these pictures were taken from the light of the same window in my living room. By zooming in on my subjects, the picture is free of my general living room clutter. Check your house for go-to sources of light. Try a sliding glass door, a set of windows, or even a bathroom with a frosted window. 


As Noel has shared ways to capture wonderful photos inside, Moon is sharing some tips on taking photographs outside.
I, like Noel, am a fan of natural light but it can get a little tricky when you're shooting outdoors. No matter what the weather is like outside, here are a few tips to try the next time you head outdoors.

Low sun: Try taking your photos when the sun is low, either early morning or late afternoon/early evening.

This photo was taken in the summer around 8:00 pm. I had my daughter face away from the light and set exposure for her face and not the light that is behind her.
Find shade: If you are taking pictures on a bright or sunny day, find a nice shady spot.

One of my favorite places to shoot is in an alley. If you can get over the spooky factor of alleys, that is. It's always shady between two tall buildings.
Aim high: Get lower than your subjects and aim your camera up.

Of course the beautiful fall foliage doesn't hurt either. I had my models get under this huge tree but the shade was spotty and their faces would have had some funky shadows if I had taken them at eye level. So I sat on the ground and shot up at them.
Work with what you have: Sometimes it rains. And there's no way to reschedule the shoot...

There are some really cool things you can do to your digital photographs now a days and we will be talking more about Photoshop and actions in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

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A Little Something for Ella, A Little Something for You

Did you know you could earn a little bit back every time you recommend an Ella eBook on your blog or website? It's true!

We haven't quite gotten around to putting up a dedicated page on our website related to our awesome affiliate program (it's coming...eventually!), but the program has been up and running for months already! So it's about time I put up a quickie announcement here.

We're set up through a company called Share-a-Sale. All you have to do is register your blog or website through Share-a-Sale, and then search for Ella Publishing in their company listings. Once you find Ella, you'll see lots of links, banners, and book covers that you can add to your site, and you'll earn 10 percent of all ellapublishing.com purchases that originate from those links!

Interested? Click here to learn about the five-step process of becoming a Share-a-Sale affiliate. You could be earning dozens of dollars in no time! :-)

Above: This is what the screen looks like after you've been approved through Share-a-Sale and you start browsing for banners. You just click the "Get this Banner's HTML Code" link, then you copy and paste the link into your blog or website. It's that easy!
Yes it is true Ella is blog swapping with kit club, Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. All the projects below are from the talented ladies of SFIO. Ella challenged them to be inspired by Lain and Stacy's 20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers eBook and they inspired our Ella friends with their May kit, Anticipation. After you see what their design team came up with below, stop by their blog to see what our Ella friends created.



From Diana Kennedy

My layout was based on {discovery no. 9} it's not what happened, it's how you think about it.

"The amount of happiness present in your life is perspective. You can have it all and not be happy; or live with less and be absolutely content with your life.  It all comes down to the choices and one’s attitude when faced with life’s challenges, its ups and downs. When I thought about what happiness meant to me, I immediately thought of simple, straightforward things that I do or recall when feeling down or stuck. I try not to take life so seriously, and look at the humor and subtle reminders that life and happiness is indeed a gift."

Next up is Rita Barakat

She was inspired by a prompt/layout that recommends we enjoy the ordinary.

Now Nancy Doren

I used the following from the eBook, Happy Scrapbookers: "Discovery #12: Do Things That You're Good At."

"The takeaway: It’s hard enough for scrapbookers to put ourselves on our pages, and it’s even tougher for us to toot our own horns! But it’s important for us to document our skills and abilities, not only to prove to ourselves (and our kids!) that we have unique talents, but also to remind ourselves to make more time to enjoy them."
I loved the idea of scrapbooking my abilities, so I decided to document my new-found talent: saying "no"!  I'm getting better at saying "no" to things I'm not truly interested in, and I love that this page will remind me to keep doing so!

What interesting and diverse pages. You must see the layouts from Ella friends.


