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We're so glad you're here! This website marks the culmination of months of effort and anticipation—and more than a few emotional moments, but we promise to keep our hysterical tears to ourselves. We can hardly believe it's real. We hope you'll come right in, kick off your shoes, and make yourself at home.

Since we all know that nothing is perfect (except, perhaps, Hugh Jackman*), it's possible that a few things escaped our attention, sleep deprived as we are. So, as you're wandering through our brand new website (don't you LOVE that new paint smell?), you might encounter a broken link or two, an error message, or (gasp!) a typo. If so, please let us know by emailing us at! Websites are works in progress, so we'll happily fix anything that isn't right, or we'll make Joe the Programmer do it. (He's good at that sort of thing.)

Everything on our website is open for business, with one little exception. Our FREE Scrapbook Ellaments eZine will go live next Tuesday, Sept. 8, as part of week-long Grand Opening Ellabration. Join us Monday through Friday of next week for daily giveaways, which lead up to the grand prize drawing on Saturday—a year's worth of free eBooks!

Speaking of free eBooks, we have an announcement to make. Weeks ago, we kicked off a contest via Facebook and Twitter, where we promised to award a year's worth of FREE eBooks to one lucky person from our mailing list (as long as you signed up by August 30). Thank you to the thousands of you who signed up! And the lucky winner is:

Andrea Wiebe! (Congratulations, Andrea. We'll be in touch about how you can start claiming your prize. Note: we're guessing this is your name based on the winning email address, which is

Next week, you could see your name there in the winner's circle. So stick around, mingle, and have a few peanuts (unless of course you're allergic)—there's a lot more fun to be had! And don't forget to tell your friends.

~Angie and Lain,
who put together an entire company over the phone

* Hugh Jackman happens to be Lain's celebrity hottie of choice. Angie has been favoring Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler of late. Not that we have anything against American men...

p.s. For more updates, more often, join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter (@ellapublishing).

p.p.s. The photo of Lain and Angie above (plus many others you'll find on this website) was taken by the talented Tina Cockburn.

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