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Hi friends!

Just a quick notice to let you know that you'll find the latest news about Ella's eBooks and Big Picture Classes' new and upcoming workshops at the Big Picture Classes blog, which is updated 5+ times per week! 


If you missed the big announcement, Ella Publishing Co. is now a Big Picture Classes company! We are continuing to publish eBooks that are available here at as well as at And when we can squeeze it in, we are also working toward a redesign that will merge the two sites. 


We're glad you're here! And we hope you'll also look for us over here, using these quick links:


eBook library at Big Picture Classes


multi-week educational workshops for scrapbookers, photographers, crafters, and creative people


classes you can take at your own pace


the Big Picture Classes blog


Thank You!

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Be Free. Be Grammar Free.

I know, I know. It's been a while since you've heard from me.


But I'm still here, masterminding our eBook schedule, editing away (you're going to LOVE our January eBook, by the way! Stay tuned!), and also helping shape and deliver amazing workshops over at Big Picture Classes, our new parent company. 


Oh, yeah, and I'm also teaching my very first workshop, Grammar-Free Journaling.


That's right, no punctuation required. No sentence structure. No verb-object agreement.* I'm going to show you a dozen different ways to tell super cool stories with absolutely no paragraphs required.


It may sound a bit odd for a word nerd and professional editor like myself to be eschewing grammar in this way. But I firmly believe that long, paragraph-style journaling is only one way to approach a story. I've been employing grammar-free journaling on my scrapbooking layouts for years, and I'd love to show you just how freeing it can be to write in lists, quizzes, charts, graphs, single sentences, single words, and even a teeny tiny bit of poetry.



Are you ready to set yourself free? Join me starting February 14th! It's where everyone who's anyone will be spending their Valentine's Day. ;)


And if you register before January 15th, you'll save $8 off the registration price!

*That was a lie. All of my verbs and objects will be in complete harmony with one another. I cannot help it. But you, on the other hand, are free to write journaling with highly disagreeable verbs, and I will not say a thing!

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Boot Camp Sneak Peek!

In no particular order, here are three behind-the-scenes peeks at the people and projects you'll enjoy in Boot Camp 2012, coming to a computer near you October 15. 


Auntie Ella wants YOU in Boot Camp 2012!

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Boot Camp is Back

Have you heard? Boot Camp is back, and it's BIGGER THAN EVER.


It's the format you know and love, with a couple of awesome differences:


1. Our four instructors are Ali Edwards on storytelling, Cathy Zielske on design, Amy Powers on creative living, and Tracey Clark from the Shutter Sisters on photography.


2. Our event will be hosted at our parent company website, Big Picture Classes, where you'll enjoy a robust gallery, message board, and a live chat with each instructor!


The fun begins in less than two weeks! You can log in daily from October 15 to 27 for targeted daily drills that will shape you up in all four areas of scrapbooking. Here's what to expect from our four amazing drill instructors:

With Ali, you'll be slowing down your scrapbook process and creating a thoughtful, meaningful page in 10 minutes a day over the course of three days. You'll love how this will help you think about your process in a new light.

With Cathy, you'll get three separate design lessons, each with tons of layout examples and a targeted drill for you to try on your own. And not to give TOO much away, but you'll get to see Cathy in her swim cap and goggles as part of the fun.

With Amy, you'll make a gorgeous celebration tree, a spider ornament, and thanksgiving spools and glittered acorns. The steps are simple, but you'll want to have the right supplies on hand, so make sure you check out your pre-assignment in the classroon.

With Tracey, you'll get three inspiring photography challenges suitable for photographers of ALL levels. Tracey will show you some of her favorite photographic techniques and challenge you to stretch your photography skills.

See you in our Boot Camp Barracks! Register here. 

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Big News! HUGE!

We at Ella are absolutely thrilled to share our BIGGEST news of all time, which was revealed publicly for the first time today during Big Picture Classes' annual Big Idea Festival. (That's a lot of BIG!)


And if you haven't guessed the BIG NEWS yet, here are two little hints...







Um, yeah. Ella Publishing Co. is now part of the Big Picture Classes family! And the team that brought the world Simple Scrapbooks magazine is together again under one umbrella, roof, Big Top...pick your metaphor.


Click here to have a giggle at the animated Brady-Bunch-style graphic you see above and read all about the big news over at


While you're there, make sure you're signed up for the Big Idea Festival, which starts today, September 4th! You just heard the first of four BIG announcements to be revealed during the 14-day free festival, and you won't want to miss the other three.

Oh, and those seven mystery instructors they've been talking about all month long that will be inspiring you inside the Big Idea Festival? They're really seven of your favorite Ella authors, and their cute faces were unveiled inside the festival today (Rebecca Cooper, Wendy Smedley, Stephanie Baxter, Angie Lucas, Nichol Magouirk, Becky Novacek, and Lisa Dickinson)!



