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Washi What? Make embellishments using your washi tape!

Have you heard of a fabulous product called "Washi tape"? Do you OWN some?! I might be way behind the times, but I only recently discovered these rolls of beautiful, patterny, tape-y goodness. I promptly bought about 6 rolls of it,because...who could resist? Then...they sat there. It's a tragedy that such cute rolls of patterned tape weren't being put to good use! So, my brain went to work and I discovered just ONE use that was so easy to do and so darn cute, that I just have to share.

We are going to be making some washi tape clips!

These can be made a variety of ways and can be used in so many more! Today, I'm going to show you two ways to give some clips a washi make-over in just seconds.

First, gather your supplies. I bought a package of large paper clips from the dollar store, as well as a four-pack of magnetic clips as well. I also dusted off my rolls of washi tape (bought from the amazing Pick Your Plum), as well as grabbed my exacto knife (you can also use scissors).

I will be, first, adding some washi tape to the regular paper clips. Grab a roll of washi tape and measure out about 2" of the tape (you can use more if you want the tag a little longer).

Slip the piece of washi tape through the end of the paper clip and stick the two ends together. The middle will bunch up a bit.

Now you can clip the end into a "v" shape, or just snip a diagonal. Done! Cute, right?

Now, cut a slit into a cute little card and clip a few of these on to give as a gift! These make great bookmarks, as well as embellishments for scrapbook pages.

You can also run some washi tape along the bottom of other clips to give as gifts, or hang on your fridge to hold photos or other goodies!

With how adorable the patterns are, and the wonderful adhesive quality of tape - washi tape can make quick work out of making embellishments and more!

Happy washi-ing!

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Quick and Easy felt flowers

Hello, my friends. It is me, again, here to share with you a super simple hand-made embellishment. I chose to make felt flowers with Papertrey Ink dies, felt, and my old, faithful Cuttlebug. I need a show of hands for how many people still (after all these years) love their Cuttlebugs! I know. Anyway, first, I will show you my layout:

See those cute little flowers on the bottom left? They could not be easier to make. Papertrey Ink felt is wool felt and it cuts like a dream as long as you use a shim of some sort (Papertrey makes one but you can also use a thin piece of chipboard) when you run the dies through your Cuttlebug (or other die cut machine). 

After you cut the flowers, you just layer them (or not) and stitch a button on and voila! have a lovely little embellishment that adds cuteness and wonderful texture to your project. One little hint that seems to work for me is to stitch the buttons and felt flowers right through the paper so you do not need to worry about sticking felt to paper which is not always the easiest thing to do. Those little glue dots (that I treasure, by the way) don't really adhere wonderfully well to felt.

Oh, and, one important little thing before I go...

make sure you use the negative die cut because you do not want to waste even a little scrap of that wonderful felt. Well, that is all for me today so I hope you enjoy this lovely day and I hope you have fun making cute little felt embellishments all of your very own.

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Make Your Own Mini Lolly Embellishments

I love the adorable little lolly embellisments that I see everywhere, so I decided to create my OWN using scraps, toothpicks, a paper punch, and some "Liquid Glass" from Close To My Heart (Glossy Accents would also work).

First, punch out a couple of shapes using any shape you'd like! If you have a digital cutting machine, you could use that as well! Just imagine the different shape possibilities!

Next, cover the shape completely in a thick layer of the liquid glass. The thicker, then better!

Let the shapes dry for a few hours or overnight. You want them to be hard and set.

Snip the point end off of the toothpicks. This was just a personal preference and totally optional. Oh, by the way - wooden toothpicks work just as well! I just like the look of these white plastic toothpicks that I picked up at the local dollar store.

Adhere the toothpicks to the back of your lolly shapes and use them on your next scrapbook layout, card, or home decor piece! These are so fun to make, and you can make them in almost any shape or size.


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Using Die cut shapes as masks *Repurposing Supplies*

Hello Ella fans, Grace here to share with you how I repurposed one of my scrapbook supplies.

I LOVE die cut shapes. There’s just something about perfectly cut out shapes that I can create with a crank or a push of a button. But did you know that you can use those fancy shapes as masks as well? I’m here to share with you how I brought some new life to these die cut shapes…

First off, I picked out the shape that I wanted and used scraps of paper to cut out the frame die cut. Because I’m just using the shapes as masks, I didn’t mind using scraps and non complimenting colors/designs for the shapes.

Then, I used some repositionable adhesive to add my frames in the spots I don’t want mist to go on my page. Repositionable adhesive is vital to this project so that you can take out the adhesive later on and it won’t leave adhesive residue on your project.

Next, I placed my white cardstock inside a box and picked the mists that I wanted on this page. I used two colors so that there’s some variety on the mist colors. I set it aside to dry completely before continuing.

Once it’s all dried, I pulled the frame off and it revealed perfectly white shapes in between all the misted areas. I love it!

To make the shapes stand out more, I added pen stitching around the inside of the shapes.

Then I started putting the page together. I first placed some paper strips around the cardstock to frame and ground my page, and then I matted my photos and added photo corners for my focal photo.