To win one of the anticipation kits leave a comment sharing what you like about kits and you will be entered into the giveaway.
Closes Thursday May 26th at noon MST

To learn more about what makes Scrapbooking from the Inside Out different from other kit clubs check out their:
design team

The winner of the kit giveaway is Andrea (afriebus)
Thanks for playing along
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A Simple Approach to Album-Making

I love making albums and recently discovered that there is actually a method to my album-making madness:

I build my album two pages at a time.

That's it. And this ridiculously simple method works. Like magic.

First, it helps to break your album project down to small, manageable tasks. I feel a sense of accomplishment with every two pages that I finish and   that motivates me to keep going. And from a design standpoint, working with two pages - treating the left and right pages as a collective - helps to ensure that they are cohesive and will flow well together.

This approach works whether you are building a new album from scratch or trying to corral your layouts into an album (one that looks aesthetically pleasing and has a semblance of order). No small task if your layouts are   anything like mine - a lovely collection of mish mosh eclecticness.

I think most  of us are in this mish mos boat together? We don't scrapbook chronologically, we don't use the  same kits over and over again, and  to make things extra mish-moshy, we also like to experiment with different styles and try new artistic techniques. Hence, we end up with a collection of great pages that don't necessarily match.

And I rather like it that way. I like being able to treat a new layout as an individual art project. I don't want to worry about how it will coordinate with the last layout I  made and how it will  look in a book. If I get caught up in those  details, it would take all the fun out of scrapbooking (you know, the creative freedom part) and I'd probably never get any pages done.

What  I wasn't so wild about was taking the daunting task of organizing this eclectic-ness. So I put it off and put it off and then put it off some more. Then one day, I was staring at the photo collage on my wall:

I like the way the layouts look next to photos. Why not use the layout + photo format to make the album?

click to see entire album

For more album ideas, please visit my blog.

Download this layered template for free from my paislee press shop and give this approach a try. Happy album building!

download template


I'm sponsoring a giveaway for a $10 gift coupon to my paislee press shop! To enter for your chance to win, simply post a comment below before Friday, May 28th at 11:59pm  (PST) to enter. You can get an extra chance to win if you tweet/facebook/blog this. Be sure to come back and post links to your tweet/facebook/or blog as a new comment entry for EACH thing you do. ONE winner will be drawn at random and announced shortly after the contest closes.
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Introducing: Liz's Loves

I am so excited to tell you all about the newest thing here at Ella!
But first, in honor of school getting out soon...a song:
(Since I work K-4, will you humor me and use your best kindergarten voice??)
"Liz & (insert your name here) are sittin' at a computer, O-G-L-I-N-G! First comes crushing, then comes blog love"....what???
Did I loose you at ogling? No?
Good, stay with me...Drum roll please...(use your best announcers voice) introducing...
Liz's Loves!!

This new little ditty you'll see around here each month is called Liz's Loves...and I am sure you can guess why.
No? Well, since I get the privilege of handling the submissions at Ella and since I am so in LOVE with your submissions we decided to devote a blog post each month just to the layouts I have been crushing on!
(PSST...just don't tell my husband that I have wandering eyes!)
Do you want to join in on the fun?

Here's the skinny:

  • Everyone is invited so please share the love and tell all your friends!
  • Each month I will be picking three 3 submissions that caught my eye, as well as my favorite technique and best new product usage.
  • If you are one of my five crushes of the month (A girl never can have too much love in her life, right?) you will get a little LOVE on the Ella blog!!
  • All you have to do is send in those submissions!
  • Stop by the third (sometimes fourth) Monday of each summer month to read all about my loves, and let me know what you think of my picks.

I would love to see (really its more like ogling) your cards, mini's, layouts, home decor, and pretty much anything with scrapbooking product-you never know, you might just be one of my new love's (of the month at least)!

Happy creating!!
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Behind the Scenes: Design Workshop

Surely you've seen by now that the May eBook is up for sale and making a BIG splash!

Here are three fun facts I'd like to mention about Lisa Dickinson's new eBook:

Wendy and I have been fans of Lisa's designs for several years now, which is why we invited her to be a 2008-2009 "Simple Gal" when we ran Simple Scrapbooks magazine. She's also been published in Creating Keepsakes magazine, Scrapbooks Etc., Scrapbook Trends, and others. You can get to know her better by visiting her blog.

