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Scenes from the Studio

This week, we've been in the studio filming six new episodes for season two of our Books & Crafts show for Here are a few sneak peeks of what we've been up to this week—and what you can expect from season two!

Our Desktop Flip Frame episode (featuring quotes and pages torn from books). Super cute, and inspired by a Heidi Swapp project from her "Create to Remember" show on My Craft Channel.


Who wouldn't love to make a pillowcase monster? Another episode filmed this week.


And we even had a fabulous guest, Kari Sweeten from, who shared five great ideas for making decorated library totes.


All this and more! You'll be the first to know when our new episodes are live.


And we hope that one day you'll get to glimpse the blooper reel. We had the WORST laughing fit while trying to record the "outro" for our last episode of the week. It's that inappropriately timed laughter that just escalates the more you try to stifle it.

I stumbled over the word "Books & Crafts," accidentally saying "craps," and then we giggled and guffawed like we were in Junior High for a solid minute or two. The poor cameraman was patient with us while we tried four more times. "Okay, okay, I can do this..." I'd say while laughing through my tears, and then I'd compose myself and start again, "Thanks for joining us for this week's episode of Books & ..." and Wendy would bust up again. And again. And again. And it's all. on. film.

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Hard at Work...

Wanted to drop in and say hi and let you know that Angie and I are hard at work on our early 2012 eBooks. So much fun stuff coming up for Ella and we do have fun holiday posts planned so stick with us.

For now, here is a link to some favorite fall tutorials at Lil Sugar, enjoy!

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NEW video + $10 Boot Camp Giveaway

We've gathered up some actual footage from four of the AMAZING 12 training videos in store for you in Boot Camp, which kicks off on September 19, just ONE WEEK from today! Click below to watch the video.

We hope you'll join hundreds of fellow scrapbookers in a fabulous event that will inspire you, motivate you, and help you complete at least 12 actual scrapbook pages (with ideas for at least 36 more). Are you ready to get that scrap-bootie in shape?

Please ignore the hideous freeze frame of my face. I tried to select a different image, but it may take a few hours to update with a pretty layout image. :) If all you see is a pretty layout image, then, success!

Register or learn more here.

And sign up for our email list to receive a coupon in your inbox tomorrow morning that will allow you to save $3 (almost 10 percent!) off our list price of $33.

If you were one of our Spring Training Craft-letes, you'll get a reminder in your inbox TODAY of an exclusive coupon just for you!

Want to get in for $10?

Simply leave a comment below to be entered to win ONE seat in Boot Camp that we're giving away for just $10! (That's almost 70% off.) Just one random winner will be selected and announced the morning of Tuesday, September 13. Note: If you've already registered, we will refund all but $10 of your purchase price.

AND we have a winner:

Commenter #36, the very last one on the list! Congrats to tcarlson762
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New eBook Coming Friday!

It's here, it's sincere, and it will be up for sale on Friday! :)

This new paper and digital idea book features the work of:
Crystal Wilkerson
Stacy Julian
Jen Jockish
Sarah Klemish
Wendy Sue Anderson
Jennifer Pebbles
Jamie Waters
Lisa Dickinson
Kristina Proffit
Caroline Ikeji
Karen Grunberg

BONUS: you'll get a free digital page template and sample paper pack from Crystal Wilkerson WITH your download of this exciting new 28-page eBook.

(And, the day a new eBook goes on sale, I always like to offer five of our Facebook fans--the first five who respond--our latest product at a super DEEP discount. So make sure you "Like" our Facebook Page so you have a chance to get this fabulous eBook AND the free downloads for just $2!)
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New Boot Camp Video: Be All That You Can Be

Boot Camp registration marches on! Wendy and I got together at my house yesterday (which is always a riot) and were finally able to get our registration video filmed! Do you like our hats? (p.s. my house is not ALL this beige, but we had to scoot the sofa into the best available light. :)

Register here.

(Remember, the price goes up to $33 on September 1. Save $3 by registering now! OR sign up for our newsletter, and you'll receive an additional $2 coupon in your email inbox on Monday.)

And while I have your attention, I must express my THANKS for helping me raise more than $500 for the Mackenzie Christensen Memorial Fund! I know it will be much appreciated by the family.

Hope to see you in boot camp! (Pink camo optional.)

