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eZine Behind the Scenes

I'd like to welcome you to our first-ever "eZine Behind the Scenes" blog post. Did you catch that it rhymes just a little bit? Yeah, that was on purpose.

You may have noticed that our latest (and perhaps even our greatest) Scrapbook Ellaments issue is now up. If you haven't had the pleasure, click here and read until your heart's content.

Here are a few fun nuggets about the latest issue:

1. Ella Readers Rule
This issue marks the very first time an Ella reader has been featured on a Scrapbook Ellaments cover! The contest will be back for the February issue, so keep watching this blog and our submissions page for your chance to be featured on the cover and profiled in our eZine. But first, please pop on over and read all about this month's winner, the talented Jennifer Barksdale. What a find! Where has she been all our lives?

2. The T's Have It
There are two Tamis, one Tammy, and even a Tanja featured in this issue, and only one of them works for us. Everyone else was chosen through our submissions inbox. If your name didn't start with "T" this time around, it looks like you were out of luck. Sorry!

3. Shhhhh!
I'm going to tell you a little secret. Although the "T" names have some weird advantage when it comes to getting chosen for the eZine, it appears that "Sh" names are our most frequent tech-support requesters. If your name is something like Sheryl, Sharlynn, Sherlene, Shari, or Sharon (or any variation thereof), your computer is more likely than anyone else's to have a sudden power failure during an eBook download. So just be prepared. And don't worry, we've got geeks on staff who know how to help.

4. A Coupon? For Me?
For the first time ever, we're offering a special 25% coupon hidden somewhere inside our eZine. You'll have to read through all the articles to see if you can spot it, and then you can enjoy a li'l discount on us. (Well, it's not THAT hidden, but I'm not going to tell you where it is. You'll just have to look for it in Tami Morrison's article. Oops...)

5. You Can Join the Circle of Trust
Are you aware that you can receive a synopsis of our entire Ellaments issue right in your email inbox each month? There's even an exclusive "Deal of the Month" offer in each issue for you to enjoy. Plus, the hilarious Lain Ehmann writes this every month, so you KNOW it's going to be entertaining. Make sure you're on the list by clicking here. (Why am I harping on this? Because a little Poll tells me that 45% of you didn't hear about our Black Friday sale last week, which offered 20% off of EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE. If you'd been on our email list, you could have been first in line! Just saying...)

Okay, tune back in Monday for a few more highlights about our awesome December Scrapbook Ellaments issue!

Peace out, and peace on earth.
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