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Houston, We Have Ellaments

Yes, indeedy—today's the day! Please say "Hello" to the Scrapbook Ellaments eZine! Here you'll find inspiration, education, and more than a few dorky jokes. (We just can't help ourselves!)

Here's what you get to do:

Pop on over to the eZine zone (we just made that up), read the articles (you can see the table of contents on the left), rate them using our patented peanut system, and come back here to tell us what you liked.

Why bother? Because you can win a fabulous prize, of course! (Also, it's good karma.)

How fabulous?

How's this:

An Epson Artisan 710 all-in-one printer! We love our Epson printers, and we know you will, too.

So go to it, children! And don't forget to come back tomorrow for more fun and games.

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