What we love about Lisa's work is that she manages to use trendy products and techniques while keeping her pages simple and well-designed. And she doesn't shy away from product usage! It's not always easy to follow principles of good design while getting funky with the latest products (and actually using a fair amount of products), but Lisa manages it beautifully. (Plus, there's always a meaningful story or a relevant bit of journaling on her pages, which we love.)

I learned one of my favorite design secrets ever from Lisa's book! It has to do with how to mix and match different patterned papers, and you should check out Rachel and Wendy's Scrapbook Ellaments article to learn more. (Or find it on pages 6-7 of Lisa's eBook.)


p.s. In case you're wondering, regarding Friday's blog post, our most-dowloaded eBook so far is 40 Top Tips for Better Photos by Rebecca Cooper. I notified our first three guessers who got it right! They each won a copy of Rebecca's eBook. Thanks for playing!

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Scrapbooking about the Women You Love

There are many women who have taught me important lessons and shepherded me through my life. My mother, of course, but others, too. Neighbors who have come to my rescue during times of distress. Good friends who have listened to me repeat myself a hundred times. Professional mentors who have helped me find success in my field. And many, many others. My memories are full of good women, and I’m sure yours are, too.

Mother’s Day may be behind us, but May is still a great time to think about and pay tribute to these influential women. So, before the month ends, I encourage you to make a page honoring at least one of the good women in your life.

Need a little help? Here are five journaling tips to help your put your thoughts into words:

I created this little album to honor my mother and remind myself what it means to be a “good mom.” The memories are simple, but they mean a lot to me.

Supplies: matchbook album (BasicGrey) + paper border (Doodlebug) + flowers (American Crafts) + brads + Garamond font + album by Rachel Gainer

1. Tell one unforgettable story. If you have known someone for a long time, it may seem impossible to summarize her or your relationship on a single layout. So don’t try! Instead focus on one vivid memory—for example, the moment you met, an impressive act of service, or a poignant conversation.

2. Focus on what you share. Women often bond over what they have in common: genetics; children of the same age; location; a favorite book, restaurant, or hobby; even a pet peeve. Let these similarities guide your journaling and help you describe what is unique about your relationship.

3. Express your admiration. Many women have a hard time not comparing themselves to other accomplished and talented females. If you’re one of these women (I know I am), try putting your envy to good use by writing about the person and the qualities you admire (or use her accomplishments to help you set goals for yourself).

4. Take it one word at a time. Instead of writing a paragraph, make a list of words that describe your friend’s personality. Set a timer for 10 minutes, and write down everything that pops into your head—even if a word isn’t “just right.” After you’ve made your list, use it as-is, or take a little extra time to edit and search for those perfect words.

5. Use Ella’s unique Compliments Quiz. In their popular eBook Quick & Creative Quizzes, Angie Lucas and Wendy Smedley provide the perfect quiz for covering the basics of any friendship. Download the eBook today, turn to page 7, and answer the simple questions. You’ll cover a little of this and a little of that to paint a complete picture of your special relationship.

After you create your layout, pat yourself on the back. Be proud of yourself for putting a memory on paper, and don’t fret over what you left unsaid. A good start is better than no start at all!
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Teaming up with Cosmo Cricket

Time for a blog swap! What's that, you ask? Two companies share products with each other, and then they swap projects to share with their readers. Oh, and there's a giveaway too! (at the bottom of both posts)

Check out the projects inspired from Ella eBooks that are made with the Cosmo Cricket products.

* Using the newest line, Delovely, from Cosmo Cricket, design team member Wendy Sue Anderson used Stretch Your Sketches as inspiration for her project.

"I was so excited to participate in this swap with Ella Publishing!  Because I'm a lover of sketches myself, I chose the book "Stretch Your Sketches" by Donna Jannuzzi.  It has 32 pages of inspiration to draw from...and more than 30 sketches!  It was hard to choose just one sketch to start with, but I ended up choosing the sketch on page 19 to inspire my layout.  I am actually planning on printing this e-book so I can use it as a reference more easily - I'm sure it will be a great resource to have!"
* To see the rest of the Cosmo design team projects inspired from Ella eBooks check out their blog.

