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Spring Training: Day 2

Welcome to day two of Spring Training! Everyone is free to participate in our daily blog challenge and giveaway. Not signed up yet? There's still time. Sign up here and use code SPRING33 to save $7 on your registration.

If you're already registered, click here to visit the Craftnasium. (Note: must be signed in to your user account for the page to load.)

Note from the Coach

"Hi, it’s me Angie, your journaling coach! I had a blast in today’s video walking our craft-letes through four completely unique ways to write single-sentence journaling. The truth is, writing LESS is sometimes more difficult than writing MORE. But not if you follow my four tried-and-true strategies! Would you like to get fantastic journaling written in five minutes or less? Then you need to watch this video!”

Interested in the full lesson? Click here to learn more.


FREE Bonus Inspiration

For more examples of this challenge to help you with today's exercise and challenge, check out Monika Wright's entry on Write.Click.Scrapbook. today.


Thanks to today’s sponsor!

Big Picture Classes is today's sponsor. One lucky winner who enters today's challenge will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to!
A second winner will win a copy of Journaling that Matters from Ella Publishing Co.

BPC gift certificate #22 Jennifer Holowaty 
eBook winner #12 Heather C


Daily Discounts

Enjoy 10% off your entire order at Big Picture Classes! That's correct, your entire order! To redeem the discount, add the promo code springtrain to your cart when checking out. Code expires 5/20/2011.

And today only, save $1 on Journaling That Matters by Angie Lucas and Kelly Jeppson. Use the code HAPPYJOURNAL at checkout.

Today’s Challenge is...

Create a layout featuring single-sentence journaling.

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What you WON'T see in Spring Training 2011!

Everybody loves bloopers, right?

Here's a little preview of what you can expect NOT TO SEE in Spring Training 2011, plus a few exclusive glimpses of topics we'll be covering and ideas you can expect to learn more about!

Clearly, we're not afraid to embarrass ourselves for your entertainment.

If you haven't reserved your spot yet, you can save 10 percent for the next 6 days only, so hurry!

Click here to find your 10% off coupon code.

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Baby Photo Fun

Baby week continues with a bit of baby photo fun!

And today's photo fun was inspired by Rebecca Cooper's 40 Top Tips for Better Photos eBook, which instructed me how to buy the right kind of black fabric and how to set it up in relation to a large window in my home, in order to let in the best possible natural light.

I used Rebecca's helpful and accessible tips to help me in an ongoing photo series that I take once a month of my baby girl, whose adoption was finally finalized yesterday. (Hooray!) I use some Picky Sticky stickers that I place on her belly for each photo, showing her growth.


Below you'll see the very first time this series of photos has been presented all in a row, in order. I've waited six months for this moment, and it feels just as sweet and nostalgic as I expected it to feel!

The final picture in the series was actually taken by my husband, Travis. Check out more of his amazing 6-month baby pictures on my blog today.

And if you're looking for useful tips for how to photograph newborns—or how to photograph babies of any age, really—also check out Picture Perfect by Elisha Snow, Becky Novaceck, and Kelly Noel.

In fact, Elisha will be guest blogging here on The Daily Trumpet tomorrow, so make sure you stop back in to witness a REAL professional at work.

Ciao for now!

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Join Us for Spring Training 2011!

Breaking News!
Ella has put on a headband and some rockin' leg warmers, and she's all suited up for 12 days of scrapbooking exercises, expert coaching, daily challenges, sponsor giveaways, and more.

Just set aside 20 minutes a day from April 25 through May 7 to join in the fun, education, and inspiration. This two-week marathon ends on National Scrapbooking Day, so you'll be all warmed up and in the mood to scrapbook the day away! (And you won't lose a single toenail or have to pee-while-running, like real marathoners do!)

We've got four expert coaches lined up, 12 exclusive training videos (on photography, journaling, techniques, and inspiration), and 12 fantastic sponsors who are readying their prize packages as we speak.



Sign Up Here

if you'd like to suit up and become an official "craft-lete"—get it? athlete? craftlete? ha!—and enjoy all of the perks listed above. But hurry! Your chance to save $8 expires on April 15th!

OR you can stop by the blog every day between April 25 and May 7 and participate in a daily challenge and giveaway for FREE.

So dust off those sweatpants, you little craft-lete you, and get ready to scrapbook!

p.s. Stop by all week long THIS WEEK too, as it's BABY WEEK on The Daily Trumpet, and we've got lots of babyfied adorableness in store. (I'm trying to include a record number of made-up words in this blog post. How'd I do?)

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Let's Party Like it's Wendy's Birthday!

Because it is, in fact, Wendy's birthday today! And that means a discount for you. Ain't life grand?

Pictured: Wendy showing off the 40 birthday cards the old Simple Scrapbooks magzine team gathered for Wendy when she turned 40 a few years ago! (While we may miss several thigns about our old jobs, the gray cubicles are not among them!)

To celebrate her big day, Wendy is offering you a rockin' deal! (We'll, I'm offering it on her behalf because she's far too modest to be as shameless as I am willing to be.)

And just like last week, when Angie made a big freakin' deal out of her birthday, we're going to force you to tell Wendy HAPPY BIRTHDAY in order to enjoy the discount. There's no shame in a little coercion, is there?

To celebrate Wendy's fabulous 43rd year, if you buy one eBook today, you can get a second eBook for 43 percent off! Use the code HAPPYBDAYWENDY at checkout by April 7.

And be a pal and leave her a little note below, while you're at it!

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Let's Party Like it's Angie's Birthday!

