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Let the Fun Begin! (Spotlight on Cathy)

Welcome to the Most Influential Scrapbooker Awards BLOG TOUR! If you're ready to have some fun, you've come to the right place. (If you'd rather not have fun, well, stick around anyway. Maybe the 100 prizes that are up for grabs will change your mind.)

Here's how it works:
Every day this week, two of the MISA nominees will be spotlighted here on The Daily Trumpet, and we'll link you directly to their blogs, where you can go and leave a comment for a chance to win one of the amazing prizes described yesterday. There will be ten winners on each spotlighted blog, each day. This means that if you visit every featured blog this week, you can enter a total of ten times. This also means that there will be 100 prizes given away to 100 winners in just five days!

And the fun starts right now, on this blog. Leave a comment right here on this post telling us another possible thing the initials "MISA" could stand for (other than "Most Influential Scrapbooker Awards"), and we'll award TEN randomly chosen commenters.  (examples: "Most Ignorant Surgeon Awards" or "Make It Stop Already" or "My In-laws Smell Awesome.") Can't think of one? Just second someone else's choice!

Today's Spotlight: Cathy Zielske

Cathy Zielske may have lost 33 awesome pounds in the last six months (way to go!), but that is not why she was nominated. She made the list because, after losing her job when Simple Scrapbooks closed last March, she chose to dive into the industry with both feet. She supercharged, developed awesome new classes at (including the top-attended class ever for BPS), developed a series of popular digital templates for, became the eBook designer for, and was even featured on the Martha Stewart Living Radio blog. Read her complete profile here.

We asked three "in the know" scrapbookers who have been following her career to share a few thoughts about Cathy. Here's what they had to say:

"Cathy has inspired me to: stop obsessing about chronology and get caught up; include our everyday stories in my albums instead of focusing solely on events and holidays; design better pages through the use of common margins, focal points, and other useful design tricks; and not be afraid to use my real voice in telling my stories, both in my scrapbooks and on my blog. But none of that makes as much of an impression on me as this: she is first and foremost a great mom. I like that she has her priorities straight."
~Barb Wong, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"I have had more 'a-ha!' moments reading Cathy's blog, participating in her online classes, and listening to her tutorials than probably all other teachers combined. She has a lovely way of making every project approachable and conveys to her audience that she has every confidence that they are perfectly capable of doing the same. The most important lesson I've learned is that you don't have to tell every story, but those you choose to tell should be real and authentic. You can never make a bad page if it is genuine, though she has many ideas to make it look good too!"
~Lee Currie, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"I admire Cathy's ability to inspire others, whether it be to try digital scrapbooking or to grab your sneakers and start running, even when you think it's next to impossible. (That actually did happen, for me.) She is so real and so honest in everything she does, she makes you believe you can do it too. And that it's totally okay if it's not perfect. From Cathy, I've learned to relax. Keep it simple. Don't sweat the small stuff. Trying is better than not. In scrapbooking and for everyday life."
~Debbie Alvarado, Homer Glenn, Illinois

Now, head over to Cathy Zielske's blog today, where another ten prizes are being given away as we speak! (And she gets to tell you her criteria for picking her ten winners.)


p.s. Don't forget to check out Time to Scrapbook! 9 busy women share 27 tricks for fitting it in, Ella's newest eBook, which features advice and layouts from all nine nominees.
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