* Now for projects by some Ella friends. They all used the Text Tricks eBook as their inspiration.

Featuring the Joy Ride line

First up is Katie Scott.

Journaling reads "Allison's Allowance: We recently gave the kids the
opportunity to earn a weekly allowance.  At first, Ally wanted to bank
it, but during a trip to Ikea - she found this tube & Igloo!"

(maybe next week we'll bank it - since we match the dollars they bank).

Designer Notes:

* I find Cosmo Cricket's products very user friendly - they are inviting and cute and because they are so versatile, they are just easy to use.  I love the inclusion of the 12x12 sheet of journaling blocks.
* I know that turquoise / aqua is supposed to be the it color this year and there was lots of that color in this line and I find that color to be a happy and fun color to use in scrapbooking, so yes the colors worked well.  Plus I liked that there was a neutral color along with black and/or white in almost every page so that I would be able to mix in other supplies from other manufacturers very easily.
* I have the kit out on my scrapbooking desk and even though I've made several layouts, I'm still really enjoying "Joy Ride" and plan to make many more layouts from this same kit.
P.S.  The only thing that I possibly don't like about Cosmo Cricket is that their products are two sided so that if I like both sides, often times, I don't want to "waste" the back side so I often times do a layout on the back too.
Also: I like that their paper is sturdy enough to use as the base of a page (instead of cardstock).

Monica McNeil is next

Even though these pictures span an entire month & could tell several different stories, when I saw the clock in the set of cardstock stickers I knew I wanted to pull them together to tell the story of how my family came together to watch my son the first month I went back to work. Text tricks had so many fun ideas I couldn't pick just one! I planned my title around the clock that originally inspired me, then I incorporated the title into my journaling & I used the a sketch as the base for my layout.

Supplies: Cardstock (Studio Calico) + Patterned Paper ( Cosmo Cricket Joyride: Detour, Round About, Fast Lane, Are We There Yet, Borders) + Cardstock Stickers ( Cosmo Cricket Joyride) + Chipboard Letters (Cosmo Cricket Joyride: Redline)

Now featuring the Material Girl line

Next is Barb Wong

Supplies: cardstock (Bazzill) + patterned paper (Cosmo Cricket) + chipboard embellishments (Cosmo Cricket) + letter stickers (Cosmo Cricket) + sticker embellishments (Cosmo Cricket) + ink pad (Tsukineko) + ribbon, adhesive pearls and staples (unknown source)

Designer Notes:
* The design tip I used from the Text Tricks eBook is "journal on tags." The Material Girl elements paper provided lots of fun journalling tags with a mix of good colours and designs–they inspired me to recall these fun, never-before-documented pregnancy facts on my layout.
* I inked the edges of all the patterned paper I used on this page to give the different elements a cohesive look. The colour black is actually repeated all throughout the page: the thin black photo mats, the journaling done with a black pen, the black cross-stitching, the black ribbon and my black hair in the photos.
* I was worried that the page would look "too full" so I left some breathing space along the top, bottom and left edges of the page. The common margins between the main block and the journaling tags on the side provide a visual resting place as well.
oh and I made and posted a card from my scraps

Moon Ko used The Material Girl line also

journaling reads:
You are a loser of teeth. Not a loser in life. No, that title would belong to me when I quickly realized I couldn’t pull the loose tooth out of your head. You came home to show me your tooth that was barely hanging on to your fleshy gums. All it seemed like it needed was a good pull to get it out. We got the string, wrapped it around your tooth and then ...nothing. I couldn’t do it. We tried for hours and every time we tried (and failed), I would get more freaked out. By the time Daddy got home, I was a ball of nerves. He yanked it once and out it came. So let’s just chalk pulling teeth on to my ever- growing list of things I can’t do.
supply list:
8.5x11 layout pattern papers (Cosmo Cricket Material Girl) + stickers (Cosmo Cricket) + letter stickers (Cosmo Cricket) + chipboard (Cosmo Cricket) + kraft paper + font (Arabic Typesetting)


* Cosmo Cricket has generously offered to giveaway three goody boxes to three lucky Ella blog readers. To participate, leave a comment and share what you are looking forward to most this upcoming summer. The giveaway closes, Wednesday, May 19th at noon MST.