Then I added the title and handwritten journaling. I finished off the page with embellishments like rubons, chipboard, stickers and buttons.


And here’s the final page again…




Thanks for letting me share with you one of my favorite ways to repurpose my supplies. Have a fantastic day!

Supplies Used:

Cardstock- WorldWin; Pattern papers, chipboard, stickers, rubons- Dear Lizzy, American Crafts; Mist- Maya Road; Clearsnap; Pen- Creative Memories; Die cut machine- Grand Calibur, Spellbinder’s; Die cuts- Label’s Eight, Spellbinder’s; Adhesive- Glue Arts

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Brighten Someone's Day with Buttons

Of all the supplies in my craft room, my favorite are the buttons. I've always been drawn to them, and even though I have more than I could possibly ever use, I never seem to have quite enough.

In fact, at a recent crop I won a "door prize," which meant I got to pick from a basket of goodies. What did I choose? Buttons, of course!

As I studied them, I noticed the cute backing and thought it had possibilities for incorporating into a layout. But then I got the idea to use the whole thing -- buttons and all -- on a card for a crafty friend who loves buttons as much as I do.

To cover the product logo, I used a sentiment label. Then I added strip of lace to the bottom to cover the UPC code.

After adding these simple touches, it was ready to go on the card. I used some bright colored patterned papers for contrast and round journaling spots and embellishments to break up the rectangular lines.

The best part? The recipient of this card will have some cute buttons to add to her stash!

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Loving The "Not-So-Perfect" Photo

There's no shortage of photos in my life, but not all of them have an obvious story. So I turned to Scrapbooking the Everyday for a little inspiration. I used Challenge #12: Capture a Loved One's Personality on Paper. As soon as I saw the challenge, I knew I had the perfect photo.

Confession: I didn't always love this photo. My first thought when I saw it was "This shot would've been so perfect if her hair wasn't in her face." And then I set it aside because I had other photos in which her hair wasn't covering her eyes.

But the truth is: this girl's hair is ALWAYS falling in her eyes. I think she likes it that way. We probably own somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 headbands, ponytail holders and hair scrunchies, yet 99% of the time, her hair is falling in her eyes.

That's the real Cecily I know and love. A little wild and untamed, but sparkly sweet all the same. What I learned from this challenge: even the most "imperfect" photos can tell wonderful stories if only we will let them.

This layout also gave me an opportunity to use a new favorite scrapbooking tool: the American Crafts Knockouts Punch System. You can change out the patterns (I used the Simple Scallop to create the strips at the top of the layout) by simply popping them into the base. The punch inserts take up a lot less storage space than having full-size edge punches for every pattern, and there are lots of options available. The hardest part is deciding which one to buy next!

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My Favorite Things about Stamping

February is the month of love, and since I love stamping there’s no better month to celebrate stamping, IMHO (unless it’s every month)! I’m excited to share a few of my favorite things about stamping with you . . .

I love texture and dimension, not just on projects but on everything! And there are so many ways to create texture in stamping. . . this butterfly card is a great example. To create this card, I used Stampin’ Up!’s Apothecary Art stamp set. Those images, plus the embossed background, the different accessories (brad, ribbon, hairpin, etc.), and three different layers of the butterfly creates all kind of texture on this card.

As a mother of five young children, saving time is a top priority for me, so I’m always looking for simplicity. One of my favorite things about stamping is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to create a simple, handmade, heartfelt card. . . and yet, you can still do lots of fun things that keep your project interesting. For this card, I used the You’re My Type stamp set and a basic color palette to create a fun card in only  minutes. I especially liked the way the paper looks like it’s coming out of the typewriter. . .

I also really love the versatility that stamping provides. With a few simple supplies, I can create projects for all kinds of different occasions by just changing the colors or using different images. These two birthday boxes are made from Stampin’ Up!’s Sweet Cake stamp set , yet they look completely different. All I did was change up the colors, add different accessories, and I have the perfect gift for a girl OR a boy!

Finally, I love to feel like I’m an artist. With stamps, I already have beautiful images . . . all I have to do is ink and stamp.  This simple yet elegant frame features Stampin’ Up!’s Bordering on Romance set, and while it wasn’t hard to create, it does look like it was made by someone who is pretty artistic!

You can find all of these stamp sets and many of the accessories in Stampin’ Up!’s Occasions Mini Catalog; check it out here. You can also check out our complete product offerings at our website.


Today we are giving away our Bordering on Romance stamp (image above) to one lucky Ella reader. Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on this blog post sharing what you love about stamping. Giveaway closes in 48 hours 10:00 am MT 2/24


*Update on 2/27: And the winner is random comment #102, bevk. Congratulations!


So here’s to celebrating stamping—this month and always!



Sara Douglass, Stampin’ Up!


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Scrapbooking Your Holiday Photos

Confession time: I am terrible about scrapbooking holidays. Sure, I take a ton of photos and I have the best intentions, but time and time again they sit unused on my hard drive. It's not that I don't want to preserve those memories,  I'm just not inspired to scrapbook them. I was so thrilled when I bought The Creative Ideas for Events and Holidays e-book because I knew it would be filled with ideas to jump start my holiday scrapbooking.


