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Mail Day!

I'm popping a few things in the mail today, and who knows, something just might make its way to your house!

We wanted to send a little "thank you" to our very first paying customer. Seeing that very first transaction go through was a historic moment for Lain and me. After 6 months of planning, hoping, writing, stressing, and juggling, we actually have a CUSTOMER! I've been a customer thousands of times I'm sure, but I've never ever had a customer of my very own before. (Well, Lain and I share her.) Miss First Purchaser doesn't know who she is, but WE do! And she'll know as soon as this baby shows up at her door. We're asking her to send a picture of herself with her prize, so you'll meet our "secret shopper" next week!

And these fun peanut sacks (below) will be included in packages we're sending to our Ella Friends to thank them for the hours they've put in promoting and supporting Ella. I found a package of 16 recycled-material gift bags at Target, so I stuffed them with peanuts-in-the-shell, stamped a word on the front, and stapled them closed. Easy! (Let's hope no one is allergic! If so, Ella Friends, consider yourselves warned, and quarantine that package as soon as it arrives!)

Hmmm, I wonder if you'll get something in your mailbox this week?

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