* Visit the Cosmo blog to see projects by Ella Friend Linda Barber

Never browsed an Ella eBook before? Download our free sampler to see what they are like.

The winners have been notified and are listed below

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Will You Win Our Guessing Game?

Get ready to guess.

In case you've ever wondered, our number one most downloaded eBook is (big surprise): the FREE Super Sampler!

But I'd like you all to guess which eBook is our top seller BESIDES the free one! (Free things are always bit sellers. ;-) The first three people to guess correctly will win a copy of that very eBook! (And if you're such a loyal customer that you already have it, I'll let you pick another eBook to win in its place.)

And here's a hint for you. It's NOT Quick & Creative Quizzes or 20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers. Those two eBooks are in positions two and three, and for months they have stayed within 3 copies sold of one another! Sometimes Quizzes pulls ahead, sometimes Happy Scrapbookers pulls ahead. Right now, Quizzes is in the silver medal position.

If you don't have either of these eBooks, why don't you cast YOUR vote by downloading a copy today!

And if you join our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ellapublishing) and "Like" us, you'll be able to access a coupon code for 10% off any purchase, whether you pick one of our top sellers or not! (Scroll down a bit, as the special offer was posted on Wednesday.)
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Ezine cover archive

The May cover makes nine total covers Ella has shot since we went live in September. Pretty exciting.

Click on the links below to see the complete version. Do you have a favorite cover? Have you lifted any of these covers? Share in the comments below.
September 09
October 09
November 09
December 09

January 10
February 10
March 10
April 10
May 10
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Speaking of gifts

Ella founder, Angie Lucas, is sharing her story about a gift of hair donation on a local talk show today in Utah. To read about it click here. I too participated in this 'gift' project as did Creating Keepsakes creative editor, Megan Hoeppner. A few weeks ago we all got together (and Becky Olsen joined in) to get our hair cut. I have never been so happy to have short hair-it feels so much better! No more hair weight.

As scrapbookers, we often pay special attention to our life as we look for topics to photograph or stories to write about. That is a gift you are giving yourself and those you scrapbook about and for and often times I think we forget to say good job! So today, pat yourself on the back for participating in such a meaningful and positive hobby.

Donation info
Locks of Love
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Mini albums make the perfect gift

Have you ever found yourself wandering the aisles of your favorite store and wondering what would make the perfect gift for that upcoming birthday, holiday, wedding, birth, or anniversary? Unfortunately for me (or should I say luckily for my wallet's sake) I don't really have that opportunity! I live in a tiny town in Wyoming which only has a grocery store and a couple hardware stores. Needless to say, that has posed quite the challenge for me with shopping for that perfect gift!

I have had to resort to Internet shopping or having my mom buy it and attach my name to it (THANKS MOM!). Overall, I haven't really been feeling like I have been putting my heart into the gifts I have been giving. So when my beautiful new niece was born I decided to go shopping in my own home (and no I am not talking about re-gifting).

What I found jump-started my creativity and made me feel as if the gift I was giving was genuinely coming from the heart; something that she and her parents could cherish for a long time to come. A handmade mini-album was my perfect solution! Check out all my fun pages below. (Photos to be added when baby arrives.)

First, I found a completely gender-neutral paper pad and dug in my scraps for something to 'girl it up'.

Next, I looked through my albums (I keep a few on hand-I buy them on sales for just in case moments such as this) and found one I could incorporate with the colors of the paper pad.

Third, I pulled all embellishments that would help me tie it all together, including: buttons, ribbon, stickers, rub-ons, flowers, and some bling (because every girl needs a little even if they are only a few days old!). I don't always use all of these, but I like to have them on hand to keep the creativity flowing.