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Christmas in July + Giveaways

Our friends over at have just unwrapped their brand new blog and in celebration, they're offering three holiday-themed workshops available for registration only during the month of July.
They're giving away one enrollment in each class. Be sure to follow theBlog to find out when!

DIY Family Portraits by Molly Newman
This year, start early and create a holiday card portrait that captures your family’s unique spirit.

Holiday Templates Reloaded by Tiffany Tillman
Stay one step ahead for the upcoming season and learn how to ready your holiday album.

Holly Shop by Laura Coyle
Laura guides you through the process of creating three holiday greeting card designs in Illustrator from start to finish.

Go check it out!

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Our July eBook!

Here's a little sneak peek of the cover.

This may not end up being the final cover, or the final title, but it is the final author and topic! (And the content is amazing! And it's 52 pages long, including Rebecca's top photo games and seasonal photo-taking checklists!)

So, quick poll: do you like the title as it now stands?

Stay tuned for the official release, coming later this month!

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What I Learned from Rebecca Cooper

NEW eBOOK ALERT! I've been hard at work editing Ella's July eBook, which is by our top-selling author, Rebecca Cooper. It is fan.tas.tic!

Her newest eBook is packed with Rebecca's tips, tricks, techniques, and photo games (plus bonus checklists) that help her get great, authentic photos of her kids and capture genuine smiles and photos that really capture WHO they are. I can't wait for you to see more of it!

Let me tell you, this book is SO inspiring! With her fabulous tips in mind, I'm already taking better photos. Check out this series that shows a few things I learned from Rebecca.

From Rebecca, I learned about where to find great light in my house (just inside the front doorway, for example), and tips about setting my ISO to let in the right amount of light!

And then I realized that in the previous set, I didn't have Keira facing the light source, so her face was unevenly lit. So, I turned her and tried again, using more of Rebecca's tips and tricks for getting my little one to look at me.

So much improvement so quickly. Are you as excited for this new eBook as I am?

p.s. Winner's from last Thursday's drawing are:


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Sneak peek, giveaway, & new video!

Hey friends!

We've been hard at work, getting ready to release one new product each week in June! We can't wait. Coming up later this week is the second List It! product, our exclusive Childhood Edition (with a bonus 20-page Teen Edition included for FREE!). This is a great way to unlock memories from your younger years because, unless you have a handy-dandy guide like this, where on earth would you begin with so many years of memories to record? (Oh yeah, and you can get the Teen Edition by itself for just $2.99—your chance to try out the product at a lower price point!)

Here's a quick peek at the new shape (and two of the lists) from our awesome Childhood Edition:

And you'll be excited to know that our second video is up this week! Learn super useful and practical tips for how to turn any of our List It! PDF downloads into a darling List Journal for yourself. (See our week one video here.)

And as a bonus, we're doing a fun giveaway! One person who comments on this post by Monday, June 20, will WIN the exact list journal featured in our week two video (PLUS a free journaling pen)! It includes all of our holiday lists, in random order, and it was handmade by me, Angie Lucas. :) I'll pop it right in the mail to our winner, no purchase required. And here it is:

Let's hear it!

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List It! sneak peek

Guess what's coming later this month?

A brand new series of guided journaling products called List It!

There will be three different themed List It! product released in June, one per week. Each contains 92+ pretty, promtped, and printable lists that you can use for scrapbook pages, mini-albums, journals and more!

The first one, coming next week, is inspired by our eBook Creative Ideas for Events and Holidays, and it features holiday-inspired journaling lists. Here are two layouts Wendy and I made with these awesome downloads:

My layout was inspired by one of the Valentine's Day inspired journaling lists! (Click image for larger view)

Wendy's layout uses one of the Mother's Day inspired journaling lists! (Click image for larger view)

We're so excited we can hardly stand it!

AND coming the third week in June, look for our latest eBook, Scrapbooking Your Single Years: Inspiring ideas for current AND former singles OR Loving your life while looking for love. You'll love it so much, you'll want to marry it. Trust me. :)

But while you wait for these exciting new releases, you can enjoy this awesome scrapbooking bundle that will save you $4.50, OR if you already have one of the eBooks in that bundle, use the code PACHYDERM to save 20% off one or both of the other two.

Don't you just love summer?

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