Because today is, in fact, Angie Lucas's birthday. And because it's her birthday, she can refer to herself in the third person all she wants, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. She has officially entered "Birthday Tyrant Zone" and she shall get her way from dawn 'til dusk today.

Okay, this is me, 30 years ago (which is quite hard to say out loud--I can remember something that happened 30 YEARS AGO???). I'm wearing the princess costume that I wore two Halloweens in a row and apparently many, many days in between.

And since I've reached new heights of maturity and generosity now that I'm 35, I'd like to offer all of you, my loyal Ella friends, a birthday discount. Today only (March 31, 2011), you can save $3.50 on an $11 purchase with the code HAPPYBDAYANGIE. Hey, it's my way of getting myself lots and lots of happy birthday wishes today.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm probably off stuffing my face with cake... Have a piece in my honor, will ya?

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Join the Blog Hop Fun!

Join the fun and hop from blog to blog to blog today, where you'll see amazing projects inspired by Ella's newest eBook, Scrapbooking the Everyday by Elizabeth Dillow and Tina Cockburn. And there will be a free copy of the eBook given away on each blog too. So hop along!

Start here: Brenda Johnston

And from there you'll visit:

Donna Jannuzzi
Jenni Hufford
Monika Wright
Jennifer Larson
Valerie Mangan
Lee Currie
Francine Clouden
Diana Chen
May Flaum
Keshet Starr
Mary Jo Johnston

p.s. It's design-genius Travis Lucas's birthday today (husband to Angie, for those who don't know) so wish him a happy day!

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17-Hour St. Patty's Day Sale!

Pinch us, because today we celebrate all things green and all things Irish! (Me? I have a wee bit o' the Irish in my melting-pot background, so we'll likely be having colcannon for dinner tonight.)

In honor of the day of the leprechaun, March 17, we're offering you a special 17-hour St. Patrick's Day Sale!

For the next 17 hours*, you can enjoy 17 percent off any Ella Gift Certificate with code LUCKYMARCH17. (And here's a hint, you can send the gift certificate to yourself instead of someone else if you wish!) One coupon per customer. Now get shopping!

*coupon is good from:
12:00 p.m. today until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow (PST)
3:00 p.m. today until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow (EST)

p.s. Happy birthday to my cousin Camille! Anyone else have St. Patty's Day as their birthday? Do you always get green cake?

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Looking for Ella Publishing Coupon Codes?

We've sent out a few different exclusive coupon codes in the last few weeks, and if you've missed them, there are a few easy ways to remedy that! You don't want to miss any of the elephant action...

1. We send out coupon codes via our email list, so make sure you're on it! (We never sell, rent, barter, give away or do anything untoward with your email address, and we typically email 2 to 6 times per month.)

2. Follow us on Twitter, where we often retweet exclusive coupon codes that are published on other websites. (For example, there's a code for $5 off a $20 gift certificate floating around, and when it gets mentioned on Twitter, we retweet it!)

3. And of course, not to beat a dead horse (where DID that expression come from anyway?), but if you Like us on Facebook, you can be among first to find out about exclusive discounts (like the buy one get one 50% off code that recently went out to our Facebook Fans).

4. Keep on reading The Daily Trumpet blog, where we do our best to keep you informed of all important Ella news.

As always, thanks for reading!

p.s. The WINNER for last week's 8 x 8 photo book giveaway is mrsmayer, commenter #14. Congrats! And thank you all for your lovely words. We're always working to improve every experience at and hope you enjoy your time here.

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We Remodeled! (And a Giveaway)

We've been busy around here! On top of balancing baby and business, we've also been working on a little Facelift for Ella Publishing Co. And if you've ever worked with anything website-related, you know that these things always take twice as long as you think! So thank you for your patience and for pardoning our dust during the last couple of months (especially regarding our poor eZine, which has been on hiatus since November).

Check Out Our New Homepage!

On our homepage, you'll now find everything you're used to seeing (banners and new product announcements, etc.), PLUS quick links to all the hot happenings all over our website!

And, not to get too geeky, but since our main banner rotation is no longer powered by Flash, our homepage now looks fabulous on both the iPad and the iPhone! (Our eBooks always looked great on the iPad, but it was just the homepage that got lost in translation.)

The eZine is New Too!

It's better looking. It functions better. It's easier to navigate. (Do you wish we were talking about your car...or your husband? Hee.) The new and improved (and STILL FREE) Scrapbook Ellaments eZine will now be updated weekly instead of monthly. So check in now and check in often. Our introductory article, "Scrapbooking Your Best Days, Create an ongoing theme album for your favorite days,"  is by yours truly. Next week, Aly Dosdall brings you "Five Trends Worth Trying," and after that, Jennifer Larson talks about all things misting-related. So stay tuned!

And please, click on our sidebar advertisements. This is what makes it possible for us to bring you free eZine content every week, so show your support to our exciting advertisers. (Our newest advertiser is Pretty Little Studio. They have AMAZING stuff. Seriously. Bring on the childhood nostalgia! Visit the eZine, click on their banner and look around!)

Our Newest eBook is Really Making the Grade

We're getting fantastic feedbook from memory keepers near and far who are getting inspired to look to the past and start scrapbooking some of their childhood photos. Check out Wendy Smedley & Aby Garvey's new eBook today!

Now for some bribery. Leave a little comment telling us what you think of our new look, and we'll pick one random comment to receive a free 20-page 8 x 8 photo book with hard cover from! (Taxes, shipping and handling not included.) Comment away!

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