Fourth, I chose a layout scheme that I could follow in a pattern, but could be moved from one side to the next or switched from top to bottom to make it look a little different. (It is best to stick with the basics here if you want to keep your project moving quickly.)

Lastly, I started cutting out paper, organizing my pages, and putting it all together. (I like to put my cardstock sheets in each page section to organize my color pattern and establish what accent paper I will use.)


patterned paper (SEI paper pack/stash/Making Memories/Heidi Grace) + cardstock(from stash and paper packs) +
bling embellishments bling (unknown) +  brads (Making Memories) ribbon, buttons (stash) + stickers and rub-ons (Making Memories) animals cut out from paper pack

  • Even if you don't have photos you can leave places for them or make a scrapbook out of quotes/letter/drawings (grandparents love these!).
  • When you don't have photos and you are giving it to someone who does not scrapbook it is best to keep the pages simple and the photo placement obvious so they will know how to use it with no confusion.
  • Keep the ideas simple and layer where you can to add visual interest. I feel that chalking or inking with crumpled/torn layers creates awesome levels for the eye to look at without adding much bulk.

  • If you are working with scraps and odds and ends don't be afraid to make your own embellishments as I did, especially if your budget is tight-you don't have to sacrifice style! You can always add glitter, bling, or glossy accents to make them stand out, and put them on a pop-dot to really make an impact.

  • Don't be afraid to try new things, if you hate it you can always make a new page.
  • You can mix your styles up, but keeping the design simple and consistent will help the process faster.
  • If you want it to be easy try going with pre-coordinated items or kits.
  • Gift albums or mini-albums are a great way to use up your extras, and are easy to throw into a Ziploc for travel scrapping!
  • Remember, mini-albums are just that, a smaller album! You can do any theme or size in a mini-album, they were created to play with and have fun on a smaller scale! They can also be a great way to introduce someone into scrapbooking!

    I hope you all take time to make a mini-album, even if you don't give it away! They make some of the cutest decorations and are great for the wee ones little hands!
    Happy scrapping!

    (To hear more from me, visit my personal blog or my photography blog!)

    (PS) If you make a mini-album, we'd love to see it! Send it to us at ella with mini-album in the subject line. I handle the submissions around here and I would LOVE to be inspired by your work!!
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    Calling All Dad Layouts!

    Would you like to see YOUR layout in a Father's Day article in the June issue of Scrapbook Ellaments? To enter, email a scan or a photograph of your layout to submissions@ellapublishing.com with "Father's Day" in the subject line. In the body of your email, please include explanatory information about your layout: why you created it; whom it's about (your husband, your dad, etc.); and any interesting tips, tricks, or tidbits you'd like to share.

    A layout by April's Scrapbook Ellaments cover designer, Stephanie Howell.

    Please include a complete materials list, formatted like this: patterned paper (American Crafts) + letter stickers (BoBunny) + buttons (BasicGrey) + Tahoma font + 12 x 12 layout by Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (shiloh.blogspot.com) If you'd like us to link to your blog or website, make sure you include that in your materials list. Chosen designers will win a free Ella eBook!

    Note: Layouts will be chosen partly based on the quality of the submitted photo or scan. Please click here and scroll down to "Tips for Photographing Your Layout" to make sure your submission meets our quality standards for online publication. We can't acknowledge every submission we receive, as much as we'd like to.

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    May Scrapbook Ellaments Behind the Scenes

    Just a few behind-the-scenes facts about our newest (and best?) eZine issue!

    1. The winner of our cover contest was the lovely Keri Babbitt, who, we found out, happens to live just in the next city over from me! That was a first. She was able to drop off the layout right on my front porch, rather than having to mail it.

    2. When we realized the eZine was going to go live on Cinco de Mayo (5-5-10), we just HAD to include a 5-related article. Hence, the Editor's Note. Incidentally 5 +5 =10. Not that it's relevant, but interesting to point out. How many dates are also addition problems?