What does this news mean to you?

1. will continue to educate and inspire you while the above pictured "BPC Bunch" works together to launch a new umbrella site that will house all of the amazing Big Picture Classes/Ella Publishing Co. educational content in one place.

2. Ella's eBook library is ALSO available at starting today! Click here to browse.

3. Wendy, Cathy, and I will continue to crank out eBook awesomeness for your reading pleasure at least once a month, and all upcoming eBooks will now be available at as well as at, thus reaching a much wider audience!

4. We're all combining our talents to benefit both brands. I, for example, am now the Editorial Director at Big Picture Classes, on top of being eBook Editor-in-Chief.

5. The elephant stays. Because she's just so darn cute.


Any questions? :)

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Something Big This Way Comes

Sure, it may be "Mini Month" around here, but that doesn't mean we are discriminating against things that are BIG.


Speaking of big, we think you should sign up for the third annual Big Idea Festival from our friends at Big Picture Classes. It's featuring lots of BIG names and it looks like it will be BIG fun.


Plus, it's free. And you can't beat that!


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Create Tiny Temporary Toys with your scrap stuff!


As Mini Month marches on, we'd like to direct your attention to a recent episode of Books & Crafts, where Wendy Smedley and I share cute little handmade toys inspired by Joel Henriquez of fame and his book, Made to Play! Handmade Toys and Crafts for Growing Imaginations.

See, here we are just bursting with good ideas.


And here's the Portable Zoo featured in the episode.


Watch and enjoy on!


Here's a link to Joel's book, plus our hilarious and irreverent book picks from this week:


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Introducing Mini Month

Yes, you don't often think "mini" when you think of elephants, but this month Ella is going miniature! Just wait until you see what we have in store for you this month!

Apart from one of my FAVORITE eBooks I've ever edited (seriously), which is called Meaningful Mini Albums and will be released the week of August 21, we've got a whole month of "mini" posts scheduled for the Daily Trumpet Blog.

Watch for:

Mini albums
Mini embellishments
Mini projects
Mini sales
Mini prizes
and more!


And each week, something new will be on sale for 50% off. And, as you know, we don't do that often around here! Just make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter so you'll be the first to know about each sale.


After all, everything's cuter when it's mini, right?


To start the month off, you can enjoy a FREE tiny thing when you purchase another tiny thing at

If you purchase "Make a Smiles Mini Book" by Stacy Julian (some proceeds of which go to Operation Smile), you'll get the itty bitty "On-the-Go Photo Tips" by Rebecca Cooper for FREE. Just put both items in your card and apply coupon code MINIMONTH before August 31.


What are your favorite mini scrapbook products, mini albums, and more? We'd love to hear it!

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Fourth of July Sale

For four days, from July 4 through July 6, enjoy 40% off of four items! Simply place one, two, three, or four items in your cart and apply the coupon code FOUR.

Note: Coupon code may be used once per customer. Excludes Real.Life.Photography., Simple Fixes Actions, all bundles, and gift certificates. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or gift certificate.

Shop our eBooks section, or here are a four fun items to consider!


List It! Holiday Edition
You're bound to be making some fun holiday memories this weekend. And these printable journaling guides will help you journal about all things holiday related, from Independence Day to Labor Day to Valentine's Day—and lots of holidays in between! You'll save $4 with the FOUR coupon code.



Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit
The year is half over, but it's never too late to start your own "take 12" photography challenge, where you take 12 photos on the 12th of the month and scrapbook them! This kit will give you all the inspiration you need to succeed—and have a blast along the way. You'll save $8 with the FOUR coupon code.



Take Twelve Templates
Make your 2012 Take Twelve Project a breeze with these layered templates for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It just takes a few quick commands to replace the colored boxes in these templates with your own photos. You'll save $4.85 with the FOUR coupon code.



Book Crafting
Make layouts about your favorite books using our handy List It! for book lovers, which are included with this eBook, or create layouts and decor projects using the pages, covers, and more from old books. Upcycled crafting at its best! 110 pages of inspiring ideas. You'll save $4 with the FOUR coupon code.


Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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Group Gift Albums for Milestone Birthdays

Group Gift Albums instructional video


This week on Books & Crafts, Wendy and I demonstrate how to put together a group gift album for a milestone event, like a parent's 60th or 70th birthday, your grandparents' 50th anniversary, or any other important milestone. Watch the video here.


This is hands down the most common question I get from readers of my personal blog who have seen the albums I coordinated for my grandma's 80th birthday, my grandpa's 80th birthday, and my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. So I've also put together a detailed list of additional tips (above and beyond what you see in the video) that you can find on


Summer is a great time to plan ahead for an album like this. When we worked on my grandpa's 80th birthday album, we started it at the family reunion in June, even though his birthday is in late August.


Do you have any big milestone family events coming up?

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