I decided to take on one of the challenges in the book. The challenge was to create a photo collage from an event or holiday and scrapbook it. I chose to use photos from our most recent Valentine's Day festivities. I knew I wanted to include both detailed and portrait shots, so I new this would work well. Let's take a look at my results.


I don't have time to individually size each photo, that would have taken hours to size each one perfectly (a slight exaggeration) so I used an template that was pre-sized. By using to template designed for photo collages, I was able to quickly add my images to the file and then print. From start to finish this only took me about 15 minutes. Much faster than doing my all myself. I used Photoshop to create mine, but there are a host of programs out there that do the same things, some of which are free.


I loved using the collage because for the first time, I was able to capture the whole holiday in one layout. I love that I could include little details along with individual and group shots. I will be using this technique again as I conquer the mountain of holiday photos that currently live on my hard drive.


So, if you are like me and love to take photos of holidays and event, but have a really hard time scrapbooking them I highly recommend the Events and Holidays e-book. It is packed with over 30 ideas, challenges and prompts to help you break that scrapper's rut.

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Is Eight Really Enough?

After having made two layouts with my chosen eight with plenty of product left over for a few more cards and/or layouts I would have to answer my own question (it is a bad habit of mine!, and, I didn't even give you a chance to answer, did I?) with a resounding 'yes!' I am a dedicated user of scrapbooking kits and consequently I have become accustomed to using little bits and pieces of more than eight products on occasion. But, as the title tells you...

and honestly, eight really is enough. I chose the following products to use:

  1. expressions woodshop letters by Pink Paislee;
  2. ae simply you stamps by Technique Tuesday (I counted this for two because I used two different stamps from the set);
  3. ae stamp set
  4. 1.25 inch circle punch by Stampin' Up;
  5. black ink by Stampin' Up;
  6. Crate patterned paper.
  7. Crate Paper patterned paper
  8. Lilybee patterned paper

And, I should also mention that the papers and letters are from the 'A Love Story' Kit from Elle's Studio. Okay, now that that is out of the way, I will show you two of the layouts I made.

The one thing I found to be true with this experience is that when products are limited, they are given a chance to shine and at the same time, they do not detract from your photo or your story. There is no competition going on. I really like that! On this layout, I only used 6 of the eight products but I did take the liberty of using some 'freebies'! Did you notice? In the book, there are some freebies that are a given including journaling pens, cardstock, fonts, and machine stitching. Yeah! I think I stitch on approximately 90% of my layouts so it was a happy discovery to find that the lovely ladies whose work is included in this book do the same!

Okay, now for one more layout:

Again, I think the journaling and the photo really have a chance to shine in this layout. So, if you are up for the challenge, I encourage you to read the 8 is enough ebook and challenge yourself to create as much as you can with eight favourite products.

Oh, and, I have just realized that today is Valentine's Day. I wish you a happy and lovely day with a little chocoate on the side, of course.

Editor's Note: Yep, it's Stamping Month! We've got more fun layouts coming from our other 2012 Ella Friends this month. We challenged each of them to take the Eight is Enough challenge (from our eBook of the same name), and include at least one stamp technique in their 8 supplies. And yes, digital stamps do count! The Eight is Enough challenge encourages you to conserve your time and supplies in order to be creative within limits. Plus, it's just plain fun!

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Together: Scrapbooking Family Perspectives on Baby's Arrival

Almost six months ago I had a beautiful baby girl, whom we named Emily. It is no surprise that I am scrapbooking a lot of memories related to her right now.

While I have so many wonderful photos of Emily, I'm currently focusing my energy on telling the stories of those of us around her. By documenting a range of viewpoints, I hope to give Emily an idea of how her family felt at the time of her arrival.

I absolutely love this photo of me holding Emily shortly after we came home from the hospital. Through my journaling, I sought to document that it was a joyous but bittersweet time as I dealt with the emotions of this huge change and physical trauma of birth.


For this digital page, I used the Retrouvailles kit from One Little Bird and Vinnie Pearce. Kits, whether coordinated digital lines or from a traditional kit club, can save you time by pre-coordinating papers, stamps and embellishments.

Because most real patterned paper is double-sided, I have included six digital papers as three products, representing A and B sides. You can get a lot of design mileage and versatility from a small number of patterned papers or a coordinating paper pack.

Also, like real stamps, digital stamps can be used multiple times on a page.

1. Paper: A - blue floral , B - coral pattern
2. Paper: A - blue herringbone, B - blue solid
3. Paper: A - yellow dot , B - kraft
4. Embellishment: pieced chevron
5. Stamp: text, recolored and used twice
6. Stamp: red "Together"
7. Stitching: Stitched by Anna White No 9
8. Template: Simple Scrapper Premium Membership


Editor's Note: Yep, it's Stamping Month! We've got more fun layouts coming from our other 2012 Ella Friends this month. We challenged each of them to take the Eight is Enough challenge (from our eBook of the same name), and include at least one stamp technique in their 8 supplies. And yes, digital stamps do count! The Eight is Enough challenge encourages you to conserve your time and supplies in order to be creative within limits. Plus, it's just plain fun!

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