    3. In Mix & Match, two of the pattern pictures were photographed and sent in just exactly as you see them, and two were assembled digitally by me. (I learned some fun new shadow tricks in Photoshop in the process!) Can you guess which have natural shadows, and which have digital shadows? Okay, I'll give you one hint. Here's how one of the images came in:

    4. I got a real kick out of this suspicious-looking puppy photo from Jody Wenke (in Paper Plus Pixels). Isn't that the most human expression you've ever seen on a dog? This pooch is thinking, "I don't know about you..."

    5. Did you know there are now TWO ways to find out that the new eZine is live and ready to read? You can sign up for our mailing list, or you can "like" our brand new FaceBook page, where we'll post short synopses of each new article every month! You better do both, just to be safe.

    We're moving to a PAGE instead of a GROUP, because it gives us so many more options for connecting with our readers in relevant, meaningful, and of course FUN ways. And we'll even bribe you with giveaways and free stuff, too; we're not above bribery.

    So...will you Like us? Please? We just want to be Liked. Like Sally Field, we just want to be able to say, "You LIKE me. You really LIKE me!!!"

    (p.s. We're not so sure we approve of the new "Like" button that replaced the old "Become a Fan" on FaceBook. If you don't Become a Fan, that doesn't feel personal, but not Liking someone, that's another story...)
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    Product play: Design House Digital part 2

    This is the second part of our pairing up with  Design House Digital. They are a great resource for any range of experienced digital scrapbookers.

    Design House Digital is a site dedicated to learning, creating, and sharing. This site is for all who want to preserve their memories and stories in meaningful ways. There are no pre-conceived notions of who you have to be or what your memories have to look like. Digital scrapbooking is more than just scrapbooking on a computer, it’s telling stories in any style you want those stories to be told. There are no boundaries here, only possibilities!

    Ella friend, Jodie McNally made some projects using products from DHD. Hard to pick a favorite, I like them all.

    credits: frame (label frames by audrey neal) + glitter (glitter drops by mary ann wise) + ink blots (daisy jane ink blots by carina gardner) +  paper (textured stock paper by audrey neal) + swirly corners (happier by deena rutter) + font (pea chelsea k script)

    credits: papers - textured cardstock by audrey neal at dhd; glitter alpha - glitz rainbow 2 by vicki stegall at oscraps.com; white alpha - signature alpha 2 by taylormade at oscraps.com; glitter - glitter drops by mary ann wise at dhd;font - pea heather's handwriting from kevinandamanda.com
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    Text Tricks for scrapbookers: Titles

    Today's post is all about titles; crafting nifty and easy titles. A title is a must on a scrapbook page, and to work it needs to complement the layout, not overwhelm it. This can sometimes be a bit  tricky. View a few of the layouts with effective titles and let your brain incubate your own tricky title ideas.

    Here are a few of my favorite layouts (all with cool title tricks) that I've seen from Text Tricks eBook co-author Sara Winnick:

    Follow the shape of objects on your layout. Easy enough!

    Here's a clean and appealing idea. Combine two fonts for your title! Cursive + Serif = Brilliant

    Get your letters moving to add energy to the title. And using all lowercase letters gives it a playful and friendly feel.

    Now, here are three title looks from Jody Wenke, which are all playful and provide support to the page's theme:

    This is another combination of two fonts, which is adorable. That misplaced letter is catchy and cute, and it contradicts the word "seriously," just as Jody intended.

    Using objects as letters is not always easy to do, but it is sure adorable when it works out! Keep an eye out for letter forms in the accents in your stash. (An "o" shape is super easy to find, but an "e"? That's quite an accomplishment!)

    See? You can use just about anything that has a roundish shape in place of an "o"!

    Now it's my turn! These ladies inspired me to get tricky with one of my titles.

    I used an idea featured in the Ella text tricks freebie download. Check it out!
    note: I repurposed this journaling from blog post onto a scrapbook page, which is a great way to capture your best blog ramblings.

    For more text and title ideas, check out our affordable $4.99 eBook (by Margaret Scarbrough and Sara Winnick), or check out Ella's Text Trick freebie download, which has tons of fun and crazy ideas for titles.